Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holly Folly Provincetown

The Provincetown Chamber of Commerce has urged all businesses and residents to turn on the lights for the holidays. Ptown struggles to market itself in the off seasons but it keeps trying. This weekend, called Holly Folly, many stores will open one last time until next May and there will be bargains.

JB and I are here for a long week and it is wonderful. We arrived at night and these photos of the town are posted in the order of our gallivants so far:

Now what is this, you might ask?

It's the top of the town holiday tree, made of entirely of lobster traps, crowning the entrance to McMillan Wharf.

JB wanted to draw during our vacation week, something she is not at all confident about and neither am I. So we opened a book recommended by from my dear friend Lo, called Drawing Lab: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun, and we started with the first exercise: Draw Thirty Cats from Your Imagination. Too funny, but we did it:



we've also been wandering

and we've been doing things we never have time for. JB is sewing.

I am writing holiday cards and drinking coffee.

And we've been looking for a twinkle star or two,

a reminder that light cannot be extinguished.

do you see it?




  1. it all sounds and looks lovely, just lovely

  2. yup - i see the twinkle star.

    drinking coffee, drawing, strolling....this is my idea of a vacation, but must add two more vacation favorites: eating and drinking wine.

    enjoy your wonderful week~


  3. mim, you know the place, it is lovely xo

    amanda, i can't drink the wine but i surely can eat!!!!! xo

  4. I fall in love with Provincetown every time you post photos. The lobster trap tree's gorgeous. Ive been wondering even whether it's worth putting up the tree this year until my sister berated me for being a grouch...Sunday it goes up.

  5. Isn't it just lovely over there?!
    Enjoy every moment there.
    Such Holiday atmosphere there already. Here we have to celebrate St. Nicolas first before we start with X-mas, but I have to fly to Singapore and skip the whole st. Nicolas thing ;)
    When I return I will start decorating my home.


  6. its good that you have a wonderful time out there and the drawings are real cute :)

  7. It looks very nice over there. I like the very special christmastree. I am so sorry that Stella is not that good as I first thought. I understand your fears very well, but I know that you two will do what you has to do when her life is not good anymore. Courage, dearie!

  8. lobster trap tree is super as is all of the town. ha, i see the real estate section on your table. have fun drawing.

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  10. I had to delete the above comment because I accidentally typed "fiend" instead of a "friend" heeheehee! So here's my comment again, with that corrected:

    Hello dear kj! I've been an erratic blogger lately, I know, but I'm so glad I finally had time to properly catch up with what you've been up to. Both Northampton and Provincetown look like magical places. I can see why you love them! And I know you and JB will have a lovely time this week.

    Wishing you and your loved ones all the Love and Joy your hearts can hold this holiday season and always, dear friend.

  11. its so easy to see in your photos how charming a place ptown is, i know i would love it there. all the decorations, the lights, so festive!
    i love those drawings you and jb made. jb drew a cat that looks like a fox, that i really love!
    and those little forest houses, oh my. you keep having fun there, a whole week, oh my again.

    p.s. you've inspired me to get some christmas cards too.

  12. Isn't it wonderful how sparkly lights can brighten up everything!!
    It's a fantasy land now! I especially adore your header with the glowing birds!!!

    The cat sketches are so much fun to look at! (And I'll bet they were fun to draw!)

    Attended the last (I hope) Memorial Service for a friend last night - now, it's December! I have turned the page on the will begin thinking about Christmas..

    Love to you, JB and Stella,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. Love the lobster pot tree. I just put up lights myself and they help encourage festiveness, don't they. I have a funny story--one of my brothers wife is from Scituate and their coffee table is made out of a lobster trap. Once when I was staying with them, my cat got inside! We had to snip the netting to get her out, hahameow!

  14. Wonderful! I fancy that kind of a break myself just now x