Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Four This and Four That....

Following my holiday lament this morning I am now prepared to tackle a meme. My unfinished tags go all the way back to favorite books, but I'm skipping that in favor of "four things". Thank you Ces for pulling me along.

Four jobs I've had:

1. U. S. Army Education Center Counselor: in Erlangen Germany. It was a dream job. I was a civilian counselor on a base with hundreds and hundreds of guys driving artillery tanks. Some needed high school diplomas or college courses, others needed to understand other races and cultures. Some needed to cry, others just needed an ear.

2. Spinal Cord Injury Resource Coordinator. It was a dream job. I got to write and publish a couple of resource directories, develop independent living centers and programs, and help individuals and families rebuild after a paralzying injury.

3. Benefit Concert/Charity Event Director with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was a dream job. I got to coordinate a top orchestra performance, mingled with celebrities, and did a good deed all at once.

4. Writer: this is my newest incarnation, after years of owning and running my own counseling and consultant business. So far I have published nothing and earned nothing. BUT: it is a dream job.

Four places I've lived:

1. Herzogenaurach, Germany

2. Norman Oklahoma

3. Newton/Boston Massachusetts

4. Provincetown/Cape Cod, MA

Four favorite foods:

1. Enchiladas verde

2. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

3. Maki Sushi (california rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, chicken terriaki rolls only at Mr. Sushi in Brookline MA)

4. One juicy cheeseburger per summer

Four Movies I could Watch Over and Over

I really don't have four: I go to movies hit and miss. I like independent and foreign films best and I don't like violent guy or shallow chick flicks at all. Brokeback Mountain made me cry, Harold and Maude is my most memorable, and a little film called Winged Migration, showing birds in their natural habitant and filmed by a dozen pilots over several years, is the most awe-some. The last movie I saw was a DVD of Crash, and it made me very sad.

Four TV shows I enjoy:

1. I LOVED Sex and the City

2. American Idol (I admit it)

3. CNN 10 o'clock news (I don't know why but I'm a news junkie)

4. and my very favorite, LOST !

Four Places I've Traveled:

1. Alot of Europe

2. the California coast

3. Several islands (Puerto Rico, St. John, Turks and Caicos)

4. New Orleans during the saddest time....

Four Places I'd like to Visit

1. Bejing China

2. Africa

3. More of Italy

4. The Philippines (Ces!)

Four Websites I visit daily

1. Google

2. Yahoo Astrology

3. Is Blogger a website?

4. WebMD sometimes daily

I wonder what all this says about me? (Smile)


  1. wow u've been to many places COOL!

    I liked Sex And The City too.


  2. KJ,
    What an awesome list! Aint it great to have held and done all those "dream jobs"?

    Italy? OMG! I'm so traveling with you and Marie... I have a nun aunt who studied in Italy and she brought home these Italian chocolates, since then, I’ve been in love with anything chocolate.

    You know what this means right? Chocolates, Italy, you thinking that (Menchie and) I are wonderful, that makes a friends now, right? Oh please say, yes. I've been meaning to ask.

    I also got your email, I don't use that email addy anymore, but I will respond. :)

    Last (I'm such a chatter box when I'm excited), thank you for your congratulatory comment. It means a lot to me. HR is my passion; I believe it's more a vocation to me than work. The decision to step towards that direction was what I wanted to email you about. That and the demons I was faced with.

    I'm talking too much and revealing a lot. I must stop.


    ps: whispering to KJ's ears, I once dreamt of being a writer...

  3. Hello to you! What a great and interesting post! What wonderful jobs and adventures you've had! It's good to know you too and Happy Holidays aand Happy New Year!
    p.s. My favourite food is pizza! I'm going to try to be a better blogger and post more in the New Year I have been swamped with back to back projects but I see a reprieve on the horizon...

  4. Oh KJ someday I am going to make you chicken enchilada. I love pizza, one of the few foods that don't make me sick when I don't eat too much of it. You have a very interesting life. You are a very interesting person. You are ultra hip, ultra cool. At my age it is impossible to be your daughter so you can't adopt me. I suppose I'll settle for friend. Tell Maria the best chocolates are Belgian. It's the way they process their chocolates. Actually the best raw chocolate ingerdients are from the island of Panay in the province of Antique. 100% cacao sold in 1 inch thick 2 inch diameter discs and wrapped in white paper. HEAVEN!!! I tasted HEAVEN when I was a child.

  5. Your list shows how full your life has been.

    I love SITC. Wish I could channel Carrie Bradshaw but I don't have the wardrobe to carry it off. I'm more of a Charlotte type.

    I hope you let me know when you plan to come over to the Philippines. So we can eat chocolates together and talk about Ces and Maria.

  6. Excuse me for butting in but Menchie, you cannot talk about me because I am taking KJ along with me, unless of course you abduct her from me from the airport, but I will hold on tight to her!

    We will visit you instead and the three of us will talk about Maria. Also we will try and stop by Sidney's place unless of course he is someplace in Butuan or Camarines del Sur shooting (photographing) the natives.

  7. keshi thanks for visiting. any sex and the city fan is a friend of mine!

    maria italy was fantastic. and yes, maria, we are now friends. maybe you should join us in the philippines.

    val first hot chocolate, then pizza. then we'll chat-a-way.

    ces adopt you??!! are you kidding? first of all, i am not that much older than you. and secondly, i am your friend for life. i might be able to qualify as your sister someday. i am working on that. but forget being your mother!

    menchie we might have to watch sex and the city while we eat those chocolates. and we won't be able to talk about ces because she'll be with us. maybe maria too, who knows.

    ces i'll hold on tight to you too. i hate airports so i could use your steady hand. menchie and sidney--sounds fantastic!

  8. ps menchie a charlotte type, huh! that is fun to think about. i'm a combination of carrie and miranda, i think, but i LOVE samantha's spunk (to use a polite word).

    jb and i watched all 7 years on dvd and i feel like these four women are my friends....

  9. You have certainly been a traveller. Great lists!

    and I admit, Sex and the City was a good show!

  10. In my professional experience the youngest primipara patient I had was 10 years old. Thank God the statistics are going down on parturient patients below the age of 15.

  11. Hi KJ, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I loved Sex and the City too and being a writer is definitely my dream job.

  12. ces, you have no idea how many times i must use the dictionary to look up the words you use. it is a humbling experience for me.

    that said, prudence does not allow you to pursue the idea of my serving as your mother in any form whatsoever.

    i can be a nuturing friend however.....


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  14. kj you are flooding your own blog?

  15. KJ,
    i love LOVE LOVE the witty exchanges!

    LOL! This area certainly has been a playground of witty SITC women! LOL!

    Mench - TALK ABOUT CES & ME??? witch! LOL!

    Ces - Belgian chocolates an Panay cacao! sounds really yummmy!

    A trip to Manila? chocolates, chats with friends and reunions? it's such a dream... COUNT M.E. IN.


    PS: i really don't know which SITC I am... I'm more like Grace of the Will & Grace show... :(

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  17. So it looks like the trip to Manila is getting more and more real! I can't wait!!!

    Kj, you and Ces can hold on to each other while waiting for me to pick you up at the airport.

    I'd have to agree with Ces, though. Belgian chocolates are the best but I haven't tasted the cacao ones.

    About the Charlotte thing -- really I am -- with a bit of Miranda (when I'm trying to talk sense into my sisters), a bit of Carrie (when I can dress the way I want and if I'm not going to be with the kids). And of course, a bit of Samantha thrown in for good measure. :D