Tuesday, December 19, 2006


OK, this is a very quick post because I am already behind in my responsibilities today. But in my effort to represent myself and those I care about fairly and squarely, I am taking the initiative to report that the holidays are also stressful, demanding, confusing and overwhelming.

I hope you may find some comfort in knowing I am and much of the world is stressed because of the holidays. Then perhaps you can feel better about your own state of affairs:

I have not finished shopping. I am going to have to go to the MALL afterall and go to not one but two stores there. The crowds will stomp on me.

On Christmas eve day I have to be in two places and 200 miles later be back home in time to prepare and enjoy our traditional Christmas eve dinner with good friends.

Last night Stella pulled a muscle in her leg and yelped so painfully in the middle of the night even my lack of sleep didn't matter.

I promised a couple of important people I would bake something for them. It's looking like I will schedule this for 4 am Thursday night. Or midnight tonight perhaps.

I haven't made any of the presents I wanted to. Not one. I may pull off one or two, maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.

I could go on but it's too depressing to see all this in writing. HOWEVER, I am now going immediately to my Christmas tree to see if my sense of humor is still nicely packaged under the tree. I will open it and tonight, who knows, I may have my thin invinceability and thick good nature nicely back in place.

In any case, my opinion is that the holidays rock, but they also roll.....


  1. Poor Stella, I hope she feels better soon.

    …and they are indeed very stressful, all the preparations and celebrations. It’s this American Christmas tradition that is so hyped up with material exchanges. Yesterday my husband and I made sure we did not leave out anyone, I am sure we have forgotten someone. We do not exchange presents but last night as I stayed home wrapping presents, he went shopping with my daughter and came home with presents already wrapped for me. I was really pissed that he would give me presents. On the other hand, I also have presents for him that is, if they arrive before the 25th. The UPS and FedEx trucks keep ringing our doorbell not once but so many times it makes me feel like someone is in trouble and I dashed into the gate half dressed then stopped short to get more clothes and as I was doing this, Snowflake our rabbit went scampering back and forth in her cage thinking I am leaving the house and asking for a pet. By the time things settled down, I started wrapping presents. Then a dear friend called and I just dropped everything and spoke to her for an hour or two on the phone while my 13 year-old son who was not feeling well, fell asleep on my shoulders as I gently played with his hair. I just want to have a quiet time laughing with the children, talking to my husband and my friends, a small celebration perhaps. I do not need any gifts. I have so many things. It is my loving relationships that make me feel blessed, sometimes celebrated with a small token neatly wrapped in thoughtfulness, infused with love and taped with caring, maybe a small bowl from Italy which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

  2. Wieneke (who is taking things easy)19 December, 2006 10:57

    *Just shaking my head and smile*

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  4. I empathise with you completely. It's pretty much like that round here, although substitute Jack and a sprained ankle for Stella and her sufferings.

    I've still got cards to buy and write ( I think I'm too late to post yours now, oops), gifts to source and wrap, cobwebs to clear, food to buy, wallpaper to rehang and a 3 hour Board Meeting tomorrow night just when I thought I might be able to slip into a credit-card induced coma.

    There's a lot to be said for Jehovah's Witnessing.

    Sorry I've been so terribly tardy. X

  5. At least your Christmas tree is up! (So what am I doing reading blogs you ask?)

    A hug each for you and Stella.

  6. kj, take comfort in the fact that my Christmas shopping has not STARTED (Christmas is about 120 hours away). I should be out shopping right now, but I'm paralyzed by the overwhelming nature of it all!!

    Hope Stell is feeling better. Merry Christmas!!

  7. ces: oh the loving relationships...i am blessed with plenty of those, majorly including you. thanks for the reminder. i wish i could click my mind into emotive gear and forget about all the "things". i'm not quite there. i'm trying to laugh. i might be better after i sleep and then laugh.

    wieneke: such a pleasure to read your non-comment. thank you also for the reminder

    cherrypie: i would LOVE to get a post from you! if you miss christmas, think of me for new year or valentines day. i'm glad to know i'm not the only neurotic woman this week. and cp, like cess, i squeal when i see a comment from you. maybe you're going to have to quit your day job and just blog. you owe it to your fans...

    andrea: a hug to you. don't forget we're having lunch one of these days. i wish you luck with your tree. PLEASE make sure it leans to the left to counter balance mine. please, andrea...

    kris: geez! no presents at all? i would be in way bigger trouble. i have three christmas stocking to fill afterall. ps kris, i sure will like to see you again. i missed last night because i spaced it out. such is my current state.

  8. I'ts a relief to know that we're not alone.

    I've still got a couple of gifts to buy which I will be putting off until Saturday. Dozens of gifts to wrap which need to be given by Friday. Lots of things to do at work.

    But what's put it all in perspective is the sad news that my friend's husband suffered an aneurism with no chance of recovery. They are just waiting for his mother to come home from the US before they say goodbye. I cried with her and for their children because Christmas for them will never be the same.

    So tonight, I will not wrap gifts, make a list, or fix anything. I'm just going to hug my kids and give my husband a great big kiss.

  9. oh menchie, i am so sorry. my heart dropped reading this.

    jb's best friend died just four weeks ago today. the loss is too big to describe. but losing a husband and father, at this time of year, in such sad circumstances, it doesn't make sense. sometimes i think all anyone can do is believe there may be a larger plan.

    menchie, my thoughts are with you and your friend. i am glad to know you.