Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Rough Day and Random Thoughts

It's actually been a bear of a day. First, blogger demanded my password, rejected my name, kept mentioning google, and thoroughly made it impossible for me to post, comment, scroll, or enjoy. I assume google has changed its operating procedures, but, hey, how about some communication beforehand?

Then there's my ongoing problem with paperwork: a letter to my local city hall about a claim when the snowplow blew out the fence; another letter to a condo association that has fined me because my tenant's birdfeeder is too large (say, what?); and a search for a water meter somewhere in the house that will tell if there's a water leak underground. Then there's the challenge of figuring out why our bills and budget works perfectly well on paper but doesn't work that way in reality. And finding a sink vanity with the same demensions as the old one so the floor doesn't have to be replaced too. And weighing what to do about 10 minutes of blow in insulation that will cost $ 550, even after the company ripped up our porch roof and had to replace it. And a new referral for counseling: am I ready to take on clients again? (It's been a fabulously playful summer).

Sometimes, too often, my life is filled with too many chores and too little simplicity. Today was one of those days.

I'm still reeling about blogger. Is it fixed? I cannot say. After repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying to find a person to speak with--anyone--I'm resigned to the fact that I either have to hope I will learn more about blog operation, or....wait until something fixes itself. Guess which of these two scenarios has allowed me to write this post.


  1. KJ you have my sympathy.

    The birdfeeder, how big is it exactly? Like an outhouse? :-) Too many rules. If we don't have them life is disorganized. If we have them some people become tyrants.

    City Hall? I am so glad I don't live in the city. We have to go to Commissioner's Court.

    I agree with the last paragraph. I was up at 3 drafting a letter to an ignorant neighbor...the saga continues.

    Good luck with your chores.

  2. the birdfeeder was three or four feet long. longer than the condo association expected when they ok'd the use of one. i admit it was HUGE!

    we've gone from a birdfeeder, to rules and regulations, to stubborness, to anger, to legal fines. if it weren't such a pain, i'd be laughing!

  3. Ug...why does everything seem to happen at once? Or do we just let it pile up and get to us all at once? probably a little bit of both, but either way i'm sending well wishes that things get themselves sorted out easily.

    As for Blogger--WHAT is up with them?! Same thing happened to me. I love blogger...except when it doesn't work!

  4. sounds like your vacation ended to soon...

  5. KJ

    Will you please post a pic of yourself so I can imagine how you frown or smile?

  6. kj, blogger is always giving me fits...especially when it comes to posting pictures. Alot of the time it will say by photo is loaded, but it doesn't appear. I don't know how to fix it either, except to open a new browser and keep trying.

  7. We're looking at getting some additional blow-in insulation in our attic... I was shocked at the price for what seems like such an easy job!