Monday, September 20, 2010

A Love Story

For nine years they moved past each other. The elder was unwilling to acknowledge the very existence of the younger woman, let alone accept that she was, by commitment, now part of the family.
The elder's daughter cried over it, was turned inside out by it, gave up because of it.
For nine years.
Then, one Thanksgiving morning, the elder's husband announced, "This has gone on long enough. Your Mother's going to talk to you."
The elder walked the daughter to the door and simply said. "I had a dream I might be wrong. What's the least I can do?"
The daughter paused for just a second. "Coffee," she said.
The elder looked down. "Okay," she said.
How many years has it been since then?
The elder and the younger woman no longer remember. They have no need to remember.
Because for a long long time now, they have come to love one another.
Totally & honestly love one another.
And this makes the daughter very very proud of both of them.

JB & kj's Mom at the Rest Home Annual Picnic


  1. that is a wonderful love story

  2. Oh gee...gulp...the beauty and grace with which this was handled makes me love your mom all the more.

    and you and jb too.

    (your header photo, heeheeaggg!)
    thank you♥


  3. Beautiful and darling. I love the photo!
    P.S. I answered you WH ? in my comments :-).xoxo

  4. P.S. Love Lori's painting :-).xoxo

  5. robyn, thank you times two :)

    lori, i still laugh when i think of asking 'what's the LEAST i can do?' how honest is that?! there is no doubt we love eachother's moms. and lori, you know that question,
    would you rather ask for permission or forgiveness?' i opted for forgiveness in choosing my header! i hope you don't mind my tasteful exuberance :)

    annie, thank you. i was asking because i wondered if that is a 'line' that could be lucrative for you, that is, if you wanted to make larger pieces xo ps. that lori of ours is multi-talented!

  6. This brought a smile to my face! x

  7. caroline, tsupmwah! (this is my new expression of deep affection and love and i am claiming it as my own but very happy to share it.)

    so tsupmwah! to you again. :)

  8. wow, what a story. it does my heart good to know this one ended so well. i love the statements, "I had a dream I might be wrong. What's the least I can do?"

    such honest and powerful words.

    and lori's painting as your new header image is fab♡

  9. it took NINE YEARS amanda. i learned something from that i don't think i will ever forget. sometimes you never know what will be. thanks as always for stopping by, i'm so glad to know you and so delightfully glad to see us hanging out with the same great friends.


  10. What a beautiful story to start my day with!! (you did it again, eyes are wet here)
    I love them both!( Great picture)
    Your Mom because of all those stories I read about her on your blog. She is a special lady.
    And JB because I have met her. I knew her a little before I came and only a short time was enough for her to steal my heart (just like you did dear;))

    I LOVE Lori's header! Before I started reading your post I thought WOW and then saw it was Loris's work. Awesome!

    Have a nice day dear!

  11. I wish all it took was time for acceptance to grow. Your mom and JB were fortunate. I can feel because of an incident last Saturday night that involved a older than me close minded drunk and some struggling with sexuality teens, a battle brewing, and I and another must find a way to either open a mind or shut a door.

  12. BYW - I love Lori's painting and it's peaceful message - but for one tiny minute I thought it was a multitude of tiny bikini tops and I loved it immediately.

  13. Just goes to show ... you never know. I am so glad love won out in the end. xx Jos

  14. I love that picture of your mom and JB. I am glad your mom had her dream and found the courage to talk to you about it. I'm sure it wasn't easy (nine years!) but, you know, she did it! How wonderful that she did. :) xox!! Pam

  15. thanks for this story and the lovely photo of JB and yr Mom. It must have been so hard for you all, that 9 years. Hurrah for your dad, this has gone on for long enough. and for your mom, for her willingness to change and accept. Blessings, suki

  16. I know that your mom considers JB her other daughter and I know how much they love one another.
    And I can't imagine how long nine years would feel like as unwelcomed and unaccepted.
    That generation wasn't as tolerant as some, but as walking Man stated, they're still among us.

    Hurray for your dad and for your sweet mom to finally let go and open their hearts. I think everyone wins here. Just look at their faces!

    yes, your mom has two daughters.♥

    I love Lori's header! If I see it at your house when I come over I might steal it. :D

    love you,

  17. Real love is such a precious gift. I love this story, and all the people in it.

  18. You KNOW I cried when I read this....for a myriad of reasons..
    It is, indeed, a beautiful love story with the best of all endings - a HAPPY one!

    You, my friend, are surrounded by so many amazing people.....JB resides at the TOP of that list...she IS love personified!
    I adore your Mum....she really is special...and to be able to open her ♥ after so long a time...well, it shows me where that glorious ♥ of your comes from.

    Lori's painting.... radiates warmth and inspiration - just like Lori! (Love Lo's comment.... we MUST keep an eye on her during YART!) Ha-ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. What a truly wonderful love story, kj. Nine years is an unbelievably long must have been excruciating for you and JB. So nice to hear about the wonderful relationship your mom and JB have now!

    I love the's perfect. And that photo? It's priceless...

    xoxo to you!

  20. What a beautiful post,heard lots about you from Marianne .

    Love is peace;with so much love in the world why don't we have peace....

    Greetings from Holland,

  21. OH Kj what a beautiful story~~~ Thanks so much for sharing this... it's helped me immensely today~

    Love the photo of you and your mum!

  22. yikes it's still there...tiptoeing back out now...just wanted to say thank you so much everyone for such sweet words...tip toe tip toe.....

  23. Hellow my dear friend, what a beautifull post, it gave me hope and made me smile. I guess that is the attitude we should all take in this life.
    Send you lots of love

  24. marianne, i read your comment to JB and she smiled. ♥

    "I and another must find a way to either open a mind or shut a door."
    what a sentence, mark. this sounds like it's important that you be involved in this even though....xo

    mim, i laughed my ass off reading your bikini comment! i'll bet lori did too!

    jos, yup, love won out in the end. i didn't think it would. i'm so glad it did. xoxo

    pam, it surely wasn't easy!! now, my Mom doesn't remember any of it! she just knows that jb is my 'friend' and her 'friend' (well, she knows jb is my partner-friend, though she doesn't call her that) xoxo

    suki, thank you. i was mad at my Dad for not standing up for me alot sooner! but i'm so glad he did. xoxo

  25. lo, my Mom doesn't think of JB as her daughter one bit. she says she is her 'special friend' and she tells her she loves her. which is all true! ♥

    so you may steal lori's card? i'm going to tell e.r. to keep an eye on you. :)

    thank you angela. ♥

    robin, i get a kick out of all the credit my dear beloved Mother is getting because, afterall, she did punish me for nine years!!!! :)

    marion, it was excruciating. i cried. Mother's Day was a sad time for me. I am forever grateful that our love for oneanother won out.

    hello marja! thank you so much for visiting me! i look forward to 'meeting' you. i know we have one huge thing in common: we totally love marianne! ♥

    thank you pattee. this photo is of JB and my Mom. I'm not anywhere nearby when this was taken. xo

    lori, i HEARD you because the potato chip bag made a crunching noise while you were tip toeing--heehee. you deserve all these compliments because you are one multi-talented girl. xo

    mariana! hello! how are you? i think about you. are you enjoying your moleskine? send me an email when the time is right for you. ♥

  26. Time and exposure can bring much healing. I'm so glad it happened in your story.

  27. You mom has come a long way Baby!!
    What a monumental step for her.
    My hat is off to her.
    A lovely family, all of you!!