Sunday, April 12, 2009

The 'F' Word

Frequent and first time visitors alike know that this blog is nothing short of dignified, appropriate and, well, let's just say, classy. So on that basis it is my great honor to report and respond to the following sequence of events:
First, on a recent Thursday Thirteen done by yours truly, I congratulated Renee for bringing respectability and consistency to the "F" word in Blogland.
Then in a comment that followed, Baino clarified that it was she, not Renee, who was the pioneer in this territory.
Next, in another comment that followed, Renee suggested that Baino be crowned and and the official honor be bestowed upon her.
Then our mutual friend Studio Lolo* agreed to lend her considerable artistic talents.
Now then and therefore, I kj do hereby crown Baino for her extraordinary, frequent, creative and engaging use of the word fuck, returning it to its proper working class roots and desensitizing the proper prims among us to lighten up and enjoy the show.

And then, with an equal amount of awe and admiration, I kj also present this crown to Renee, who has earned it mightily by her word and deed ("What the F---?!)

And to anyone interested in my opinion: it's a good word. Really it is. It's clear, pointed, passionate, descriptive, breathtaking, phoenetically dramatic....okay, that's enough.
Congratulations, you two. May you wear your crowns long and well.
* Since Ms. Studio Lolo runs a family oriented blog also frequented by her clients, please leave any F-related comments and compliments for her here, in this non-family oriented, not frequented by her clients, blog . The management thanks you.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Well, congratulations are in order, then. I think KJ sneaked in that post right at the tail end of Easter Sunday. ;)

  2. I think the F-word the most irritating word there is. I know people who use it every three words in one sentence. It is the same as: you know. Here in the Netherlands that is: weet je. I think it stupid (3x). Sorry, but there are a few minor things I don't agree with you, KJ :-) Happy Eastermonday!

  3. Oh For fuck's sakes!
    Renee . .help me out here! Sometimes it's just the right word for the moment! Now kj you'll be giving everyone the wrong impression although it's a very pretty picture and I like the idea of being the Queen of all I survey . . .(man I look a bit frosty though?) I am sweet, honest and have impeccable manners and not in the least profane except perhaps for my penchant for that word. I use it sparingly . .always on Fridays but sometimes it's just the right word for the occasion. Actually it's a good old Anglo Saxon word that was taboo'd by the stuffy Victorian bureaucracy in ye olde England. . .Read Chaucer and you'll read the word that I shall not say! Yep, even I have taboos. Thanks for the giggle!

  4. This does make for a funny post!
    You're lots of fun KJ. You can find the good in everything!
    Two Queens though, could be a lot to handle :D


  5. bella, you are one observant woman! so true i dared not post this on Easter, but i didn't wait much past midnight!

    wieneke, you've made me smile, because i understand! i tend to save this word for dramatic moments. but i like it when wonderful people like baino and renee shake me out of my snowglobe language...

    baino, you are (fucking) adorable. you really are.

    lolo, two queens, not counting you and me. and that's just for starters. i want to laugh and have fun in life, so thanks for the compliment. xoxoxo!

  6. oh moon sister renee, will i be at work when you show up and claim your crown?


  7. Dear Moon Sister: I am here and I am so proud to take this crown.

    Baino and I have become great friends too so I couldn't be happier than to share the award with her.

    I absolutely love it and it is me all over. Keep it real baby. And this is me; real.

    I found the following and I don't fucking know who to attribute it for shit's sake:

    'As you can see there are not many words with the versality of fuck.
    Besides the sexual meaning there are also the following uses:

    Fraud: I got fucked at the used car lot.

    Ignorance: Fucked if I know.

    Trouble: I guess I'm fucked know.

    Aggression: Fuck you.

    Displeasure: What the fuck is going on here.

    Difficulty: I cannot understand this fucking job.

    Incompetence: He is a fuck off. (I would change this to what a fuckhead -- Renee.)

    Suspicion: What the fuck are you doing?

    Enjoyment: I had a fucking great time.

    Request: Get the fuck out of here.

    Hostility: I am going to knock your fucking head of.

    Greeting: How the fuck are you?

    Apathy: Who gives a fuck.

    Innovation: Get a bigger fucking hammer.

    Surprise: Fuck, you scared the shit out of me.

    Anxiety: Today is really fucked.'

    I am honoured. xoxoxo Love the queen award.

    Cheers to us Baino.

    Love Renee xoxox

  8. p.s. Thanks for the fun kj and Laurel. xoxoxo

  9. oh fuck, i am fucking rolling on the floor fucking laughing my fucking head off!

  10. kj running out the door for work:

    i just (f) love these (f) wonderful friends i've been (f) blessed to know and (f) laugh with.
    (f) lucky, i (f) am...

  11. OMG that post from Renee just slaughters me!!! It proves the "F" word is really underrated ;)

    Long live the Queens!

  12. Funny enough!
    Great to see the crown on:)

  13. Does Ryan and Drew know how their Grandmother speaks?

    You're gonna be in wicked trouble!


  14. Now you want to know what two words I think are offensive and have never allowed in my home.

    Shut up.

    Love Renee xoxo

  15. Maybe I should dare to visit these F'ing Queens.

  16. Hilarious post kj and I love Renee's description of the versatility of the f-word. So true!

  17. renee, i have been rolling on the floor all day thinking about you and these definitions. you add the cherry on the cake every time. what a spirit you have. i just love it and you!

    soulbrush, you are an imp, aren't you? admit it, you're the first one to get in trouble if it's worth it, right? :)

    lolo, without you, this esteemed discussion could not exist. aren't we all the classiest, huh? xoxo

    yoon see, since you are new to my blog, should i be embarrassed by the subject matter? (thanks for enjoying the chuckle)

    suki, i hope this made you laugh long and wide!

    miladysa, see what happens when you stay away too long? it is a squealing delight to know you are back. love love love

  18. beloved lolo, what shall i do about ryan and drew? good thing they'll be too young for a few more years to know their grandmother not only swears but also aspires to be a babe.

    renee, i love this comment. this is why your kids adore you.

    chewy, definitely visit these two wonder women. no auto music at either. both are gutsy gorgeous girls.

    hello kate, nice to see you here. i'll be stopping by your place too. i'm glad you got to experience renee at her fucking best.

    xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo to all!

  19. Well that was fun kj and I love my queen of the f bomb.

    Good night, God bless you Moon sister.

    Love Renee xoxo

  20. OMFG (Oh My Fucking Gawd), I love this post...Feels like being a teen again and using the word for the first time...Ha Ha...Yall need the award.....way to fucking funny...

    Smiles and LMFAO(laughing my fucking ass off)

    Sonia ;)

  21. LOL love the illustrations KJ!

  22. Still in the process of learning English as a second language could you explain to me the exact meaning of the F word?

  23. queen f and moon sister, glad you had fun. it was indeed fun! but read on: there's more:

    sonia, i can tell you fit right in!

    hello val too funny, huh... :)

    lavender, well, it's certainly nice to see your avatar again. i've been trying to entertain you on your blog, you know... xoxo

    sidney, despite my pristine leanings, here you go:

    verb (used with object) 1. to have sexual intercourse with.
    2. Slang. to treat unfairly or harshly.

    –verb (used without object) 3. to have sexual intercourse.
    4. Slang. to meddle (usually fol. by around or with).

    –interjection 5. Slang. (used to express anger, disgust, peremptory rejection, etc., often fol. by a pronoun, as you or it.)

    –noun 6. an act of sexual intercourse.
    7. a partner in sexual intercourse.
    8. Slang. a person, esp. one who is annoying or contemptible.
    9. the fuck, Slang. (used as an intensifier, esp. with WH-questions, to express annoyance, impatience, etc.)

    —Verb phrases
    10. fuck around, Slang. a. to behave in a frivolous or meddlesome way.
    b. to engage in promiscuous sex.

    11. fuck off, Slang. a. to shirk one's duty; malinger.
    b. go away: used as an exclamation of impatience.
    c. to waste time.

    12. fuck up, Slang. a. to bungle or botch; ruin.
    b. to act stupidly or carelessly; cause trouble; mess up.

    13. give a fuck, Slang. to care; be concerned

    everyone, thanks for a great time!! this could be my favorite post ever on my blog. who knew?
    (love to each of you!)

  24. You're all very rude like a bunch of silly school children who have just learned a new swear word. Now get it out in the open, say it a hundred times and then just behave yoursleves, it's not even Friday!

  25. oooooh, everybody, that strict teacher just yelled at us!

    what shall we do about it?

  26. Moon sister I don't see you in the sky tonight, but I see it is because you are on the computer.

    How is your new baby boy? And his big brother Mr. Ryan?

    Exciting isn't it Granma Moon.

    I haven't received anything yet, but am looking forward to it.

    Love Renee xoxox

  27. It's funny, because for such a sexually charged word, I rarely use it in a sexual connotation-I'm more likely to say "what the fuck" than "let's fuck". For many years, my favorite exclamation was "FUCK ME RUNNIN", or to offend as many people as I could in one statement "Jesus F*****Christ on a Cracker",

    Further, I use it to indicate a state of dire straits-I'm fucked, you're fucked, WE are SO Fucked-usually followed by laughter, cause when you are so badly fucked, sometimes laughing is all you can do. In fact, declaring your state of fuckedness is often so liberating, that laughter does seem appropriate-I'm fucked, but look, I'm laughing, so there!

    Conversely a really dismal fuck is never a cause for laughter-isn't that just strange?

    In corporate Dallas, fuck really had no power-it was so overused. There were two words with magical powers, one I could not use because I am caucasian. The other was the only power word unavailable to men of any race-and I wielded my "cunt" with great glee (but was always careful not to over use it). A little cunt goes a long way.

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Wonderful, I don't use the F word enough :-).

  30. This post is steaming hot!!
    Debra Kay is killin' me!

    See what you've started? Really, this is hilarious!
    And I do use the word myself...ALOT!! Just not on my blog cuz, well, you know...clients and uptight sisters!


  31. Okay, just to give my two cents worth..


    it's been a hard day's night and I needed to get that out ;)


  32. renee, not to be corny, but as until/unless you are well, i will always be in the sky blessing you. you can count on that.

    oh debra kay! it's a word i cannot use without serious squirming...

    annie, there's no time like the present. start slipping it in to your colorless sentences! (that is if you have any colorless sentences--maybe you don't) :)

    lolo, well, i hope you seriously feel better now. that was very good and very well articulated. you get an A plus. xoxo!

  33. i am fucking still laughing. yesterday my hubby told me very seriously that we should stop swearing now because of no, i cried, not yet!but seriously, the teacher part of me finds it very offensive when said by little kids at school...but at home behind closed doors, hey we do what we like...right? fucking right!

  34. yes, fucking right, soulbrush!