Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

How did I end up with a whole new community of friends?

How is it that they matter as much as they do?


How have some stepped into my daily life?

How am I so fortunate to have painters and poets and illustrators and writers and photographers and Boldmasters and pioneers all around me?

Happy Valentine's Day,

to old friends and new

We can be eachother's roots:
see how connected we are?

And we can be eachother's wings:
see how we help eachother fly?


and Robin, definitely and Robin...


  1. Happy Valentines day my dear friend! i hope you and jb and stella are having a love filled day!
    xo valgal

    LOVE your new header :D

  2. Hmm - I'm not any of those art categories so I guess I must be either a master or a pioneer? :)

    I like the idea of Valentine's as a friendship thing. So happy day to you, dear friend.

  3. This is a wonderful card you've made!
    And I'm proud to be there.
    Thanks and Happy Day!
    (and to Emily also)

  4. val, happy ♥day to you too. i'm thinking about summer.... :)

    cs, of course you are a master and a pioneer. but you are also a photographer. ♥ to you too, dear friend. we've come a long way.

    babs, couldn't have made the card without you in it. happy valentine's day ♥

  5. So sweet and true! I love you dear friend and I love your message to my dear Robin too and the heart around Renee. I would have been so depressed if I had not found my name on the card :-).
    xoxo ♥

  6. suki, thank you. i hope you are having a day filled with love, esp. self love!

    annie, i am so nervous i may have omitted someone unintentionally! your name on the card? no doubt! and our dear robin: i'm adding her to the card because she belongs there too. ♥

  7. Aww thank you . .that's the only valentine card I received!

    Hope you had a wonderful day. Uneventful for me since I have no Valentine. Didn't stop me enjoying a few glasses of the bubbly stuff in deference to my loved up mates!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, kj dear!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day, dear kj! May it be filled with love, joy and a good bit of fun!! So glad we met!! Love, Silke

  10. baino, baino, please be my valentine. i will keep a good supply of bubbly and chocolate around, and i will tell you jokes and maybe even offer a head massage. okay, if that doesn't do it for you, then please be your own valentine until further notice. happy &hearts:day, my friend. xoxox

    angela, happy happy ♥ to you, dear heart sister and twinkle twin. xoxox

    silke, i blew up that photo of you and your husband daniel and i can say with certainty there is not a finer looking couple anywhere in america! happy ♥day to you too, i'm glad to know you! xoxox

  11. deb, you too my wild wandering companion. i can't wait to see you! please feel better. ♥

  12. Now that was one clever idea!!
    Thanks for including me :)

    I'm being very good to myself this Valentine's day.

    I'm listening to my inner needs, reading "The Core Balance" and already feeling better. Yay!

    Happy Hearts Day dear friend.

  13. lo, i've been waiting for you to come today.....

    no list could ever be complete without you. you were the first name written.

    i'm glad you are having a ♥ day.

    here's one more: ♥

    okay, and another: ♥

    and one more again: ♥

  14. KJ, Your message was so deep and caring. I was all happy with you and so pleased and excited. Then mentioning our dearest friend, my heart sunk, so much love and hope for Renee. I am so with you and feel so deeply about this too.
    I have been sat here thinking about her for hours on and off, wondering if she is ok. Hoping she is feeling better. Worrying she maybe getting worse. This lady is so beautiful and lovely, I never want her to go.
    Bless you KJ!
    Prayer and hope!

  15. Oooooh I love your new header...and even more your heart and soul.

    Happy heart shaped cookie day from my heart to yours!

  16. Big hugs girlfriend, you're the cutest patootiest valentine ever!


  17. It must be all that love in your sweet heart. Happy Valentine's Day, kj!

  18. "How am I so fortunate to have painters and poets and illustrators and writers and photographers and masters and pioneers all around me?"

    Uh, excuse me, but did you purposely overlook the drunks, druggies, strippers, and con-men? I just sorta feel left-out, somehow.

  19. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! So glad you're my bloggy friend. :)

  20. julie, we are going to hope and pray that renee is comfortable and will soon be able to write to us because we miss her so much. she touches and teaches us in ways we cannot even describe. the closest we come is to know that we love her.... ♥

    linda, my heart and soul loves your heart shaped cookies :)

    linda, HAHA! to be a cutest patooty is anybody's wildest dream! thank you, my friend, i hope you had a nice day. xo

    jeanne, indeed it is. thank you for stopping by. :)

    barbara, awwwww....

    well, snowbrush, i qualify in two of these four catagories so honestly i'm not a snub about it! but this is about our higher selves, of which you have one rather artistic self yourself. xo

    sophia, likewise and ditto. ♥

  21. what a beautiful card kj! I hope you had a wonderful day doing things that you love.

    i'm so glad you liked your flowers and pizza. happy happy valentines day!

    (up late, sleepy, long good day, nighty nite)
    lori ♥

  22. Happy valentine to you KJ, I am sure yours was it. What a nice post to see/read.

  23. lori, i loved my flowers and pizza, and chocolate. that was very sweet of you :) so glad you had a fine day: me too. just a good day. it's so nice to say that!

    mariana, i hope you are well. soon you will hear from me. xoxo

  24. raise your hand if you saw my rabbit ears on the card. HAHAHA.

    your friend most of the time,

    emily rabbit

  25. Happy Valentine's day kj. This is just wonderful. I am so glad we all have each other, so glad. I feel fulfilled. And community like I have never had before.
    Love you,

  26. Where did you hide the chocolate again? Just askin', you know, for future reference.

  27. Hi kj! I'm so glad I met you through our sweet friend, Renee. You are one of the many gifts she has brought into my life. I hope you had a heart-filled day yesterday! xox Pam

  28. Oh, what a cute Valentine! Me thinks I see one of my AKA's in there...teehee. Hope you had a fabulous day. We went to the Arabian Horse Show and it was a gloriously sunny, warm day and the boyz even gifted us with one chocolate covered strawberry each...we have that 5K coming up so we must eat clean! **kisskiss** Deb

  29. happy val day to you too, we are attracted to you like moths to a falme, as you are all aflame-with love and giving.

  30. Dear KJ,
    Just visited your latest blog posting... what a lovely surprise to find my name there! (The non-blogger....) But, I do so enjoy visiting you and Annie and of course, our Renee. It is indeed a wonderful "community".

    Thank you for being well....YOU!
    Warm-hearted, wonderful and very, very wise.

    Sending you and yours (this includes YOU - Emily) warm and loving hugs.

    I know we all are saying daily prayers for Renee.... may our love, strength and faith infuse her with the power to fight on and overcome her pain and weakness. She can beat this!


    ♥♥ Robin

  31. I love you Kj and thank you for personally writing me about Renee...

    We do have the magic power to lift ourselves up and fly...

    Thank you so so much for your friendship.

  32. marie, i think there is a lesson through our dearest blog friends: learn to accept and revere people in daily life the same way. find kindred heart sisters (and brothers) and laugh and like and sometimes love together!

    mark the chocolate is under your pillow....

    pam, renee is a transformer...i'm delighted to know you too. ♥

    hi deb, how nice to see you here. i'll bet that chocolate covered strawberry was luciously great! good for you for preparing to run. i am both impressed and inspired.

    soulbrush, well.....! that is some testimonial. you are too cute.

    robin, all those w's. we can add wild and wondering too. :) we are all praying for our renee. we will be with her no matter what happens.

    pattee, the feeling is mutual. ♥

  33. What a lovely idea! I do think I have made more friends in two years of blogging than in the previous 44 altogether! The world has gotten smaller.

  34. middle, i just wish i were as loving and tolerant with my face to face friends as i am with my blog friends....for some reason it's harder ♥

  35. I'm late, I'm late - so sorry kj! Happy belated V Day! Having really frustrating computer probs - like my laptop got struck by lightening!!!! Now got internet problems - aargh - think I won't be blogging properly for a while.C xx

  36. oh caroline, may the computer goddesses be kind to you.