Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thursday 13

1. I drive 4 hours one day a week to visit my mother and help her with groceries, bills, etc.

2. One of my favorite gallavants was driving from San Francisco to Truckee CA. The little town of Truckee is still one of my best memories because it looked like a true western town and had a great clothing store and interesting shops.

3. My dog Stella gets acupuncture once a month to help her damaged spine. I'm here to say it has helped her enormously: she moves and runs much easier afterwards.

4. I was a counselor for two years at an Army Education Center in Germany. It was a fabulous job at an artillery and tank base. The ed center was a easy place on base. Hundreds of men, just a handful of women.

5. When I see something that seems unjust or dishonest, I want to fix it (and sometimes too often I try despite the odds).

6. I could hire my own orthopedic surgeon these days: I have low back pain, a cranky old miniscus injury in my knee, and a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder. All will improve with time and exercise, but geez...

7. When Fall arrives, some people around here will sell pumpkins at the end of their driveways for a dollar or two.

8. I've had the same occasional dream for years: I'm alone in a foreign country and I can't figure out how to use the payphone. (scary...)

9. I love playing the slot machines at casinos. Because each spin is exhilerating to me, I figure it's an addiction I manage to keep in check. I usually lose more than I win.

10. I heard yesterday of a credible report that the US administration arranged for Israel to extend bombing Lebanon so Hezballah's missle system would be weakened and the US could then use force on Iran. I'm disgusted to say I believe it. The older I get, the less I understand.

11. Ever since I volunteered in New Orleans last October, I understand the magnitude of returning home to find everything destroyed. I'll never forget seeing families spend entire days in knee high rubber boots, digging through muck and mud to salvage only a tuperware bowl or a glass vase--all that remained of their life in St. Bernard parish. Many lined up these precious objects at the end of their driveways and tried not to cry.

11. Origins puts out a little bottle called "peace of mind" that I dab on the back of my neck and it refreshes and relaxes me almost immediately.

12. My work requires that I be on equal footing with doctors, employers, counselors, and attornies. Attornies are my least favorite.

13. At the end of the week we are headed to Provincetown for a long week or so. I have walked barefoot along the Commercial Street Bay Beach for fifteen years or so and just about every good idea and dream I've had has come from those walks.


  1. That is so good of you to help Mom out - especially since it is quite a trek.

    You sound so interesting - have done so much. You seem to really care about people - how wonderful.

    BTW, have an awesome time in P-town!

  2. P.S. Thanks for asking if I was away. Yes, I was in Bar Harbor and loved it!

  3. Truckee, CA. We passed by that town on our way from Yuba City to Klamath Falls Oregon. it was a long time ago.

    Very nice to do things for your Mom.

    You did a lot of interesting things and have been to many places.

    In history books, there are 2 parties at war and both think they are right. It's the righteous who eventually prevails. In the meantime, innocent people suffer.

    Love the idea of fall in New England. It's beautiful!!!

    Before departing for a foreign country that does not speak English or other languages you can't speak, get yourself set up with a satellite phone. LOL!!!

  4. I'm sure your mother values those days so much! For the help...and the company!

    Enjoy your week in P'town. Sounds just fabulous--and it looks like you'll have great weather.

    I love orthopaedic surgeons. I've had 3 in my lifetime!

  5. kj, I can totally relate to #8! I'm always having dreams (nightmares, really) that my son, Luke has fallen into a deep, dark hole. I try to dial 911, but there's a magnetic field that is preventing me from punching the right numbers. In another such dream, my fingers were to fat and the phone buttons were too small. In either case, I'm frantically trying to save my little boy.

    Enjoy Provincetown. It sounds beautiful.

  6. You are such an interesting person, kj! I love reading these, and I love your comments on mine. I'm looking forward to spending some more time with you the next time I make it out to northampton.

  7. I love these seemingly trivial bits of personal info. They say a surprising amount about a person!

  8. When Fall arrives, some people around here will sell pumpkins at the end of their driveways for a dollar or two.

    Yippee!! I loved that one -- when we see our first pumpkin being sold the girls and I mark the calendar and announce it's Punkin Day. :) I can't imagine what being in New Orleans was like ... I'm so glad you were there, because I'm sure you brought some folks much-needed warmth and hope.

  9. have you tried pilates? i've found it really helps my lower back...also, have a good trip!

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