Friday, February 19, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily on Heaven

Hello everyone, it's me Emily!
I'll bet you thought I wasn't going to write anything today because kj snuck in that story about Catherine who-ever-she-is. She did agree to pay me $ 5 if i waited but really that was not enough, don't you think? So I practiced throwing my frozen peas at the back of the garage tonight and let her think I was having a temper tantrum. Can you believe she just ignored me?
kj has not really been herself this week. Her friend is very sick and kj is worried and sad. She says it's lonely without hearing from her. I asked her to tell me what to expect when someone is very sick and all she said was she is sure that the person and loving them continues to live inside you no matter what. She also said that it is normal to feel very sad and alone if you lose someone that you love.
So anyway, I was a little concerned about kj so I asked my teacher Mr. O'Hare about all this and all he said was "Heaven's not a crying place." I told kj that.
See, somebunny even wrote a book about it.



kj said I should tell you this because it might be important for you to know.
P.S. I broke a window throwing my frozen peas. SSSSShhhhh.
Yours Truly,
Emily Rabbit


  1. dear emily,
    i'm sure kj was not ignoring you, i'm sure sure sure she wouldn't do that on purpose.

    the thing i know is that everyone feels scared differently.

    and everyone has their own way of trying to help. i think the best thing to do is keep being your most lovable self. bringing joy and light and humor and love to everything you do and everyone you meet. mostly renee.

    i think she can feel our sadness, thats what i think. so be happy, throw peas, hug kj, and keep hopeing.

    i won't tell about the broken glass...shhhh...

  2. it's okay to be sad.
    it's okay to be happy too.

    love yourself.

    xoxoxo and stop throwing peas ;)



  3. Good to hear from you Emily!!!!
    You have to be extra nice now for KJ. Having a friend that is ill is no fun!
    Hope both KJ and her friend feel better soon.......
    Thanks for letting us know!

    and love

  4. And what is a bit of broken glass?
    Here we say ; Scherven brengen geluk, which means shards bring luck......
    I hope it works

  5. Emily - I think it's good to continue to throw peas, maybe even pebbles cause you are not only Sad...but Angry! Yes, we are all Angry cause our friend is sick and suffering and it just really sucks (oops, almost 5 dollars to Debs)
    So you throw those peas and get all angry and get it all out and then you are just left with sad but glad you have had these wonderful friends.
    does that make any sense emily????

  6. Hello Emily

    Can you do me a favour?? Just tootle over to KJ and give her a massive cuddle and tell her it's from Jos. I think she needs that more than pea throwing (although I can readily see the value in getting angry). Together strong KJ.

    xx Jos

  7. dear emily
    i know i forgot to mention you yesterday, so i added you on my post. i am sorry as i would like to be your paw pal. sb also feels so sad about renee and wishes she could be sitting next to her holding her paw...ooops i mean her hand.
    sp please throw some peas for me too, i am not allowed to do that in my house as sb is a teacher and you know how fierce they can be.
    your paw pal
    snuffles (woof woof)

  8. Dear Emily,

    Please tell kj that I am very sad about our Renee, too. I miss her so much, and my heart is heavy from it. Could you give kj a hug from me? I know you would have to stop throwing peas for a little while, but I would appreciate it if you did. You could go right back to throwing them after.

    xo Pam

  9. Emily-people feel things in different ways. I have two friends in pretty much the same situation right now-and I'm not so much sad as I am numb. I think if I let the sadness in, it might just carry me away.

    Some people need to throw peas, some need to sit quietly-the important thing, as in all things, is to figure out what it is you need to do and then do it.

  10. I agree with that book's title. I think when we die we get to dance and sing with angels I think we get to eat jellybeans all day. I have no fear of death at all.
    I am sad that Renee is sick, but whatever happens I know in my heart she will be with us always
    and she is a blessing, and she is not gone yet! I miss her and I know what Kj is feeling, as I am feeling it too. Hugs to Kj and tell her I love her.
    xoxo ♥

  11. Emily, such wise bunny are a "special" rabbit (as well you know)!

    Peas - oops, - Please tell KJ that Renee KNOWS she is loved and treasured by her other "family"... she knows we are praying for her recovery. She is a brave Warrior-Angel and she does not fear the future - whatever it may bring.

    Also tell KJ that all of us around the world are sending KJ love and strength too.....this HAS BEEN a hard, sad week. Make sure you "behave" around her and offer her some jelly beans...

    Bunny Hugs to you, Emily! (No more broken glass, ok?)

    ♥ Love to all ♥,


  12. dear lori ann, kj does ignore me, lori ann! when i am kicking my feet in the air and whining will i BOOHOOHOO sometimes she puts on ear muffs! maybe i shouldn't tell anyone the family secrets but they are red earmuffs with purple pokadots. thank you for saying i am my lovable self. and i will keep hopping and throwing peas, don't forget to do that to, okay?

    ribbon, but lori said i should keep throwing peas. i think you should try it and then tell me what you think.

    my best friend marianne, i heard you had alot of wild fun in hong kongy. what did you eat?

    mim, i am not angry because i know how to kick and whine instead. but kj says she knows what you mean and she is even praying with her hands folded. mim, throw frozen brussel sprouts at your fence. really i mean it.

    jos, i will kiss her while i'm hop hop hopping by on my way to my jellybean collection. does that sound okay?



  13. Emily,

    I love furry things. A bunny hug would be wonderful. I'll trade you jelly beans.

    We miss our friend. She is part of our hearts. Like you.

    I've only got brussel sprouts and I'm afraid to throw them.


  14. snuffles, i don't think you should worry about sb unless she gets so mad her face turns red. when that happens to kj i hide under the bed and wait it out. then i try to look angelic. i think you will find this works for you if you don't do it already.

    ms. yoboroboyobo, hello. how are you today? i will give kj a little hug while i'm planting my new jellybeans in pots. does that sound okay with you too?

    debra kay, i agree 100%! that is what i told the police officers when they arrested me, it's not my fault they refused to listen. don't get carried away debra kay until you learn how to fly. kj says you are close....

    annie, ooooh, you are very mushy. i told kj and she smiled. i think heaven must have the world's biggest jellybean collection. that is what my cousin richard t. t. rabbit told me and he should know because he died once before he was sent back because he ate too many jellies and they said he needed more practice before he could stay there. he does exaggerate sometimes though.

    robin, i cannot behave. that is asking too much, like asking me to have chicken ears instead of rabbit ears. but i will try to be nice some of the time, but just for the next week. okay? p.s. it wasn't my fault that the glass broke. it sounded bad when it happened. i haven't said anything yet.

    goodbye for now but see you later,

    emily r.

  15. Maybe kj will think that Catherine person broke the window, Emily. Be sure there aren't any incriminating things lying around. Like jellies.
    But she'd still love you anyway,even if she knew,,, that's the way she is. Loves you for who you are.
    Like Renee.

  16. babs, what a great idea to blame catherine!!! i am going to leave some tell-tale sign (as opposed to rabbit-tail) so kj will blame her. hmmmmmmm. i'm thinking. that you babs, this is very nice of you. and as soon as you mentioned it, i checked for loose jellybeans and i found 3. whew!

    your friend,

    e. r.

  17. Hey, Emily, throw them there peas one at a time, Sweetheart, and it'll save your family a lot of broken windows in this cold, cold season of the year.