Saturday, April 04, 2009

Photo Debut Coming Soon*:

Drew Thomas
30 hours old
Son to Jess & Mike
Brother to Mr. Ryan
Grandson to Ms. kj
Sacred Addition the the wonderful world wide (www) Circle
*When ms kj can get back on her own computer and download her pictures,
and when ms. kj is not so pre-occupied...
meanwhile, love is in the air. MWAAH, TSUP. Can you feel it?


  1. Welcome to the world, little one!

    I love the name, so perfect. Give my blessings to everyone!

    I couldn't open the photos. I guess I have an old acct and I can't remember who I was :P I do love the first teaser though, adorable!!
    Imagine we were that young once. It's unbelievable!

    I'll talk to you when your feet touch the ground ;)

    xoxo to you Nana, Grandma...?

  2. lo, "gram"!

    i wanted something more debonair and clever, but somehow mr. ryan came up with gram on his own.

    i'm finally on my laptop but my email service is down, so i can't upload the photo i want so i can download it to blogger. the universe decides the timing of things, doesn't it--not you or me?

  3. Must be heaven to become a grandma!
    Have to wait a few years more.......
    I wish the little one a happy time on this earth!

  4. Hey, fantastic, congrats!
    I'll keep an eye open for the photo debut.

  5. Congratulations you old Grammy! Glad everyone's well and happy.

  6. hiya gram, many many congrats to the happy couple, to you and to mr ryan. welcome thomas. i know exactly how you feel, can't wait to see the photos.

  7. Many congratulations! Wonderful news and love the name!

  8. Yay!
    KJ-I've got snakes posted today (Saturday) so you might want to wait till Sunday to come visit. Glo had a little boo boo-but it all ended well.

  9. Ah you are a grandma. Welcome to the club. Its the very best most important organization you will ever have become a part much joy awaits you. Mazol Tov.