Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nine Word Saturday

This is supposed to be six word Saturday. I don't break the rules easily on this , but today I have no remorse.
My friend Renee is not well. There is discomfort and concern. She has outpaced Stage 4 cancer for some time now, with her totally unique version of intelligence, grace, humor and grit. It's excruciating to know she has to again wrestle and deal with more symptoms and more uncertainty, and it's the easiest thing in the world to pray--insist--that the Gods and Goddesses in charge take her under their angel wings and heal her posthaste.
If I were watching a movie about a woman named Renee Khan in Winnipeg who started a blog for her family and in less than one year has affected hundreds of genuine friends who actually love her, who are better people simply by knowing her, I would think that movie was too corny and implausible to give it any serious thought.
But that is what's happened. Renee is a special wonderful person, who gives and gives. She says 'fuck' with abandon and it comes across like a wise prayer. Renee is my beloved friend. She has a family who totally loves her. And she is one of the wisest woman I have ever known. The sky and stars could never shine as bright without Renee.
So pray for her again, please. And let Renee remind you that there really is pure goodness in the world.
And when I count my blessings, I count her twice. Damn fucking right I do. God, Goddess, Doctors, Faith, Friends, we need a hand here. Please. It's Christmas. She gives so much. She's needed.
Thank you.


  1. I'll gladly add my prayers for the likes of Renee. And for you being such a good friend to her I say kudos too, even though you will say you don't need that, but a circle of goodness goes further than just a straight line. I think so anyway.

  2. 'a circle of goodness goes further than a straight line': lynn, you said that just right. how totally true. thank you very much. xoxo

  3. KJ, I feel for Renee too and lift her up every day. She has been a blessing to me in encouraging me in my own healthh issues as well. Her impact on her family and the world around her is profound and will never be overlooked.

  4. My dear friend, kj,

    What you say about our dear Renee is so true. She has touched hundreds of people through her incredible blog. And while we may have little else in common, we are all united in our love for this incredible woman, though we have never met her. She has, somehow, with her singular wit and wisdom and generosity and honesty, brought out the best in us.

    And she does need out prayers. Personally, I have never prayed so hard in my life as I am praying for her and her family.

    I love what Lynn said, in the first comment. Because you are a loyal and wise friend to Renee and many others of us out here in the blogs. Thank you, kj dear.

    Love and hugs,

  5. I will keep her in my thoughts KJ!
    I really like that proverb you used! So sweet
    And sweet of you to ask to bundle all our good thoughts for Renee.


  6. Have an amazing chrismy KJ, by the way I liked a lot what it is written it the picture it is fantastic. Very nice post as always
    Be well my friend

  7. I'm prayin' hard. for Renee and us all

  8. i know i know, i am not religious at all, but am praying hard each and every day for dear renee. it seems totally incomprehensible to me that one family can suffer as much as they have. god bless her and god bless you dearest kj.

  9. Life is not fair is it. We think we've got on top of something and it comes along and bites us on the bottom again.
    I hear all these lovely warm thoughts about and for Renee, and will add my own, even if i don't know her.
    But I do know people who know her so I'll think of them to as they deal with their own pain
    ((((( kj& angela)))))

  10. May your friend have the best possible outcome and the kindness of a benevolent spirit.

  11. I know Renee through others, mostly. Our paths have crossed a few times, and I know a little of her story. I will add my prayers for Renee gladly...she has always, in the short time I've known her, been very kind to me. She's a lovely lady, kj, as are you. Thank you for this post.

  12. You know she stays in my constant thoughts. Renee is truly an astounding woman, who leaves me humbled.

  13. sending prayers for Renee. So much she has been through. Blessings, suki

  14. ...and she is blessed with friends likr you, kj.

  15. sophia, she is a beacon in the dark. i am so glad she has guided and comforted you, and i am not one bit surprised.

    twinklierest twin, we are united and we are strong together, and the best part is we know it! in some real way renee created the path for us to find one another. it is because of her that i have the gift of your friendship, angela. together, strong.

    barbara, thank you. i think of your sky and like the idea of you looking upward and praying for renee.

    marianne, renee is very special. i don't use that word alot because it can sound so exclusive, and really, 'ordinary' is quite fine. but she IS special. thank you for your prayers. xoxoxo

    mariana, ah, your prayers will count very much. thank you. and a merry christmas to you too. i will be visiting you soon. xoxo

    mim, together with others we form a stubborn wall of protection for our most loved friend....

    thank you, soulbrush. i don't understand either why renee and her family have this heavy a cross to bear. but i think she is an actual angel on earth and in some way her courage heals and helps the rest of us. xoxo

  16. firebyrd, thank you so much. renee and her family will welcome your prayers. no prayers needed for me these days,my mourning is settling into a place in my heart where love will stay even if its recipient is absent. there is no bitterness flying around me for any reason and isn't that an incredible gift!?

    thank you so much, mark. xoxo

    marion, i know you have recently connected with reneee and i am so so glad. please do what you can to help her. i have deep trust in you, marion. i am lucky to know you.

    cs, yes i are the only woman renee is engaged to! i think it is your cooking skills that pulled her in, then your 'i-can-fix-anything ability, and then your intelligence and passion. hee hee

    ah, suki, let us pray. she needs us and we are there. thank you.

    middle! hello! thank you for the compliment, but it is only partially correct. i have gained so much from this woman it leaves me speechless. i only hope i give a thimble of all that giving back.

  17. Beautifully said KJ.
    I feel I have a special connection with Renee even though we've never met in the flesh. We know each other somehow and I never question it. I recently wrote her and told her I would gladly give her my good wing for her broken one.
    All I can do is keep praying and sending her love as well as her dear sister Jacquie.

    Isn't it amazing when Renee's blog is quiet we can hear that silence around the world?

    Love you both,

  18. lolo, you are very special to renee. i don't say that as a popularity contest. it's obvious from the beginning that you are her beloved raven sister and you comfort her in a special way. there are a few women i feel who give her a special comfort, and i thank God for them.

    and lo, you are very special to me too. i hope you already know what has fast become as obvious and real as the silly nose on my silly face.

  19. I am crying kj. It's just not right. I can't stop thinking about her.I am praying.Hugging you. love,lori

  20. Oh how sad...yet beautiful (your friendship). It is amazing this power of thought and prayer. It can move mountains.

    Sending her peace and strength.
    And you.

  21. KJ I think what you wrote... I could not have written better...
    I hold her in my heart everyday and pray.

    I hope she knows how many people she has touched and made better just for knowing her..

    I love her in the deepest way...

    Thanks for posting this~

  22. So with you on this kj, it breaks my heart frankly. I think so many of us feel her pain in a different way. I just wish her comfort and a little joy. She's in my head and heart almost all the time. Let's hope your circle of goodness can stop those birds circling her head.

  23. I agree 300%. I love Renee and I too think she is one special woman.
    I am heartbroken over what is happening and I wish I could do more than pray, it seems she needs so much more, she needs a miracle. xoxo

  24. Those words were poetry KJ...I love ya lady...Renee loves you too.


  25. lori, i know. hugging you too. xoxo

    thank you linda. and thank you for your blog. it is a welcomed sanctuary.

    pattee, i love her in the deepest way too. renee is remarkable. there's no other word for her. i'm ready to knock the shit out of those cancer cells. (not a word i use too often, pattee) xoxo

    annie, i am holding out for a miracle if that is what's needed. i want renee in my life for a long time. i want her grandchildren to know her, to children to care for her, jacquie to feel her strength. let's hang in, annie. miracles do happen and our renee is a top candidate if ever there was one. xoxo

    i love you too, sonia, and you know how much joy and comfort you bring to renee. you are one of her most special heart sisters.

    hells, She's in my head and heart almost all the time too. i am personally so glad you have come to know and love her also. somehow it means alot to me. xoxo

  26. Kj, yes, a miracle for Renee,
    I believe! xoxo

  27. As always,,I'm expecting miracles too. They happen.
    Prayers still going up, and they always will for our Renee: Goddess Of Grace.

  28. Well said KJ - I sense your anger and the love for your friend - the world seems so unfair sometimes. Joining in with my prayer for Renee too.

  29. I think perhaps the reason Renee is the Queen of the F bomb is because she came about it honestly from her Mother and Father! She doesn't say it in rebellion or for shock's more of how a Catholic in a fright might blurt out "Jesus, Joseph, and Mary" in a startled prayer,not blasphemy. Although people tend to stare just as much if you utter that one in public too.

  30. Today is the Winter Solstice-the sun is coming again. May it warm us all-I would gladly give my share to Renee.

  31. KJ, I think about Renee and her family all the time these days. She spreads such light and joy and it breaks my heart that she and her family are suffering like they are. It thrills me though that a circle of prayers seems to reach out from this blogging community! Hugs, Silke

  32. I kept trying to find words to write here. But I just couldn't. So I went to cyber visit and sit with Renee for a while. You are so right KJ, some people are beyond special ... they are so much more. xx Jos