Friday, August 05, 2011

three years

this is a question that lingers for no good, toward no good, because of no good. and yet there are some answers seeped in micron pens and bristol boards, wrapped around hidden objects and fastened with abandon shaped by jiggles and squiggles. one woman regrets, the other vilifies. some questions must be asked and accepted as is. the heart decides whether the give and take is a gift or a transaction. one woman chooses the gift. not a bad thing to know.


  1. Life is complex, isn't it? And sometimes it seem that human emotion is such a mystery... and especially difficult when we have to work things out one-sidedly. It reminds me of working out the mess that was my relationship with my mother after she had passed away. Mysteriously enough, questions were answered, peace was found and love replaced everything else... Wishing you the same!! Love, Silke

  2. Friends are tricky business. I remember my ma telling me to count my blessings if I had 2 good friends over the course of my lifetime. I try to keep that in mind when things don't go so well. :) Hugs! Pam

  3. IN some ways I think you might could be in the bereavement group. the parting is like a death. I agree w/Silke that humans are a mystery, life is a mystery, love is a mystery. I think the whole darn ball o wax is a mystery.

    but, maybe somewhere Nancy Drew is waiting to unravel it all.

  4. silke, thank you and so true! our memories are our own and peace and love are always the answer. even when there's no question!

    hello pam! i hope you have those one or two good friends and that they are wise enough to hold on to you. anyone would be blessed to be your friend (though it's best if they happen to be emotionally healthy!)

    suki, hahhaah! nancy drew and peter sellers!! i think it comes down to being glad to be alive, being grateful to be healthy, being aware that love and kindness and loyalty and laughs are almost everything! xo

  5. "for no good
    toward no good
    because of no good."

    And, even with all that,,it's still ALL good.

    (chuckling at the Nancy Drew)

  6. Aaah, three years ago already. In Dutch there is an popular expression: 'Ik heb het een plekje gegeven'. Translation: 'I have
    given this a quiet spot in my mind'

  7. Big hug from me♥ and I agree with Wine-nee-kee Hope you will find that spot;)

  8. i love wieneke's saying, i hope that for you too. and here's another hug coming your way. :)

  9. I am with Babs and Silke. It is hard to let go. Hugs. xoxo

  10. Often what we miss is not the person. What we miss is what we created apparently out of nothing, the sense of adventure, the sense of having had a hand in creating "something" and when that sense goes out with the wind, so are our hopes of "belonging" somewhere where we were not our daily self, where something exotic and passionate and yes, a bit out of the box got us to be a "creator".

    Once the "something" dies under the weight of its own reality often we cannot accept that we were not able to save it, after all whether we knew it or not, we created it. Mostly by ourselves, made of our needs and illusions and delusions as well. We all go through that because we are human beings, made of mud and poetry, light and deception, truthful and secret.

    Wrap yourself in your life right now, you will find what you are missing because it has never left you.

    Hugs from here, didn't make it downstairs yet...sigh.

  11. babs, i always feel like you get me. i love your comments ♥

    wieneke, that is a wonderful quote. i will remember it always. look at how marianne, also from the netherlands, wrote your name. it is because that is how i pronounce it and she nearly fell off her chair when i told her :^)

    marianne, hearts;hearts;hearts;

  12. marianne, awwwww! ♥♥♥

  13. lori, thank you, hugs backx5 :^) what a great saying!

    annie, yes. sometimes it's hard for no logical reason. but read on to allegra's comment. she is the wisest and she knows what she's talking about! ♥

    aaah, allegra, i love you. thank you. i could read your words and wisdom and never tire. ♥

  14. Great advice and comments. Wow, the one from Allergra. Such a wise lady. She's right. It has never left you.♥

    Great saying from Weineke also. Don't you love how Marianne spelled it out the way you say it? hahahahaha!!


  15. Ah, I'd wondered what she looked like. ;-)