Thursday, May 14, 2009

Six Word Saturday: kj's one-of-a-KIND Award

I don't give out many awards. Part of the reason is I hate to leave anyone out and risk hurt feelings, and it seems redundant to give everybody an award without some discrimination. So I'm limiting this One-of-a-KIND award to three people. That forces me to truly recognize people I think are incredibly kind, and hopefully, nobody's feelings get hurt because I've clearly left out more good people than I've put in.
Studio Lolo: Lolo's blog is consistently uplifting, thoughtful, optimistic, hopeful, tender, creative, articulate, and kind. She is kind to every visitor, kind to animals, kind to her friends (I could tell you stories), and kind in every imaginable way. Her paintings, illustrations, and photos show her love and reverence for animals, people, the ocean, the sky, even a simple artichoke flower. Lolo is a wonderful human being and a wonderful friend. I can't think of anyone more deserving.
Baino: She's feisty, opinionated, talkative, observant, practical, earthy, no-nonsense, to-the-point, adventuresome, brave, interesting. She's nobody's fool. But that's not all. She has a heart as big as Australia. In the two plus years that I've known her now, she's been as kind as I know a person to be. She's been there for me when I needed a laugh, a hand, a balanced point of view.
. Renee: The first time I saw a comment by Renee, back when there was snow on the ground, she signed it "Love Renee." I didn't know she really meant the 'love' part until I got to know her and noticed her incredibly thoughtful and kind comments to every single visitor to her blog. No doubt there are days Renee doesn't feel well and other days she's f-----tired, but she never fails to reach out and say something warmly specific and affectionately appropriate to everyone. Renee has a fan club and yet she manages to make each person feel special. In my mind she has this uniquely spirited way of combining kind and feisty, brave and vulnerable, traditional and outrageous.
Please feel free to share this award with whoever you'd like. If you want to follow the 'rules', do as I did and limit it to 3 people only. Kindness is a sacred quality and I feel honored to honor these three characters.


  1. what a great idea for six-word!

    i know Lolo and what you wrote about her is absolutely true...

    her art and her character are both so sublime... because they just reflect the beautiful soul she's got...

    i'm a fan of her great artworks...
    especially her crow collection...

    if ever i can buy any artwork, hers is on top of my list!

    congrats to these three gems for sharing their beauties with us....

    and thank you to brighten our heart by spreading your kindness to the world...

    whenever i come here i leave with a happy and light heart...


  2. I just got off the phone with you as I was making toast and peanut butter to gather strength for more packing. Once you mentioned I had an award waiting for me I had to quickly stop by!
    It's lovely KJ, I'm honored to receive it. And what wonderful company I'm in! It will be hard to pass this along to only three people.

    Human being, thank you for your sweet words. I'd be happy to send you prints of every single crow if you wish! Tuck that away in your mind ;)

    Baino and Renee, I agree with KJ's reasons for giving you this award. I feel the love and wisdom in all of the words you share.

    Thanks KJ. Love you and see you soon!


  3. Blogland has touched and joined many of us. It's a good thing.

  4. (agreeing with Chewy)
    A very good thing, indeed!

  5. Thank you kj, that's me in a nutshell really and I'm very flattered. Feeling a little 'flattened' this weekend and this has cheered me up no end. In fact with recent events, the blog and wonderful commenters like you have kept me buoyant during a difficult time. I really appreciate it. And I have certainly found out who my 'real' friends are both through blogs and in my world.

  6. very sweet KJ, really good

  7. Three cheers! Fabulous awards to three unique and most cherished individuals. I second their nominations wholeheartedly. Congratulations!

  8. hb, i close my eyes and envision you holding one of lolo's crow collection. if envisioning is the beginning of creating, so it will be... :)

    lo, see you soon? ooooooh

    chewy, the magic, the connections, the caring are not explainable to non-bloggers, are they? i'm so glad to have folks like you in my life.

    babs, see above xoxo

    thank you dear mim

    bella, you are a doll.

  9. kj you are the one who makes every one feel so wonderful. You are the one who always reaches out and leaves the nicest comments to all tht you visit. kj you are the one....

    I love the award.

    Love Renee xoxox

  10. awww, renee. don't make me blush.
    and truth be told, i'd rather be known as kjbabe.


  11. Great post. I know about Lolo being wonderful and now I have to check out the other two.

    About time we met! :)

  12. I was out of town for a few days and am catching up with my bloggy friends. I will be sure to visit your award recip's blogs, and look forward to that as time permits this week for sure!

  13. Congrats to Lolo, Baino and Renee.
    You are right, they deserve this award.
    And you had written such a beautiful entry to introduce these three great ladies to me. You really know them so well, just like sisters:)