Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

It might have been an up and down year,
and I am mostly glad to see it end,
but boy-oh-boy
did I find some great friends
and true-blue Heart Sisters along the way.
In that regard, I am the luckiest duck.


  1. So true kj. We really found some wonderful friends.

    Love you and Happy New Year.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. friends are what makes life worth living. ps I commented on yr comment on my blog as your enthusiasm and zest for life being my inspiration for the word Passionate. You seems to have so much passion for life in all it's aspects and not only that but you DO things with it for others and yourself. Blessings, Suki

  3. LOVE this photo! Do you know the story behind it?
    Wishing you a happy NEW YEAR!!!

  4. Happy New Year Lucky Duck :)

    xoxo Ribbon

  5. AFLAC....

    Oh oops wrong Duck...QUACK..

    Love ya girlie


  6. I feel so lucky that I have found you and we are friends... you are always supportive and loving~

    Thanks Kj and have a Very Happy New Year.

  7. Quack, Quack, YAY 2010!Happy, happy xoxo

  8. It certainly has been an enlightening year I will give it that.

  9. KJ
    It is true what you say, and I apreciate it even more
    because it is comming from you, and I think you behaved like
    a real and loyal friend with me, you have been really nice, when I needed it, so I can testify this is not just pure
    blablabla that you can so easily find.

    Thanks KJ

  10. Sonia's comment cracked me up!! Um, quacked me up!!

    yes, we need all of the above (on the card) and I'm happy I have it!

    You'll never guess who called me at midnight last night!!
    I'll email you ;)

    Happy New Year heart sister!


  11. ...And ending on a blue moon? How cool is that?!

    Best to you for 2010!!

  12. KJ, I feel exactly as you do about 2009... and yes, wonderful, warm and caring people DO make a difference in this world. Always remain true to your giving, loving self. You have helped so many.... this "little bird" included.

    Happy and Hopeful New Year!



  13. middle, quack you! :)

    cs, i know...

    miladysa, if not this year then next. i am so so so happy about your success this year! you deserve all of it!

    renee, wonderful friends. it even has the best ring to it....

    suki, take some of my passion. please. i think i have too much. that is why my heart splintered this year. but thank you, suki. ♥

    snowbrush, long comment on your blog. i wish you a surprisingly awesome year ahead.

    joss, ♥

    marianne, ♥

  14. lynn, it's a run of the mill card from a cardshop, i think actually from cvs. keep your eyes open and you'll find it, or feel free to copy-paste this one. xo

    ribbon, one of my hopes in the new year: get to know ribbon better...

    sonia, HAHAHA! you're in rare form, girlie who i love back. i'm guessing that's a good sign...♥

    aw pattee, but listen, my friend: all those plans with renee and sonia--i think it's time we made it a foursome, don't you? :)

    annie, tsup & ♥

    mark, i like that you said that. i agree. xoxo

    aw, mariana, it's easy to be your friend. anytime.... xoxoxo

    my darling lolo, i am DYING to know who called you at midnight!!

    linda, your blog delights me. i am glad it and you squeezed into my 2009. and here's to 2010! xoxo

    robin, you are a dear good soul and friend and person. i know that for SURE! i look forward to hanging out with you in the new year. ♥

  15. Happy, Happy New Year!!

    I am an amazing lucky woman to have found so many friends who are exactly what they are "quacked up to be". Genuine people.

    It doesn't get better than that.


  16. yup, linda, you've come to the right place. and that is exactly how i feel about you!