Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday 13

1. I'm currently in love with pink zinnias.

2. Peet's coffee is the best--I buy 2 pounds whenever I'm in Boston/Brookline

3. I love to develop and present self-help workshops but I'm a wreck beforehand

4. I am braver emotionally than physically

5. I have been self employed most of my adult life

6. My writing room has a bookcase with glass doors,a roomy wrap around desk, floor length drapes from the 50's, calm salmon-colored walls,and a front seat window view of a very tall pine tree

7. The move to Western Mass. has been awesome. Among many wonderful pieces, I have near-by friends who can drop by for a quick cup of coffee.

8. I'm a better friend in crisis than I am day-to-day

9. I (very briefly--that's another story)owned a restaurant called Tomato City. We specialized in "piecemeals"--all kinds of appetizers--our American cafe version of tapas

10. A friend of mine has been a hospice volunteer for dozens of people. He says nobody passes over alone: at the end almost everyone describes being accompanied by someone they know or trust--could be a childhood teddybear, a deceased grandparent, or an arc angel.

11. And in a related topic, as far as I know, dentists and psychiatrists have the highest suicide rates

12. Sometimes I take a moment to sway in the backyard hammock and then I understand better.

13. I'm an ocean girl but this summer I've discovered the utility and beauty of lakes.


  1. These lists can be surprisingly revealing about a person. I love #12. :)

  2. I really relate to 4 and 8. Looking forward to hearing your answers to my queries when you get a chance, kj! (no rush)

  3. First, thank you for getting me into Thursday 13. It's a good way to look inward without being too critical about thy self or too conceited.

    Second, #6 is how I’ve imagined my writing room would be, well, perhaps without the curtain (nice touch, though, I should have it) and a lake outside.

    Third, you inspire me to write. Thank you.

  4. Love the description in #6, I'm with you on #8, but on #13...I just can't get into lakes. Something about the slimy bottom and murky waters...

  5. #1...Yes! #12, sound so nice. We don't have a hammock because our trees aren't yet strong enough to hold the weight, and we don't have space in the yard for a stand.

  6. I love the idea of Tomato City. It's so much fun to order lots of small dishes.

    Also, I think you're brave to be self-employed. I don't think I can imagine that for myself right now.

  7. I'm so jealous of your writing room!

    And I'm with you on #8. I'm a great friend in a crisis, but not so good with the day-to-day stuff.

  8. 10. is comforting! i like that very much!!!6 sounds lovely, 7 too. oddly, I know a lot of dentists...

  9. i'm still loving these thursday 13's. what an interesting way to learn tid-bits about oneanother.

    thanks for all your comments

  10. #6 ... drooling profusely

    #7 isn't that the best? a friend just dropped by with a card for Lottie and some stickers for both girls and I feel so warm in the heart now

    #10 ... i have a very strong inkling (ie: signs akin to being hit over the head with a frying pan) that this is in my future, to be a Hospice volunteer ... I loved this number the best, I think, gave me goosebumps.

    Happy, happy (a little belated birthday!!!) Big hugs from me to you and wishes for a fantastic year ahead. :)

  11. melissa, i believe hospice folks are angels who walk the earth. this work is as meaningful as it gets.

    my father died at home in a calm and loving manner--from start to finish--thanks to hospice.

    liz--being self employed is not so scary once you begin.

    maria--glad you are doing thursday 13, glad you are writing!

  12. Hi KJ,

    Just wanted to thank you for visiting "To Love, Honor and Dismay" and for leaving such a nice comment. Coming from a counselor / writer like yourself, your words mean a lot. Thanks!

    All the best,

  13. #5 and #8 - interesting. i actually heard once that batch sorters have the highest rate of depression (more so than dentists)...they are the folks who sort cereal all day to make sure there is nothing there that shouldn't be.

    re your comment on my blog - don't feel guilty! i stopped by your blog before but just happened not to have comments that time (i.e., i was a lurker).