Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rhyme Time Esteemed Winners

It's official. We have winners of the the first kj Rhyme Time event. Once I have the proper addresses in hand, copies of my one and only book will be inscribed and sent on their way to the following emerging poets:
Julie-Ann and Sonia: you were the first two gutsy souls to respond with poems. Thanks for making this so much fun.
You may recall that I and I alone agreed to choose the the poem I and I alone found to be the Best-of-the-Bunch. This was not an easy task! Everyone diItalicd an incredibly fun and creative job at rhyming. In no particuliar order, here's whatFont size I and I alone decided:
Victoria: this was my favorite poem of all because it had a jingle to it and I thought "bow bowers" was pretty damn clever. BUT: Victoria already has a copy of my book (full disclosure: she's my friend and one of the bow-bowers was my dog Stella). So all you get is recognition, Victoria. Take it and run!
Human Being: She is one of my favorite poets anyway anyhow and her poem here is, as always, haunting and deep. Plus it is my huge pleasure to send her my book!
That should be the end of the first kj Rhyme Time contest.
BUT I and I alone have broken the rules and am adding a second Best-of-the-Bunch. It goes to:
Chewy: Clever, clever, clever. And always a touch of humor that intrigues me.
Winners! Send me your addresses at and the book will find its way to you. If you want a name in the inscription other than your blog name, just say so.
And since we've been rhyming away, here's how I spend my time sometimes on a rainy Saturday when the words just won't leave me alone:
I’ll be damned
My head is crammed
With thoughts of flying
And maybe even
And even possibly
Catalog buying
Instrument flying
And forever trying.
Have a good weekend, everyone. Love you!


  1. What a bunch of lucky ducks. I can testify as I have already had the pleasure of reading the book.

    I wonder if Julie-Ann is my Julie-Ann who paints angels in England.

    She is the sweetest person ever.

    I can imagine you with sisters or even us as kids together in our first communion dresses. Mine was much more ragged than yours.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. renee, yes, it's your julie-ann. i think every visitor you have on your blog is something else-special and anyone who paints angels is double special. moon sister, i too can imagine making our first communion together. it's funny you said that because i thought that when i wrote the post about it. xo

  3. Hey KJ, I'll bet you could do a mean-ass rap song!!
    Please don't try it out on me though because I hate rap music :P
    Actually 'rap music' is an oxymoron! Rap noise is more like it.

    Congrats to the lucky ladies on winning the books. I read it and LOVE it!

    I'd better run
    and quit the fun
    until my work is done

    I'm on my bum
    and it is numb
    oh yeah, I'd better run

    uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

    (I know I made you laught!)

  4. WTF is that "T" doing in laugh????


  5. darling lo:


  6. Laught? Is that the past tense of laugh?

    I laught out loud and people thought I was daft?

    I sit and hone my craft, while I laught laught laught?

  7. Like, Renee said they are lucky ducks. Look like I will just have to buy a copy :-). Love your poem KJ. And I agree Human Beings poem was GREAT!

  8. Aww well done lads! It's a good read as were the poems!

  9. fee fi fo fum....
    I hit you on the bum...
    You turned around and stuck out your tongue
    then it was over and we were all done.

    (applause, applause)

  10. debra kay, there is nothing i could say or add that would top your comment, so instead i will just smile...

    annie, thanks. i would be honored if you read my book.

    baino, have you noticed you're in better spirits and more affectionate since you got fired?

    did you make this up, mim? did you?
    because it made me laugh. :)

  11. KJ,
    Oh! Oh! Oh! - I missed seeing this post in my "Blogs I Follow". Thanks for calling me over.

    A second best of the bunch was added just for me? - No! - Yes? (clapping hands) YES! - Thank you very much. I would truly love to read your book. (big spinning hug) wheeeee!

    I'll send you my snail mail. (dancing off)

  12. soooooooooo happy i won this sparkly thing...
    your Rhyme Time was really fun and i ejoyed reading all the rhymes... each opening a window... showing us something new... some with a touch of humor... some with an invitation to pause...

    your work in this post is great too... loved the cahin...

    kj... I will send address soon...

    thanks for your generous gift and your always encouraging words...

    lots of love and a BIG hug