Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mish Mash with One Swear..

Admission: I am beginning this post with this image only because I was appropriately worried about the image I really wanted to use appearing on certain very family oriented sidebars. Now that you are safely at my blog, please pretend that this post begins here instead: :^)

Some thoughts on a Tuesday night:

1. If you don't already know Renee. http://www.circlingmyhead.blogspot.com/ she is responsible my unabashed willingness to say 'fuck' on my blog. Renee elevated the word 'fuck' to a prayer, honest to god she did. And since (fucking) cancer changed her from Earth Senior Angel to Heaven Senior Angel, far too soon, in her absence so many of us who knew and will always love her now seem to have a harder time swearing and too, a harder time saying 'i love you,' without her here to lead the way. If you don't know Renee read some of her posts prior to February 2010 and you will meet a very very special human being.

2. Where is Emily Rabbit? She was last heard from during the Carpinteria Avocado Festival, preparing to launch the Avocado Shooter Company. It is not like her to be so quiet. It's possible this may have something to do with it: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/10/avocado-thief-banned-from-having-more-than-10-at-a-time.html If anyone has heard from Emily (Anne?? Lori?? Jos??) please let me know.

3. Where the heck do fruit flies come from? Do they just appear from thin air when an apple or pear is sliced and left on the kitchen counter? Where were they hiding before they showed up? I think it's a mystery of life.

4. I am having trouble writing poetry again. I seem to have no difficulty when my heart is either soaring or breaking, but these days, settling into the comfort and gratitude of an easy(ier) life, I can't seem to get myself going. But I insisted I would write something to post tonight so here it is:

I really should write
A poem into the night
I really should stop start and wonder
But the joy of poe-a-tree
Is curiously lost on me
Not to mention I’ve misplaced my thunder.

5. Fuck Cancer!

By the way, I continue to love, adore, enjoy, appreciate & relish blogging. It has brought such joy to my life. Thank you so much. To me, every comment I receive is the same as a kiss.

love kj


  1. Let's host a glass to Renee. She loved blogging too, and she did a lot of good before her untimely departure.

  2. dear swearing friend,

    1. renee. miss.
    2. i have noticed owen being awfully quiet lately. and many avo pits scattered about the backyard...must investigate...
    3. fruit flies, contrary to popular belief, this isn't a case of spontaneous generation. they are built to find fermenting fruit.
    4. read m.o. ?
    5. YES. 1000 x's agree and agree.

    xoxo love you.

  3. Hahahaha. Well you lifted my spirits because I'm getting the fucking silent treatment again so your poster is very appropriate. I shall use it. Yeh I remember Renee, still have a christmas card on my cork board bless her soul. Fruit flies? That all you got? Quit yer whingerating. I got fruit flies, mozzies, blow flies....you name it. MWAH

  4. I like the first one a lot too.

    I didnt know Renee but know so many of you loved her. may she look down upon us and guide our journey.

    there are 19 pound avocados?? yikes.

    tata, suki

  5. i had a brillian comment and f'in blogger ate it.

  6. Oh, I miss Renee so much. Everyday.
    I can't see a raven without smiling because I always think it's her saying hi.
    I hate fruit flies, I really do.
    Love the quotes.

  7. snow, sometimes i forget how many of us renee touched in so many ways. my glass is raised xo

    lori, hmmmm, owen might be involved? are there any dents in your fence? i am loving your term 'spontaneous generation'. i am going to write a poem about spontaneous generation. :^) and yes, m.o. to the rescue. ♥

    hells, oh dear oh dear oh dear. i feel like the fish in the cat in the hat, 'you're mother will not like this, not one little bit'. i'm your mother (heehee) and i don't like hot and cold. grrrr! and, i'm happy to say, i don't even know what mozzies and blow flies are! xoxo

    suki, imagine a guacamole party with a 19 pound 'cado! ta ta and toodleloo to you, friend :^)

    mim, see! see! we can't actually say the word without renee saying, "oh fuck that!" i'm sorry f--k-n blogger ate your comment, which i'm sure was super awesome :^)

    annie, i too will never forget renee; how she loved and lived, how she loved and died xo

  8. YOU KNOW I would not be blogging had it not been for Renee's encouragement.... I can honestly say that she changed my life.

    I DO SAY *I LOVE YOU* mouch more these days...thanks to our Senior Heavenly Angel. Swearing, on the other hand, has never come easy to me.... but, I do let out a *F--K* now and then...

    Emilwee... I did see on the S. Cal news that there have been recent *mysterious thefts* of Avocados.....particularly in Carpenteria.... *strange sightings of a Wabbitt and a small white, fluffer of a dog, scampering away, laughing their heads off*..... hmmm... do ya' think it's E & O?

    *F--K'n * Fruitflies.... waaaaa...

    Oh Renee.... I still go to her blog from time-to-time and visit...

    Love to you, JB and Stella,

    I love you all.

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. wrobin, i never thought that fluffy owen might be co-conspiring with fluffy emily. this calls for an investigation!

    yes, yes, renee: we all know. she somehow did her magic for us.

    have fun, wrobin. you must be feeling tingly tickled!

    love love

  10. Get out of my head!! LOL!! I miss Renee so much!
    I taught a clay class to a breast cancer support group and was reminded again of the people I miss so fucking much.
    I love the first quote, so appropriate.
    But the second one is perfect. Really perfect. Not regular perfect, fucking perfect.

    I miss this too!

    Channeling the goddess just for you!
    You can too write poetryin happy bliss, you just did.
    I love it, short sweet and perfect.

  11. wow..i LOVE that pic - the second one. :-)

    Whats with cancer? Only renee, i hope??

  12. One swear? That was like...5 ;)

    Sorry I didn't get the chance to meet Renee. She seems very loved and therefore lovely.


  13. i see blogging as a free will zone - who knows if it might be someone's opportunity to safely say something they may not be able elsewhere in life......i love the way we all reinforce one another to use our voices in a supportive environment

    i did not know renee but it's clear i missed out on a lot. she was deeply loved by so many of my bloggie friends.

    i agree about comments, kj - they are like kisses, knowing that someone cared enough to read ones thoughts and respond. to me, that is love itself, traveling through our wireless worlds..

  14. I came into blogging right around the time Renee was getting sick but I feel I know here through many of the blogger friends I've made, including you, Lori, Marion, Snow... the list goes on and on. It seems like she left such a beautiful, heartfelt impact on every life she touched.

    Fuck cancer, indeed.

    I can't claim responsibility for missing avocado's... but let's just say that if I caught the thief, they wouldn't be returned to their rightful owner... ;)

    I hope you are well. Poetry on paper mostly comes at chaotic times, but remember that during those times when you are having a peaceful life, you are LIVING your poetry. It can't always be pathos.

    Much love,

  15. Absolutely, fuck cancer.

    Drosophila! I remember breeding fruit flies in biology lab in college - they are great for genetics experiments because their life span) egg to death) is only eight days. But they don't actually spontaneously generate. They live outside and breed very quickly once you've brought in a food source.