Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Free but not Cheap.....

I am astonishingly, unexpectedly free this summer! Turns out my major customer has to pull back its business and my partner jb is willing to work extra so I do not have to replace the work--probably not until September. Wow. I will spend the next two months (at least) writing: I'm still wrestling with my book proposal but I anticipate some modicum of success with it. And I have submitted one story and one poem to writing contests (is that the right word?). And I will take tiny but observable steps to plan and landscape our backyard. (We aim to create a sanctuary of sorts, just yards away from a major road but somehow a calm and kind space).
I can't believe my good fortune.

So I'm thinking tonight about how grateful I am and how much I'm benefiting from blogging. Sometimes I feel like I'm attending a private poetry reading or an art gallery opening night for Friday Illustrations. And from this comes an idea and offering:

I help people build businesses. I help them plan, develop, coordinate and market a variety of self-employment and small to midsize business ideas, from restaurants to artisian cooperatives, to real estate firms to technology consulting to disability management counseling. I also help people find their way to careers that matter and away from those that don't.

I can't say for how long, and I will not/cannot delve into therapy-related issues, but for now I am willing to use part of my blogsite to answer any career and/or business questions that may be helpful--a kind of Career Ann Landers. :) If I can't help, I won't try. But if my two cents can be of benefit to you or someone you know, I'll do my best.

It's an experiment, for reasons unknown, but for what's it's worth, the offer's now out there.



  1. A few things:

    The easiest way to post pictures on your blog is to use Picasa. If you go to my blog you can click on the little multi colored icon beneath any picture and it will take you to Picasa. The program is made for use with blooger and it lets you edit your pictures- It is the simplest way to post pictures.

    I plan to use the writing prompt- I think I'm writing a poem...but I never really know until it's done.

    I may take you up on the carrer advice. I'm currently working in sales at a job I cannot stand. I'll try to blog about it tomorrow.

  2. So nice of you, KJ! I may just ask some questions in time...

    As for the writing prompt, I, too, am thinking about it. I need to let it marinate for a few days and then we'll see what comes out... ;)

  3. My next blog will be an answer to the prompt as well. I was reminded yesterday of a time in my life that speaks to the prompt.

  4. Wow, KJ -- what a gift -- I'm so excited for you!! When Eli and I moved to this house, it belonged to his grandfather. We did caretaking and he didn't charge us rent ... so I was able to stay home and write for a while. It was amazing ... I know you appreciate each moment and bring lots of good words to all of us in blog and book form. Your job sounds great, too -- like life coaching in a way. They dream it, you help 'em make it happen! Thank you for offering us your Ann Lander-ness!

  5. i am very excited about our first writing prompt--how cool to see who does what!!

    any volunteers to pick the prompt for week 2?


  6. Karen,

    You presented a workshop on careers in Hyannis a couple of years ago. However, I have not been able to reach you through the Options Assocs. telephone number or WE CAN.

    Are you still available for coaching? If not, I would appreciate a referral. Please advise.


  7. anne, i've attempted to contact you by email but can't. i hope you get this message here.

    i have limited availability until the first of the year, but can refer you to a local career counselor (in eastham) who is great. let me know if that can be helpful.

    i remember the hyannis workshop fondly. hope you are well.
    best wishes,