Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Anatomy of an Art Fair

There are 24 lemons and 24 limes on my dining room table.
The menu's written down, the press releases and lawn signs are peppered around, the six foot tables will be delivered tomorrow, six pounds of meatballs, two pumpkin breads, and one batch of no pudge chocolate brownies are cooling on the kitchen counter. I have a grocery list three pages long.
On Saturday, JB will beam as her 3rd Annual Art Fair unfolds. She and I are pulling together 22 artists and artisans, providing meals and munchies from Friday night through Sunday morning, and preparing our rather modest ranch house to welcome 6 or 7 sleep over guests and up to 40 friends from everywhere for Saturday night dinner.
Remember that vacation mode I came home with, after a month by the ocean? I still have it. So far I am having a good time writing lists, checking off what gets done, what's needed. If unfounded insecurity doesn't kick in, especially around all this food preparation, I think the whole experience is going to be a blast.
In my mind the YART has already begun. No more work until Tuesday. By noon today I will have finished much of the grocery shopping (eg five dozen eggs, four pounds of butter (got to be ready for those frosted white cupcakes), and, all told, the equivalent of six maybe seven meals from tonight until Sunday afternoon.
Late this afternoon I will pick up Robin at Bradley Airport, my wonderful friend met through Renee before she died, and we will walk side by side, breathe the same air for the first time.
And on Friday and into Friday night, whether it rains or not (it will?) friends and participants will come and go, we will cook and bake and set up and knock off a three page list of what will hopefully be done and ready by Saturday morning.
But we're not compulsive. Just doing things one by one. I hope that approach and attitude lingers.
I have to end this update by confirming that six wonderful friends born from the blogs will be here for the YART. I can't believe it. And I know who they are--I love and care about each--even though for some this is the first time we will 'meet' in person.
Still, there are several wonderful friends who will not be here (boohoohoo) which gets me thinking about next year.
Another update to come, but I can't say when.
Meanwhile, if you're looking for me, I'm the woman with the most packed grocery cart you've ever seen.
Oh, and I'm also the woman reading tarot cards with the moniker Madame kj, charging $ 2 for a three card reading and hoping like hell I plan my time better so I have time to look up from the Queen of Wands and the Hierophant and take it in that JB and I are doing a very very good thing.


  1. Wow, Kj, that is a lot of people and a lot of food! Could you please email me when Robin get there so I know she arrived safe and sound. I know, one more thing for you to do, but you will have Robin's help and I know there will be some lilac frosting on some of those cupcakes. I am so sad to not be there, but somehow I will be there next year. Have a WONDERFUL sale and fun with friends. Please kiss, Robin, Suki, Lo, Mim,yourself and Jb, and Stella and anyone else I know that I have forgotten. xoxo

  2. heeheeheeheeheeheehee :D

    See ya soon baboooooon!!!!

    This is going to be SO amazingly fun. But yes, there are those I will miss :(

    You know who you are♥

    Thank you for doing this, both of you. Yay!! It's almost satur-YART-day!!!!


  3. I am trying hard not to whine here.....
    No really although I feel I want to be there I just hope it will all be a blast a success in every way!!!!
    have fun!!!!!!
    Please make a lot of pictures!!!
    Give robin a hug from me and Lo!
    and Mim! And JB and yourself


  4. I LOVE the ad!!

    I LOVE this whole thing, the whole idea!! You and JB are incredible to me, hosting YART.

    Providing all the artists a place (a wonderful wonderful) place to set up their art for sale, the food and drinks, the hospitality. Oh MY kj.

    It's just amazing to me. If only I had all the means to do this too, it's truly a beautiful generous thing to do. And omg, so much fun!!

    Please take a lot of photos, of everything, even the setting up and kitchen work, all the happy faces, everything!

    I'm really so excited for you all. Have a superwonderful time.

    Sending to love to all my friends, and you kj,

    p.s. i will try my best not to pout or cry that i can't be there either.boohoohoo. (okay, just a little.)

  5. Sounds like a fabulously delicious time!
    I'm there in spirit,,,,let the good times roll,,,,and LOTS of photos please!

  6. this sounds too cool kj!! you have so much to do, clearly, to get ready for all yours and jb's guests, but you seem to be doing it all effortlessly. could it be because it's all coming from a big place of love???

    looking forward to lots of fotos of this event and all the blogfriends you are about to meet in person, including lovely miss robin from san francisco!!

    good luck and happy festivities with YART!! (and wish i could be there to participate and eat no pudge brownies..)

    hugs and xxs

  7. Wow! What a fun full of love weekend this will be kj!!
    You are all going to have a blast!
    Lots of pictures pretty please. If I cant be there in person I will be there in spirit, however I will have to rely on your eye through a lens to help share the day.
    enjoy yourselves ladies

  8. The ad really looks super! - I don't know all the Bloggers as well as kj does, but I am excited to be meeting you all at the Magic Cottage.

    I like Lolo's new word "satur-YART-day."

  9. Emptying my memory card and charging my camera's batteries.

  10. kj this all sounds absolutely fantastic and I too wish that I could be there.
    I am very grateful that you included me on your invitation list... it was such a wonderful surprise.
    I know you are going to have a magical time..... how could you not at such a creative event.

    I have never before heard of anyone holding such an event in their own yard and I wonder how you came about doing this.

    Thank you for sharing this with us all.... it's exciting!

    Please spare a little fun for me and know that I am sending fun and love wishes for the weekend.


  11. It is going to be a blast! Have some extra fun for me, and eat two cupcakes, too. ;) I wish I could be there!! xox Pam

  12. I'm so excited I'm peeing my pants

  13. I'm all packed and ready! Can't wait!!!

  14. DAMN this weather!!

    I don't care, I'm still coming ;)


    Satur-YART-day will be perfect.


  15. mim, heehee.

    have fun hostess kj!!!

    guess what word veri is??


    ahhh. yart is officially blessed.


  16. Madame kj Oh what fun it all sounds! Meeting so many blog friends & have them staying with you- like a big Pajama party! The art & crafts will be amazing I'm sure. This is something for sure Renee would have loved to go to. She loved craft & art sales. She also read cards (was amazing at it) So KJ don't be surprised if she whispers in your ear while you are reading people's cards. You may as well add her name to the blog friends who are coming as I'd be more surprised if she doesn't show up. Have a great time KJ & enjoy every minute. lov u Camille

  17. Have a wonderful YART! Wish I could be there.

  18. just thinking about all you guys gathering together this weekend and wondering if robin made it there yet????

    have a great YART time and tsup to y'all!!


  19. .....also wondering if mim made it there as well?!?! let us know what stella thinks of that amazing dog bed mim made (and maybe post some fotos too)!!

  20. I guess you did not work for long. So no need to be altered by the fact that it was the last day at all.

  21. What an everlovin' blast this sounds like!! Pix please. Purty please!

  22. Dearest Madam kj, my beloved twinkliest Twin,

    Thinking of you (all of you!)today! Wish SOOOOOO MUCH that I could be there. Sniffle. Maybe next year.
    Happy Yart to all who attend

  23. Happy Yart! Sounds like you've already started having fun!

  24. ...loved hearing the excitement in your 'voice' as you prepared for this fest!