Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank you part 4

I'm back home, can't leave comments, and haven't the teckie smarts to find a solution. Hopefully I will. In the meantime, hello.

It's Thursday 13, but I'm in no mood to tackle this. Perhaps I will alittle later. For now, I have more blog friends to thank:

Ruby and Jessie My blessings follow you both more often than you will ever know. I love your honesty, your courage, your willingness to show up every day and strive for the best you and life can be. I see you both as blossoming artists and writers. Your words and observations are helpful to so many other people.

Leo I am new to your blog and enjoy reading about your writing challenges and observations about life. I like that you are socially conscious and sensitive to other people.

Ms. Val Your Thursday 13 signs are awesome! You strike me as a courageous person, Val, putting one foot in front of another to honor and protect your family. I'm not into shopping or bargains but I admire your tenancious enthusiasm.

Rramone Willie Baronet is one of the coolest artists you will find on the blogs. With simple strokes of the pen he hits the bullseye and speaks the truth. Whenever he adds a splash of color, which is only occasionally, I squeal.

Sidney Your photographs can move mountains and change the world. That you care to capture the poorest and bravest among us makes you a bonafide hero in my book.

Hildegarde, Pieterbie, and Weinieke I'm new to your blogs too but am very glad to have met you through Ces. You each have a dignity I bow to.

Sharon and Caroline I don't visit often but I wish you well and appreciate the chance to cross the ocean. I am happy that in so many ways you support all that is good and wonderful about Ces.

I wonder who I have overlooked. I hope my effort to acknowledge the many blogging gifts I receive has not resulted in exclusion. That is certainly not my intent.

Happy Holidays and thank you.....


  1. oh kj, thank you so much. i am so glad i discovered your words...i learn so much from my bloggie sisters. :)

    much love to you this holiday season.

  2. kj,
    i think your poem is beautiful. am glad you're back.

  3. Wow, this was great!
    I didn't realize I would a personalized thank you...

    You are a true gem. Thank you for reading!

    Your friend

  4. You are so generous and kind. Thanking people is an art and you do it so well. I would like to the same, I will try.