Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Special Inquiry

Okay. I don't normally float ideas and suggestions until I am sure of the approach and form, but I'm making an exception.

Last week I wrote about Angelina's Father getting custody of her and her two brothers. Last week I had cautious hope.

Yesterday he cried. His girlfriend does not want to deal with his children. He has a temporary job painting houses. He needs to move. He does not speak English. He has no money. He wants his kids.

I saw him with his two boys yesterday. They are happy with him. He loves them. He is a good Father.

He is a hard worker. He is overwhelmed.

It cost at least $ 1500 to move. First month. Last month. Security deposit.

I don't know at this point if the Child Protective Services will even let him keep his children; the situation is so unstable.

Here's why I'm writing. I am not writing to solicit money.

Not yet.

I am writing to ask your opinion about the power of the blogs.

If needed, would you participate in a blog experiment?

The experiment would not just involve you. It would involve your willingness to contact your blog friends and followers and asking them to get involved too.

I want you to know I have never done anything like this before. There are systems and programs and I don't like to think of myself as a savior (save-your). But this family is deserving. The children deserve whatever help can be mustered.


Consider this an inquiry.

Just an inquiry.

Always, thank you my dear friends and visitors.




  1. I'm always up for an experiment but doing exactly what?

  2. mim: in a nutshell: seeing how wide our individual and collective reach can be to raise $$$ contributions for this family.

  3. I know that awhile back there was a family out west somewhere that had a small airplane crash (I dont recall the details but I think Mim knows) and lots of money was raised via bloggers to help them out.

  4. i trust you... and want to help in any way i can... you can prepare a text and we can put it on our blogs linking to you... so that those who are willing can help...

    love you dear kind soul

  5. KJ, this is very alteristic of you, very generous. I have a concern and will share it here. I would have to check (If I were you and doing this) with my professional board/lawyer) to see if my doing this was ethical under my state licence or if it constitued some sort of duel relationship with my client(s).
    I am not even allowed to give a client a simple gift, it is not considered ethicial and changes my theraputic relationship with the client. So I am wondering how legal/ethicial it is for you to do this as well. Perhaps the laws are different in your state and/or your profession. Just wondering and not wanting you to cross lines that might jeoprodize your own job/license.

  6. Lynn, thank you, I know. I do not need to be the conduit. There are nonprofits where efforts here can go through

    I am an envelope pusher but only with awareness.

    I do give my kid clients non food little gifts for special holidays. My clinical supr played that and, you know, sometimes those little gifts are pretty large

    thank you lynn. You are of course correct. But creative planning can navigate properly !


  7. Kj-I would be happy to link any info you want to give me to your blog like Human Being said. Also I would very much like to give you a painting so you can auction it off as you are the only one who has responded to the ETSY deal :-). As you know I have no money (yet!), but this I can do.
    Love and hugs and prayers for that dear dad. P.S. I was worried about the girlfriend...xoxo

  8. kj, I did not do it, I swear.

  9. yes, perhaps set up an independent bank account to help? I'm up for that.

    The blogger in Utah who was in a plane crash raised a ton of money, but she was a well read blogger - and in the mormon community.

    But who knows! Let's do it!!!

  10. Hi kj...
    I would be happy to have a link at my blog, but I am unable to help finacially as there are too many needing assistance in my own back yard, who I like to help where I can.
    I sincerely hope that this family gets to stay together.

    Best of luck and lots of love

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  12. To be completely honest, I've had a couple of FB folks soliciting money pretty hard for various causes and it yanks my chain. I feel strongly about deciding for myself where to put the money that I can give, that I just hate to be in a position of making other people feel the way I do. No matter how wonderful the cause, there is overwhelming need, and I tend to focus my efforts on my own impoverished community.

    (This is not to discourage you, because it looks like everyone is behind you on this, and I'm glad. I guess it's because I am confronted on a daily basis by so many very similar situations in my own work.)

  13. dear kj, how could you not think of this? people need help and you are by nature and helper and a giver.
    somehow, i believe everything will be okay.

    and is it okay if i say bless your heart for caring so much?


  14. I am so not good at this.
    When I give I want assurances, guarantees as to where it's going, and to whom it's going. And yet I also know that it's not a gift if not freely given.
    The Girlfriend thing bothers me. If there was more money, I'm betting she could deal with his kids.For a while. And men often are fools about women,,,,trust me, I've seen it happen. My nephew comes to mind for one.

    So, if you come up with a way to help the kids specifically,,,I'd be in with what little I could do.
    I do pray that the family is able somehow to stay together,,,,sigh.

  15. everyone: so many good points. thank you. i wrote this perhaps too impulsively, and impulsive is not the way here. please continue to share your ideas, if and as they come up. and i will continue to think too. i may have something concrete to present (babs is so right!), perhaps not.

    i well know the hearts of the people and friends who visit me here. my belief that there is more goodness than evil in the world is reinforced by knowing the likes of each of you. thank you. to be continued...


  16. kj, whether you wrote this impulsively or not doesn't matter. you are saying something from the heart and that is never wrong. as i said before, whenever you decide you want to gather clothing items or holiday gifts for this family let us know - i will be happy to contribute in any way i can.

    blessings on your big heart♡


  17. How sad this girlfriend doesn't want to deal with his kids. Especially when you see how he loves them , how he needs them and how much they depend on him.
    Wish I had a magic wand and make this girlfriend disappear......
    She is no good for him or the kids.
    And he should fix his priorities.

    Once You know how this experiment looks like just let us know I am sure a lot of us want to help.

    Although I think money won't change the mind of this girlfriend.......

    Bless you for trying everything!