Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Novel in a Paragraph

A word of explanation: I am writing a novel where short snippets will hopefully tell a story all by themselves but will also combine with other short snippets to reveal a deeper story. Here in my blog, perhaps once a week, I will share a few snippets, but in no sequence or logical order. That part comes much later

Catherine was opposed to gun control, immigration amnesty, government intervention, gay marriage, social services and global warming. She could argue for hours about any thing dear to the Rush Limbaugh crowd. To her it was not arguing: it was intellectual fencing.
“You should read the Drudge Report”, she told Casey. “The top scientists who do not agree about global warming are denied funding. It’s all bullshit. Do you know how old the earth is, Casey?”
Casey didn’t.
Catherine was ready. “It is four billion years old,” she sputtered. “Why are we overreacting now?”


  1. How do you know it's me then?

  2. The writing is up to your usual standard kj.

    What I like here is that in this short piece you use the back door to make a graphic point. A negative to prove a positive.

  3. Love the sense of her combative character in the dialog. Nice!!! :)

  4. Opposed to social services even? Yowza.

    The last line is very funny.

  5. annie, thank you ♥

    debra kay, HAHAHAHA! ah, you're feeling better. ♥

    mark, thank you, a rather obvious point, i thought... :)

    pam, i am enjoying your take on this character! thank you alot! xoxo

  6. I'm not sure I like seems to me she is a person who loves to browbeat another.

    But it's only a small snippet. Perhaps Catherine will become more likable as your story goes on.

    Love these snippets!

  7. I hate to say this but you describe one of my sisters as Catherine!

    This is great KJ. makes me want to keep turning the pages! I know when the book is in my hands I'll do just that ;)


    P.S. I laughed so hard at Debra Kay's comment!!!!!

  8. Love these character portraits. We have to decide about Catherine -she gets in your face and evokes a response. Either to her or the subject. Nice.

  9. Hey, I forgot to ask, where is Emily?

  10. such a complex subject, global warming. although I disagree with Catherine on most things, I do jive with her last comment.

  11. i got your first book and you know i will be getting the next one you go girl.

  12. lovely reflective photo kj, it's so peaceful...

    sounds like we all know someone like catherine.

    i'm so glad your doing what you love, writing. you are a brilliant novel in a paragraph writer i think.

    ♥ lori

  13. That was great, kj! I have heard people say, though, that it is arrogant of us to think we have that much control over the earth!

    I feel sorry for Casey because it's so tough to get into a conversation with someone like Catherine~

    Can't wait to read more! Good luck!

  14. marion, one thing i can say about catherine is she is nothing short of complex xoxo

    thank you, lo ♥

    linda, good observation. xoxo

    annie, emily is currently throwing frozen peas at the back of the garage because i wouldn't loan her $ 10 for unknown reasons....she'll be showing up soon xoxo

    suki, i have to admit that i chuckle at that last line

    thank you joss, even your wonderful niece bought a copy. mwah!!

    hi lori, is the sun shining today? i wonder how long it will take for that imported snow to melt, heehee.
    thank you for your encouragement. it's easy to write (create) when you're in the zone. and by the way, if i'm talented, so are you times five ♥

    margaret, sometimes i think this novel is going to be about compromise & being heard...thanks so much for following along. xoxo

  15. Yes, Catherine is right. If we were so worried why didn't we sent an email a hundred and twenty years ago or so to warn everyone not to use automobiles when they came around? Alarmists, that what these scientists are. All of them, even the ones who don't get the money.

    I am going now to get my tongue surgically removed from my cheek.