Thursday, December 14, 2006

Still Untitled, but not permanently so

I'm back home after a challenging and tiring trip out of state: I am privileged to help a family in need and am willing to do this in a more intense way than is customary for me.

Maybe it's because I'm so tired, or maybe it's the holidays, or maybe I am sorely aware of my limitations, but I've written this poem because I can't be in two places and spaces at one time. I wish I could. Sometimes all I can do is hope that the people I love know that when/if it's crunch time, I'll run through fire to be there, I'll always and forever give a full 100% of what I have to give, and I'll be as playful and loyal as anyone could be. x0x0

If there were two of me,
Or maybe three
I would hug you

I would climb quite high
Into the sky
Where I would jump
At every try

If I could soar
Through every door
I would implore
that less be more

Through it all
I’d catch your fall
And with a wink
Watch you stand tall

If distance beckoned
I would reckon
Sufficient fuel
For every second

In endless fields
Through special deals
I would protect
the balm that heals

Then, with zest and rest
I would attest
Through proclamation
You are the best


  1. KJ, I think that anyone who knows you love them would be a fool not to accept that love and return it in kind. Yet indeed the realities are there and sometimes oh so burdensome, so unbearable and the odds insuperable. For me, what I do not want ever to happen again is the same thing that happened when I was young, that I had a best friend whom I never ever told I loved her simply because it was odd to say I love you to another woman and when finally I realized one can say so, she died before I was able to do so.

    From your blog, I think it is obvious that anyone you love will always be blessed and very lucky indeed!

    You are a remarkable woman.

    P.S. since I always come back to your blog and reread your poems, I may leave another comment later, if that is okay with you.

  2. ces, another comment later? of course! i love your comments.

    thank you for the compliments. they mirror my feelings and impressions about you.

    i'm still trying to figure out how much love a heart can hold.....


  3. This is beautiful! I absolutely love your poetry!

  4. Aha, you are a guardian angel !

  5. leo, gee thanks.

    hildegarde, gee thanks.
    (ps i would LOVE to be a guardian angel. it is a job i would covet!)

  6. You sound like you'd be a wonderful friend. Remember to keep some for yourself!

  7. Wow. What everyone else said. You sure have a big heart...


  8. KJ -- your heart is so big, I'm amazed it fits in your body! I love this ... the sentiment and the rhyme.