Thursday, February 15, 2007


Some weekends shine from their own light.

This will be one of them.

I know I can be introspective and intense. But I can also
easily and fully squeeze unlimited joy and laughter from the
toothpaste and test tubes of life.

So this weekend I'm squeezing. Family. Friends. Food. Music.
Snow. Photo albums. Doin' nothing. Doin' everything.

I wish this quote were mine. I wish I could credit the
author. Though it isn't and I can't, it's my gift to
myself and you today:

The little things? The little moments? They aren't little.


  1. Sometimes the little moments are HUGE.

    Not sure what happened earlier when I was converting over to sidebar links, but I lost you. You're back in now!

  2. HAve a great time. Enjoy every moment!

  3. I'm more conscious now of the little things, especially with regards to my children. I looked at them last night and realized how much they have grown. And how much I am missing when I am gone the whole day.

    Enjoy your weekend, kj. You deserve it.

  4. Have a wonderful weekend! Reading about who will be part of it I picture great times and lively discussions.

  5. Have a great weekend, KJ.

    And I've come to the realization a long time ago that life really is all about "little moments" - as you said "doin' nothing...doin' everything". When you think of it, if you "add up" all the "big moments" in your life, how much of your life did it really cover? Life is every moment...big or small.

  6. I look forward to sharing some little moments with you tonight.

  7. So true. And 'life is but a whole bunch of moments lumped together ....we should make the most of each one'

  8. how true and how wise - "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." afterall, without them there won't be any great things...

    i hope your weekend is rolling with fun, laughter and love. all the best, KJ! and my belated happy valentines day to you.

  9. Hola que estes bien....UN ABRAZO MUY CORDIAL....

  10. So, did you have a nice weekend? :-)

  11. my weekend was AWESOME. i am trying to figure out how to remember the dozens and dozens of little moments that unfolded one after another.

    more to come....

  12. Oooh... that quote was used in a film recently and I don't recall who it was credited to either. It's very true!