Sunday, October 02, 2011

One Weekend

Actually, two. Last weekend I was back in Provincetown, falling into fall.

This weekend two friends are here and we have talked non-stop from 11:30 am until bed time at 1 am. I am writing this at 1:45 am when the house and I are quiet/ I learned all about Morocco tonight. We sat at the new table and ate my very tasty salad, my very tasty garlic bread, my surprisingly good shrimp jambalaya, and jb's very tasty apple crisp. We kept talking and talking.

Tomorrow I am going to see three wonderful friends from these here blogs. That is, after my friends and I here have breakfast and talk some more.

I'm finding that I've become a better listener.

Which is good because Mr. Ryan's mother has told him since he was three that bad listeners don't have friends... :^)

happy weekend, love kj


  1. I've been reading about the American Revolution over the past couple of months, specifically about Benedict Arnold, and my reading has created in me a desire to visit your part of the country again. Peggy will be up there in two weeks with her father and sisters, but I don't know if I'll ever make it.Travel seems like a lot more work than it once did.

  2. Right now . . all I can say . . is put me in that picture

  3. glad so many lovely things are happening in your life to warm your spirit.

  4. Sounds so wonderful.....oh, and I love that door photo....a lot!
    Have fun!!! ♥


  5. it seems like listening is a skill that can always use improvement, there is a kind of zen to doing it well.
    i hope you get lots more practice, with many dear friends around you. have fun today, i would love to be there with you all.

  6. Glad you've had such a grand time. Food, friends, talking and listening, good scenery to see and photograph; all very important for the soul.

  7. A rapt listener is the highest compliment. Doesn't it make you feel GREAT when someone listens and remembers?

    I LOVE this (you are so HUMBLE ABOUT YOUR COOKING). I love the reading lamps above the bed, the peeks into Ptown.

    So much to say. I've been lecturing in Florida and I am SO glad to be back in Maine, but leave here the 18th. First though I JUDGE the Pumpkin Dessert contest during the Pumpkinfest. Hurrah. Wet, rainy, huge surf today.



  8. The photos are wonderful PP!
    I'm so glad you had fun with the girls...and then more girls.
    Friends are the best therapy!
    Where is that bridge photo taken? It's great!


  9. I think I would so adore Provincetown, kj. These are the most wonderful photos (and your new header is stupendous!), each one fitting for a magazine spread. Thank you for a marvelous little tour.

  10. How simple a rule to live by, I have learned to listen more too and try and give smiles, too...