Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday 13: My Friend Ces

It doesn't get any more self-explanatory than this:

Here are a mere 13 out of 1,000,000,013 reasons why I love Ces:

1. Far and away her blog has the most interesting, intelligent and international visitors.

2. Who else uses words like polyglot, petrichor, and copacetic as if she were reciting a grocery list?

3. She knows she’s cute enough to post photos of herself. No doubt this alone has added to her fan base.

4. Recently she and I broke the record for continuous down-deep laughing. I can’t say how many minutes before we finally managed to stop to breathe, but if we had been at a church service or museum event, we would have been firmly escorted to the door.

5. Ces’ unabashing love for Em and M and Snowflake is a sure-fire heartwarmer every time.

6. Can you think of any one else who manages to leave equal doses of thoughtful, articulate, warm, and insightful comments on every blog she visits?

7. She is a definite imp.

8. She matches her wardrobe with her Fiestaware coffee cups.

9. She is the only person I often quite disagree with and yet intently listen to and am influenced by, all at the same time. (translation: I respect her a lot).

10. She’s the best friend. She listens, laughs, laments, loosens, livens, and loves with characteristic genuine passion. She’s at the top of my best-friend short list whether I need a soft shoulder, a deep laugh, or a fabulous story.

11. This woman is a great ARTIST. She paints with great skill and emotion wrapped around her observation and love for humanity. I have the “Lady with Pearl Necklace” hanging in my living room and every single person who enters the room comments on how wonderful it is. That she has painted me, jb, Francine, and then me again is a highlight im my life (honestly).

12. Those photographs she regularly shares are awesome!

13. When I’m in a mess,
Or feel like less,
If I can’t assess,
Or don’t know best,
And just can’t guess
Or take a rest,
When life’s a test
I must confess:
When I need the best
I can count on Ces.

It's all true.


  1. Damn, girl -- you've just pointed out (very poetically indeed) that I have been pronouncing Ces' name wrong! (In my head, of course.)

    I commented somewhere at some other time on some other blog that you and Ces are really the same person occupying separate bodies and geographic locales. I think it would be a treat for one (or both!) of you to tell the story of how you met/became friends.

  2. Aye yay yay nako po! What the heck! Grabe guid sa imo, sobra ka guid. I look away and am gone for a few hours and I come back to this. KJ, that Christmas celebration of yours must have some unexpected effects and changed your affect and now here you are talking about me. I am hot, flushed, blushed and a bit disconcerted. Whew!

    In all seriousness, I am grateful, humbled and a bit embarassed by these accolades. I do not think I deserve all of it.

    Now I know how Homo Escapeon felt when Within Without roasted him!

    (1). I agree with your assessment of my visitors and favorite links. I have painstakingly been reading and assessing their sites before I linked them. The honor to link their sites is mine. They are a fabulous bunch and you are the first. (2). As for words that's the effect of being surrounded by the likes of my husband and friends. I cannot be niggardly with verbal expressions especially when I am innundated by eloquence but I have been known and love to say to say things like "Say what?" or "That's a bunch of crap."

    (3). I only post photos of myself because I am not at liberty to post photos of my family.

    (4). I love laughing with you. I love the way you laugh. I am actually quite attracted to your laugh and sometimes I wish I like women so I can flirt with you. (7). Does saying that make me an imp?

    (6). My favorite links deserve thoughtful comments. I hate leaving comments just for the sake of leaving one.

    (8). Don't you match your coffee mug with your shirt, skirt or purse?

    (9).Oh yes? So I expect you to vote straight Republican next time? :-)

    (10). You are my best friend.

    (11). The honor to paint you and J.B. is mine.

    (12). You are totally prejudiced.

    (13). You give me too much credit.

    Having read your list, do not expect me to just sit here and read them. When you least expect it, I will present a well crafted response. You of all people deserve it. You are a wise guy KJ, for putting pressure on me and you know what that pressure is!

  3. I'm jealous - what a super friendship/relationship you have with Ces. Love the way you write about it, too. I'm curious~did you meet as "blogging friends" or were you friends in the "real world" first?

    Thanks for your nice comment on my post today :)

  4. THis was so incredible. You have described everything that is wonderful about Ces. I have been honored by her visits to my blog, and she holds a permanent seat on my blogroll.
    She truly is a wonderful lady.

    And don't you just love her comments?

    PS - BTW, The Pretichor is just beatiful! Beautiful I tell ya!!!

  5. andrea, glad i could help with pronounciation. the story of how ces and i met will be unfolded in 2007. it's a gem!

    ces, aye yay ay nako po! grabe guid sa imo, sobra ka guid.
    i am happy to be a wise guy. in fact, i like that very much!

    becca,yes, really, it is a super friendship--precious and priceless. see above for details.

    leo, i hope one of your new year wishes in particular comes true for you. i think maybe....

  6. KJ, thanks for visiting!
    So Ces has the most interesting, intelligent and international visitors!
    Well with people like Cherrybabes, Andrea, Val and YOU she most certainly has!!!

  7. You have encapsulated all that is good (and naughty!) about Ces. You guys have a great friendship. And I'm glad you both are mine too. :D