Sunday, July 03, 2011

Not a Moment to Spare

It's almost probably a tradition now: every year my daughter and son-in-law and Mr. Ryan and No Longer Baby Drew (and now 'Sparky' who will soon be born) come to Provincetown and we have a family vacation.

They come by ferry and we meet them at the pier

We wait with the cormorants

and the gulls

until we sight the ferry and then we wave hello with unparalleled excitement

Then we all walk along the pier, past the fishing boats, walk six or so blocks along Commercial Street and settle in for a few days of quite enough relaxation and fun for each and all of us.

This year we have been joined by a special guest

Her name is Flo.

We are all very active. Even Stella, who cannot walk very well or very far these days, has plenty of quality company.

Today, at the end of the day, I know there will be another. I am always grateful that JB and I somehow have managed to have this sanctuary space in Provincetown at the land's end, but I am over the moon grateful when I share this time and space with my family.

So far my progress in writing book # 2 is poor.

But that is not the case with abundance.

That, I have plenty of.




  1. It is a sanctuary. There's something so calming about mucking about near the see. Love the shot of Drew asleep on Stella bless her ageing heart. She's such a good old girl.

  2. ah, kj, this is abundance. don't worry about the book, as you know, it will come. the important thing is enjoying these sacred moments with your loved ones in a loved place. being present in the moment is a gift, which you seem to do very well ;-)


  3. that last photo clutched my heart. What serenity and peace this post has. I'm so glad your dear ones are all gathered in a place you love! And I simply love Flo! xx

  4. The book takes second place to this joy, that last picture just melted my heart -completely. Happy July 4th to you and Jb and all the family.

  5. Oh my God, that last photo is too adorable.

  6. hells, it really IS a sanctuary. i never tire being here, walking the streets, enjoying the ocean (even the storms:you can see them coming in a mile away). and yes, stella is a totally grateful and wonderful dog.

    amanda, i can't wait to get to the book. that is good! i'm not sure when i will carve the time i need to hole up and write and write some more, but i will love that too. thank you for saying i do well in the present: ha! i have felt sorry for myself for a long time! it's about time i recognized these sacred moments ♥

    marion, flo gets comments everywhere she goes! :^) i know you understand what it's like to be with the kids. xoxo

    joss, drew loves to pose with stella and stella uncharacteristically trusts and enjoys him. always always nice to hear from you ♥

    cs, i know! xo

  7. Well done kj for creating this wonderful space to share with your loved ones. You are filling their hearts with wonderful memories.


  8. I even love just the word
    *sanctuary*,,,one word that speaks volumes.
    Outstanding photos,,,,and the last is just precious.

    Sparky,,,OH! OH! Another baby??
    Oh, I've missed entirely too much!

    The book is no small thing, but you can never retrieve these specific moments again.
    Yes, it'll wait,,,and likely be all the richer for it.

  9. no, not a moment to spare. so wonderful kj. this is what its all about. and drew giving love to stella, oh my. you captured that moment forever, in your heart and in a photo.

    flo looks like someone i've met before!

  10. Ahhhhh i want a "Flo" tOO! Lol! WoW kj LOOks like ~Paradise~ Lucky *You* <3

  11. I can just imagine your anticipation as the ferry arrives. Those moments often bring me to tears, happy ones. Hello to the family from me and have a lovely 4th

  12. Love, joy, abundance, trust, and bobbing in the water with Flo.

    It doesn't get any better than that!

    I still crack up at the name Sparky :)


  13. awe. i just love that last photo of Mr Ryan and stella. and what fun to arrive on the ferry!!!! Blessings to all, Suki

  14. Beautiful. Sometimes we have to put pens and paints away and spend precious time with freinds and family. It is important.
    Happy 4Th! xoxo

  15. A gorgeous post.... even without words, your photos convey sycg love and joy....

    That last photo......(you KNOW I teared up..) it is lovely.

    And...FLO......oooh, I want a Flo too!!!!

    Love to you and yours,


    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. dear robyn, what you said is how i feel. thank you ♥

    babs, so nice that you are back! i love the idea of my family in provincetown. it is a place where it is easy for everyone to get something or sometime just for them

    lori sf, you've met flo before? :^)

    vicki, flo's been in the cellar, ah, i mean in the family for a long time :^)

    mim, mr. ryan wanted to add a shell to the collection expanding under the front porch. the last person to do that was felix, marianne's son. ryan chose a red and white shell and i thought for sure he would retrieve it for himself before he headed for home, but he left it there. i wanted to cry when i saw it still there....

  17. lo, i am trying every trick in the book to learn sparky's real name. i have bribed ryan. no luck so far. i like samuel bejamin and i have no chance :^)

    suki, the whole ferry experience is so authentically awesome! xo

    annie, you are right. happy 4th to you too xoxo

    robin, unlike mr ryan, little drewbie loves to pose for the camera. he and stella were quite cooperative ♥

  18. A book is a book. It is not abundance. It is not necessarily living. It is writing of living, or having if it is passed...a tombstone of yesterday. I love this living you have written of. It is, stil...alive!

  19. FLO! You are awesome! A sea giraffe! That is very rare, kj. As for that last photo. OMG. The tears just welled up, and I am betting every person who sees it, and has ever had a beloved child or a beloved dog will do the same. Go for the abundance, kj! The long winter awaits - great for hot chocolate and writing. :)) Have lots of fun. I am tempted to show up on your doorstep. Perhaps disguised as a sea giraffe. hee hee. xoxo Pam

  20. Surely, these photos weren't taken within a million miles of that horrid-looking place you shared with us last winter!

  21. P.S. I think mushy is always a good thing. :)

  22. The beautiful face of summer! It has to be nourishing your soul--the writing will then flow later. Your circle seems to widen with time, kj. That's a great tribute to you. xxoo