Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Good Grief!

I am having trouble downloading pictures to Blogger. I tell you this because I intended this post to be a Thursday Thirteen, which is long overdue. But since blogger refuses to budge, this will instead be a Friday Four, with extra commentary thrown in.
1. Thank you all for the comments and emails I received about my post on grief. It's not likely any of us are going to live and die without experiencing it at some time. Myself, I know for me it's better that I feel than not feel. And better that I love than not love. End of story.
2. This is the bumper sticker on the back of my car. As soon as I put it on, I thought to myself, "My daughter Jessica is going to say that is ridiculous." When I saw her a few weeks later, she looked at me and said, "Mom, that is ridiculous."
. 3. It's been one year since I started my work as a Psychotherapist in one of the poorest cities in America, my clients very poor adults and children both. Sometimes I look around to gauge whether I am safe or not, but mostly I find that I'm very comfortable in the neighborhoods I frequent. I see people mostly in their homes or their schools, and I've learned so much. I'm a counselor but not a therapist by training and experience, but I'm finding I'm pretty good at it. It helps to care and go from there.
4. This is one of JB's watering cans. She starts with plain plastic cans and designs and decoupages each one. She does this in her Magic Cottage.
5. I've now lost 42 pounds. When I lose another 15 or so, it'll be time for a new wardrobe and a new image. I want to be kj babe. Age has nothing to do with it.
6. I find that I've become more sexual and more sensual as I get older. Anybody else want to talk about that?
7. Stella no longer acts like a nervous abused dog. She is happy and healthy. Her life is joyful because of walks, cookies, and chicken. I wish it were that simple for me most of the time.
8. Where I live, black bears occasionally meander into our neighborhood and yards. The woman across the street was in her yard with her dog two summers ago, late at night, and saw a huge man in a fur coat standing 30 feet from her. Oooops--not a man! She knew enough to take small slow steps backwards until she could reach her front door. Fortunately her dog was on a leash. I don't live in a rural area, but I kind of like keeping an eye out for bears every once in a while.
9. This is the house I grew up in and lived in until I got married at twenty-two. My father and grandfather built it themselves and my parents lived in it for 63 years, until my father died. My mother stayed another ten years until she fell in the front yard and broke her hip. She now lives ten minutes from me in a wonderful rest home and I like that.

10. I don't know why I am so partial to Renee and her blog, but in less than two months I'm crazy about this woman. She is a special human being and it's not just because of her courage. She has spunk and wit, leaves great comments, is kind to everyone, and is thoughtfully compassionate and insightful about all kinds of things. Plus she's passionate and she's singlehandedly made 'fuck' a respectable blog word!
11. I've made some true-blue forever friends on the blogs. I would never have believed it possible. When I hear the terms "global economy" and "international community," I think of my blog friends from all over the world.
12. I have started a second book but it's coming slowly. And I want to get back to the finished first draft of the book on career choice. I'm also back to writing poems that rhyme (it's about time. And a good sign. I think it's fine.) How come I work part time and seem to have so little time? I'll never understand that. When I was a single mother with a 50-plus hour a week job, I seemed to fit more in. Hmmmm.
13. Well, I made it to Thursday Thirteen, even though there are only Friday Four photos. I'll end with the following advice: Ride the horse in the direction she's going.
Love kj


  1. i LOVED the way you did this tag!!

  2. thank you very much, how do we know. it is nice to see you here. please come again. :)

  3. I like this list. Congrats on weight loss. Thanks for the insight into your beautiful life and soul.

  4. oh kay, you are the best! what a sweet thing to say about me. all i can say back is ditto! :)

  5. Kay is right...
    It is a pity that the only thing we hear in the news is about bad people and not about nice people like you who change the world in a positive way !

  6. kj this is a fantastic post and it is not only because I'm in it (which I loved).

    1. You are not alone.

    2. The bumper sticker is excellent and true. I love it.

    3. I adore teenagers. That is actually my favourite age. Lucky are the people that get you to work with them.

    4. Cool jug.

    5. The weight thing unreal. I have never lost a pound. Joined curves, weight watchers, another goup can't remember the name. And never lost an ounce. So great job and I think the new wardrobe needs to come soon. Your clothes must be hanging on you.

    6. Maybe you know your self better now, because like my daughter Nadalene says the biggest sexual organ on a woman is her brain. Good for you.

    7. I am happy your pet has found love.

    8. Don't eat a strangers porridge it might belong to Papa Bear.

    9. I love the house you grew up in, who is in there now.

    10. I especially loved that fuck is respectable. har har. It is so part of my language. And I have always thought it respectable, just not in front of small children. Glad you are partial to me, as I am partial to you too.

    11. Ditto.

    12. Second book right on. I'm looking forward to reading the 1st. I know the lack of hours. I use to work outside the home and now I don't and I have no time or at least it feels like that.

    13. Good job.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. interesting list and great advice. one reason i dont reveal much abt my first bk done with 2 college friends and under pseudonyms is we used the "F" word feeling well, the guys do so why not us. congrats on the 42 pounds.

  8. Dear KJ,

    Those who don't support you are not your friends.

    Love love the bumper sticker!! Sorry Jess!

    I vote you counselor with the biggest heart.

    I have to have one of those watering cans!! Please tell JB I love blue hydrangeas, peonies and ravens ;) I will pay her handsomely!!

    WOW on the weight loss!! You're my hero! I want to be able to say 'me too' one day.

    Yay Stella! I love that photo.
    She and Emma will play one day~maybe by then Mim will have a dog and we'll hang out :)

    One of the things I won't miss leaving here are the dangers of mountain lions in the 'hood. It's unnerving!

    I so love that house, OMG!! Is it on the Cape?

    Renee rocks!! But she's Canadian!'nuff said ;)

    True blue=me and you!

    Career choice, job schmoice.
    Get in the zone and write a poem and throw that dog of yours a bone.

    Dontcha know
    I've gotta go...

  9. people who change the world in a positive way? you mean like you sidney? you are my hero. your work is life changing. xo

    oh renee, i have to finally ask. i can hold it in no longer. may i be some kind of a soul sister to you too? not a raven sister or a bella sister, but maybe a silly sister? or a partner in crime sister? or something that would make you smile when you think of me thinking of you?

    and renee, about the weight, what really matters is feeling good about who you are. and you my dear should feel awesomely good about that. i've lost weight because my right knee had me limping and i lost my swagger. my clothes aren't hanging but they are fitting loosely. yay!

  10. suki, here's our desensitization program: fuck fuck fuck fuck.
    (blush--whoever needs it: please excuse me) :)

    lolo, true blue indeed. the house is on a dead end lane in waltham. i lived there my whole life until i got married. it is empty now and i need to get it emptied, repaired and rented. my godmother lives next door and watches over it. okay girl, that rhyme of yours is pretty damn good. i'm totally impressed.

  11. HI emily rabbit....I realize it wouldnt taste very good...but chocolate bunnies taste good either way devoured...LOl

    Have a Great weekend..

    Sonia ;)

  12. sonia, ##@%%$**@##!


  13. kj thanks for the inspirational thought today.

    Renee xoxo

  14. Believe it or not, bears frighten me a bit. One is coming up in a post I have scheduled. Maybe it's because I've never really met a bear and got to know it.

  15. Love these. Even if they are few and far between. Well done with the weight loss. I started so well but have definitely fallen off the wagon lately . . Tuesday . .I'll start Tuesday and excuse me . .but I think you'll find I have a great command of the 'f' word! Especially on Fridays! And long before that whippersnapper Renee came on the scene (Hehe Renee!) Have a great Easter weekend . .I'm off for lunch on a not-so-sunny-Sydney day!

  16. oh sonia, please don't piss off emily rabbit. she will be thumping all around the house and i'll have no peace!

    debra kay, ha! i would expect you to be afraid of bears. they are not creatures to befriend as far as i know!

    baino, of course. what was i thinking? i recognize and bow to your polished and persistent use of the f word. renee is whippersnapper # 2. (tsup!)

  17. I'm back management. That Baino, I think we should make her a crown. What do you think.

    Of course we can be sisters; now we just have to find the right type.

    Love Renee xoxo

  18. a crown for baino? yes!

    my sister renee? yes!
    (ah, but what type of sister? hmmmm

  19. i missed this post, love it, congrats on the weight loss, and wow i didn't know you are a counselor, i did a few diplomas on counselling but haven't used it as a career ever, just do it in my as you get older, of course...we are 'old but not yet cold'!!!
    there's a new award for you on my blog sexy!
    wordveri:prowled (very apt)