Friday, September 10, 2010

Guest Columnist

Advice from Stella:

When all else fails,

Eat the zinnias


  1. I imagine they are quite tasty!

  2. Your Guest Columnist has EXCELLENT taste! (She is also pretty adorable..)

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Oh Stella, you beautiful and wise girl!
    I want to hug you.

  4. Ha! T hat's exactly what I do when all else fails!

  5. isn't it don't eat the daisies?

  6. i yell at her, suki. they are my zinnias....

    wrobin, see comment above :)

    babs, a lick and slurp to you

    cs, hee hee. me too!

    mim, stella enjoys poetic license.


  7. Always and I mean always eat the zinnia's!!!!

    She knows the wisdom of the flower's to be sure KJ~

    Love to you ~P

  8. That's a good advice! I am running to the garden right away now. :-)

  9. Why would Stella eat zinnias? Where's Emily? Don't dogs eat rabbits on the right coast, or is Stella one of them there Mid-Atlantic liberal, macrobiotic, rabbit-hugging, intellectual, poetry-writing, sissified, pacifists who are too yellow to so much as piss on a tree (no pun intended). I'll bet she even opposes war no matter if everyone over at Morton Thiokol starves, or has to go into making tinsel for Christmas trees. Here in Oregon, a dog is still a dog, and they don't name them Stella either. Instead, they name them Throat-Slitter, or Decapitator, or (if the dog is a Native American) (She-Who-Dances-On-PIt-Bull-Corpses. Dogs kill over here, all day long, nothing but bloodshed and misery. We like our dogs that way. If Emily comes here, she better wear one of them teeth-proof suits, and carry some serious firepower. Come to think of it, Emily, would do okay in Oregon. She would even thrive. She'd end up running around like Sly Stallone with no shirt-on, and 50 caliber machine guns under her armpits. Dead dogs piled high, and her on top laughing. Yeah, that Emily is one sick rabbit, okay. I'm sure glad I don't have weird fantasies the way she does.

  10. she is looking very well again. thanks for your wonderful comments each and every time on my blog. will see ya later gater, am off to the land of non- blogging for now. hugs to you and jb and stella and mr ryan and enjoy your yard arty ya kj.

  11. She looks SO BUSTED!!!
    Look at that expression. Priceless!!

    I'm so glad I get to hug her soon. Do you know how many hugs she'll get from those waiting to meet her?

    A bazillion!!!!!!!


  12. Oh Stella! I love you and your mom's. xoxo

  13. So wise......
    LOVE to stella to you and JB from Bangkok!


  14. pattee, 'the wisdom of the flowers' is a good title for something!

    wieneke, rest in peace to your dear pup, i hoped this photo did not make you sad, so i'm glad to know it made you run to the garden. xoxo

    snow, you are no doubt speaking of a different planet than the one emily and stella and the zinnias inhabit!

    joss, in a while crocodile ♥

    lo, i think there will be a bazillion hugs to go around!

    annie, ♥ thinking of you

    marianne, someday i wish i can meet you in bangkok. love to you, at least a million of those bazillion hugs

  15. Can people eat zinnias too? Hmmm. If it helps Stella get through a day, maybe it would help me too. Thanks for the advice, Stella.

  16. In my case - if all else fails, pick a bunch of zinnias... Hope you are doing well, KJ!! It's good to be back! Much love, Silke

  17. uh oh. no no stella! kj loves her zinnias! owen would do the same thing, but he would not be nearly so graceful as stella. oh dear.

    i am peeking in for a moment dear kj, before my friends come to collect me for another day of being tourist in my town, or i should say tour guide! we are having so much fun and i've learned a few more german words from their adorable 5 year old (i am terrible at languages!)

    i hope you are having a lovely weekend!
    auf wiedersehen!

  18. what a punim on that pooch!!! she knows she's doing something she ought not, but going ahead anyway.....priceless....


  19. technobabe, thank you for your visit. i've briefly stopped by your blog and i will be back. myself i can't recommending eating the zinnias.... :)

    silke, now nice to hear from you. you were missed! i hope there were pink zinnias waiting for you. :)

    lori, i lived in germany for two years and you'd think i could say some little thing to you in german! (me too with language problems). thank you for protecting my zinnias. just so you know, i am a protective loyal friend back. mwah!!!

    amanda, haha, as soon as i stick my head outside and say 'stella! she stops and pretends she was never munching!

  20. Yes, wise canine divas such as Ms Stella know:
    stop and munch the roses.
    the grass is always greener if you dont mark it as your territory, and
    tis always better to eat the zinnias than push up the daisies....

    XOXOXOXO mwah! Roo

  21. I suspect she's looking for attention and has got ours!

  22. Hi Stella.... have you tried sunflower seedlings?
    Harry the hound here at my place loves them :)