Friday, July 29, 2011


i have a very good friend, i won't say her name because i know she'll be embarrassed, who is the best photographer maybe ever! i strive to be half as good as she isand i'll spend my lifetime trying, no way! but i love walking through life with my camera. even and especially when i feel blue or lost, the lens reminds me that i live in a beautiful world, that it is up to me to see.

here are some of my photo snippets along the way, in no order, in no specific season or year. just people and places i am blessed to know


#9, the magic cottage

the house my father and grandfather built. my parents

lived there for 59 years

my street in ptown

the bay at low tide

my mom in the emergency room

look! my book!

I wish you a good weekend ♥

i recommend you keep your eyes open

we need to find the starfish even if its

covered by seaweed.




  1. I forgot to mention I *LOVE* your new header photo!
    All the pics are a delightful *eye-walk*......I think I could live in that beach cottage with the turquoise nice. (well, till the first storm hits...LOL!)
    Delightful! :-)


  2. It is good to have a haven of rest.

  3. It is lovely that you focused your light on the beauty in this world, I believe that is the thing to do, and what may I add is wrong with seaweed, it has it's own beauty does it not :-).xoxo

  4. thank you anne ♥ that beach cottage is a favorite, RIGHT on the (quiet) beach! the storms requiring preparation but seeing them come in is amazing

    mark, definitely. it's made quite a difference for me. book's getting written xoxo

    annie, yup, you are right, the only problem with seaweed is that it sometimes hides the starfish....(okay, and it's slimy)

  5. I love that pic of your mom. Her expression is wonderful. And I'm finding kidding, Caity put one on the kitchen counter the other day. In the fruit bowl. On a mango. She thought it looked good there. She discovered it while cleaning her room. Like mother, like daughter. :) xox Pam

  6. I have a camera in my purse at all times. I carry it around so much that one shoulder dips farther than the other! Just doesn't seem right not to keep snapping moments up like penny candy from a pinata!

  7. well this is a pretty special post.

    Who needs more than this?

    And yes, she is a fantastic photographer with a zest for life like no other ;)


  8. I'd say you have a darn good eye behind that camera! Lovely trip with you here. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Here I am sitting in a posh and grand old hotel in downtown Oklahoma City and checking on you. LOVE the photos. Your Mom is adorable, which book is YOURS???

    House your parents lived in for 59 years!! Wow, like my grands who lived in theirs for about that long.

    love to you...on to Maine on Sunday. HURRAH!!!


  10. I agree - carrying a camera changes how you see things.

    How does your Mom manage to look so cute in an ER?

  11. wonderful special photos each!

    i think a picture is so much more than a technical thing or even a right or wrong, good or not thing. when photos have deep meaning and beautiful memories, the joy they bring to you is everything.

    you need to get your iphone photos on here!

  12. only you would think to take a pic of yr mom in the ER. Only she would be smiling!

  13. No seaweed on your starfish!
    Love your Mom's Happy-Face. No seaweed for her either,,,,,

  14. This post makes me smile :)

    (and I love, love, LOVE your new header!!!)


  15. I often think of photos as memories refreshed when you look at them again...I like every one of these, every one!

  16. lOVE THEM,especially the House.....XXX MAR

  17. of all these fotos i'm had to stop at the one of your mom in the emergency room. what a smile for her to have on her face in such a situation - truly remarkable!

    i love the lonely shot of the beach house too - just sitting there, all by itself. as good beach houses should do ;-)



    p.s. i'm with anne - that new header shot is a major keeper♡ brilliant..

  18. oh darlin...thank you sharing these little snippets of your life...i'd love to walk down that street of yours, knock on your door, and sit down for a cuppa and chat with you!
    ps that header is glorious...

  19. Hi KJ! so many of your posts to catch up on! I'm glad you walk through life with your camera - there's some beautiful starfish out there!

  20. These are WONDERFUL. I want to visit Ptown now! Who is your friend? Would love to see her photos. And you must take a look at my Pride Parade photos -- just for the laughs (check out my *inspired* captioning :):