Monday, July 18, 2011

Faces, Kind Of...

It's vacation week and we're having fun.

It's calm and beautiful, with a possible storm tonight, often a beautiful sight to behold


The beach has been as fun as ever

We have been sitting on the patio looking at shadows

as well as watching light bounce off the walls

we have been doing nothing

very expertly

and one of us (not me)is posing for I-Love-My-Bike magazine

Later in the week we will kayak

paddling among the cormorants

and on Commercial Street we will see

interesting faces of all sorts

I know I keep saying it, but

this is a very good place to be this summer.

And I am writing.

Maybe I am even toughening up.

Or is it softening up?

Tsup with love,



  1. What a gorgeous bit of sunshine while it's snowing, yes snowing just an hour's drive from me. It's pouring here and so cold the dog won't even go out of the house. Bring on spring! You look like you're having a wonderful relax and your word veri is "Homies"

  2. Tsup*!* so glad your summer surrounds are influencing you creatively.

    Oh dear those poor dachses must have been soooo embarrassed poor luvs*!*

  3. lovely trip through a lovely town with lovely people. so glad you are doing nothing! Those they really like it?

  4. WOW! that is just like summer here, except for the water, the surfing dogs, the light and shadows, the painted toenails and the bicycle helmets. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  5. haha, walking man cracks me up!!

    That helmet is quite the fashion statement ;P

    I feel as though I know every inch of that place. I'm glad you're there. I'm glad Liz is there. And I'm glad you're writing.

    No comment on small pet owners who dress their dogs.


  6. It all looks ideal and relaxing....(though not too sure about the "Surfer Dog-Dudes"..)

    JB looks very chic!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I'm so happy you shared this lovely photos Kj..they are so beautiful and peaceful..Is that pup wearing a life vest?Too cute!!Big Hugs,Cat

  8. oh hells, i feel for you. it's always amazing to me that our weather is opposite. so it's a winter wedding in my version of summer? xoxo

    annie, hello! i have to admit those dogs were enjoying themselves :^)

    having a good week, suki. thank you ♥

    ah, mark, so you have everything else. good :^)

    lo, hahahha. perfect comment as always! i like like like that you know the place. this fall, once again, with mim..... xo

  9. robin, those little dogs are dudes, aren't they? they were on the water for more than an hour, happy for sure. i think JB looks so funny and content. xo

    cat, that pup was high fashion and definitely water safety-ish :^) it is very peaceful here. even the birds think so. ♥

  10. wishing you ease in your writing and a dose of toughness thrown in for good measure. writers must be tough regarding the truth.

    and bask in these dreamy surroundings. vacation life has a life of its own....endless days, a good pour of wine in your glass, and that mesmerizing bank of clouds in your header foto.

    enjoy to the max kj. seems you are.


  11. How lovely, how relaxing, how wonderful.

  12. omg....I love those weiner dogs!!! That is just TOO MUCH! ;-D
    Sounds like a wonderful place to be, Summer or Winter.
    HAve loved the photos and the complete sense of CALM in your posts....must mean good things are happening.
    Keep it up! (or else....Emily and I will go on a recon mission with frozen brussel sprouts....)


  13. i think i forgot to do the word veri and lost my comment last night!

    haha, wiener surfing dogs! i think they are having fun. we are getting owen a little life jacket too for the kayak!

    wonderful wonderful ptown week kj, i can only imagine the time your having, but these photos show a lot. i love that you are taking so many. and please let us know when the mag comes out. (janet looks so cute!)

    enjoy these days dear friend, looking forward to hearing more good reports from ptown!

    xoxo lori

  14. Summer fun, definitely. JB looks adorable! And I love me a surfing wiener dog! lol! xo Pam

  15. And here I thought I was the queen of doing nothing expertly.

    Great advice about the fairies,,,I did that once, and the results weren't pretty!

    Great group of photos,great life!

  16. Such a delightful post!
    It must feel like holiday when being there!!!!
    I wish one day to return there...........

  17. Lovely and fun you in the bike helmet...something buglike in them, lol. I know I feel like I am on vacation just getting my basement cleared out and now my desk overlooks my backyard and I am getting lots of little tasks out of the way and that feels nice too...