Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday 13: Today Plus Mish Mash

I haven't done a Thursday 13 in a long time. I used to do one regularly, and I liked it. So here's today plus a random thought or two:


JB and I drove a long hour today in support of our weight.

I want my body back.

(I've cheated the first two weeks of vacation)

I want to look like Marianne. :)
It is hard to lose weight,
to get in shape and stay there.
I am working on it.
(Even though I cheated).
This lunch was good.
This birthday cake was in honor of Studio Lolo (lo to me),

myself, and Mim in absentia. I have never shared

my birthday with friends before, and I like it.
This house was just painted, pretty much all
one color. What a difference paint makes.
This is important to know, don't you think?
I want this in my yard....
Today was the annual carnival parade
in Provincetown. About 50,000
people came for it.

.The theme this year was

jungle or tropical.

This guy is a lemon tree.

JB and I planned to see the parade.
It is fun and outrageous.

But we stayed late at the beach
and then fell into the red couch.

So we missed the parade on purpose.

We were surprised we decided that!
.We walked down to Commercial Street
after dinner and there were plenty
of costumes still enjoying themselves


There they were:

three babies and one father



I dunked and bobbed in the ocean today.

It is cold, but once I'm in it's so refreshing.

Normally I would have a good tan by now,

but I've been writing and socializing

and I love spending my days that way too.
Stella likes it here. She gets more frequent walks

and she can't stop sniffing.

(This year Ptown was voted the most dog friendly

place in America)

She came to the beach with us today,

for the first time,

lay in the shade under an umbrella.

We forgot to bring water for her.

JB was on her way to get back in the car
to get some when

and a kind woman and man

offered us theirs.

I can't take a good picture of myself

to save my life. Plus how do I WANT to look?

I am actively losing weight, none to soon.
I want to look fashionably cool.
I prefer it seem like my own style.
Right now I don't enjoy buying clothes.
And I want to.
I don't know how long it will take

for me to reach three important weight goals.
1. I want to be able to tuck in my shirts and blouses.

2. I want nice legs again.
3. It's private, and I really really want it. :)
This is the walkway to our condo.

It's one of three made from

dividing a house that

was once a convent

for Cuban Nuns.

Honest to God.

I love women.

Of all ages.

I love their wisdom.

And gutsiness.

Partners, friends. acquaintances,

strangers, movie stars.
I'm glad that so many wonderful
women are in my life.
I love sitting outside

at a table

and sipping cappuccinos.

One day, along with JB,

I want to spend three months

in Italy,

sipping cappuccinos outside,


and eating.
So I end where I starting: food and eating. Please root for me. I want my body back. I want to love the way I look. I even want to be able to post one g.d. photo of myself that I think looks terrific. .
Anybody else interested in doing a Thursday 13?
They're pretty interesting to do.


  1. Yes, this is very very interesting. First let me say 1. the salad looked quite healthy to me. 2. birthdays with friends is a must! 3. you aren't cheating eating a treat on your birthday! 4. I too am always working on maintaining or getting back to my ideal weight. Got off track when TVs went south and mine no longer worked/and then the house got renovated. 5. but now we got a TV that works and I am back in the saddle again, meaning treadmill and crunches! 6. So we can cheer each other on. 7. Those babies looked a lot like triplets! I have twin grands, soon to be age six! 8. We saw naked men walking in SF in some sort of "run" last weekend...the costume was their nakedness I guess. Quite interesting to see! 9. I think you take most interesting photos of yourself and your face seems to show a lot of character...10. of someone I'd like to meet. 11. I'm forgetting what else you wrote about, your dog perhaps? My cat is outside right now. 12. So glad you and Lo are enjoying each others company 13.and that Marianne was such an inspiration too. There, I did it! 13 on Thursday!!!!! Yea!!!!

  2. hello lynn, how did you even remember enough to make all these comments?! you have almost six year old twin grandchildren? that must be so fun. thank you for saying my face has character! hahaha! is that like telling a nerdy girl she seems sweet? hahaha!!!

  3. I am too late for a Thursday 13....... :(
    I have a lot to do today. Wash the clothes, finish unpacking do the garden........

    My reactions:

    1. Gorgeous! And I know I tasted that chicken salad!!!!

    And losing weight is difficult because it is about a balance between what is good for you and enjoying life, which is also important.....

    You are beautiful already dear, but if it takes a little weight loss to feel that again well then do it . I did too. And not only for that reason, but also to stay healthy.
    But I love to sin, so that's what I will do also. And enjoy it :)

    2. Yummy!!!!! (I know!!!!)

    3. Yes! Colors are important!

    4. Love this pond!

    7. Smile here......

    9. sigh..............

    10. You will, if that's what you want.

    11. giggle!!!!

    13. big hug!


  4. the lunch looks delicious to me. I see a lot of fruit there and the protein in the chicken is a must to lose weight.

    I'd like to look fashionably cool too however i havent made it yet after almost 65 years.

    The parade is fun but skipping it is too. How many years can people come up with innovative costumes. I took care of elders on the Cape for awhile and one woman reflected on the early years of carnival or maybe it was another parade as there are a number in Ptown and her participation in it. She had been painted by Charles Hawthorne and had the painting on her wall as well as a huge room full of "costumes." so fun.

    I think your photos look lovely. Your face is very distinctive and expressive of emotions. You look like someone i would like to know.

    do continue to relax and enjoy life on your vacation. it sounds a lovely meld of many things.

  5. Honestly Ptown sounds cool but I am pretty sure it is a bit too busy for my sanity.

    Remember kiddo losing weight ain't a matter of luck.

  6. That lunch and that cake was D-licious!!!

    I loved sharing a celebration with you. It would have been sweet if Mim was there to blow the candles out :(

    I wouldn't have gone to the parade either. There were too many people in Ptown for me this time. I'm not a crowd person. I'll go back in the fall sometime perhaps.

    Wasn't it magical (and unreal) to spend time with Marianne and Felix? I'm still pinching myself!!
    And I didn't take any photos of them!! How the hell am I going to do a post about the visit? Holy smokes, I can't believe it.

    I'm off to WW soon to weigh in. God help me!
    I like what Walking Man said even though it hits me between the eyes.

    I'm calling you soon. Just so you know!


  7. Maybe next week, remind me!
    May I recommend the South Beach diet, it worked well for me and the weight comes off fast. The first two weeks are hard, but then it gets easier and if you eat meat, it will be a breeze. Warning though, even after becoming size 6-8, I still think I am fat :-(. I think the change has to come from the inside out. So glad Stella is doing well! Kisses to her, and yourself.xoxo

  8. P.S.-What Marianne said is also important. After I lost the weight, I starved myself to stay thin, because "My Body" does not do thin easily, I think you need to have a balance which I have struggled to find.

  9. Greetings from Once-Again Cold & Foggy SF.... but, at least we had two glorious days of sun....

    Okay, time for me to "weigh in"...

    1. The salad looks DELICIOUS and quite healthy! Keep on eating variations of salads for lunches and the occasional some excercise.... it's a MUST for weight loss.... walking most days for 30 minutes (at least) -and the pounds will begin to drop off.

    2. The Birthday Cake! Wonderful and I'm sure it was delicious. Birthdays ARE important and it's lovely to have someone to share them with.... (Extra calories are have to ENJOY life and food too!)

    3. I think it was actually good for you and JB to miss the Parade....sometimes changing life patterns are healthy.... and I know you, JB and Stella had a fantastic day at the beach. Stella looks so peaceful and happy to be there. (I still think of the photo you took of her paws in the sand.....a classic shot!)

    4. The photos from P-town were fun! Mr. Lemon Tree....too cute - and the triplets....adorable!

    5. Your Face.....I love it.... as already commented by so is warm, open, kind, loving and is perfect!

    6. The new changes to the house look beautiful.. and that pond.... sigh....

    7. Travels abroad....well, that will indeed happen when the time is right. I know you will adore Italy....and France and the UK and....the Netherlands? Hmmmm...

    8. I can see I'm not going to make it to 13.....

    9. I know everyone who was a part of Marianne and Felix's trip to RI and MA is still basking in the magic that occurred over those days..

    10. lovely and blessed to have them!

    11. Love you.

    12. Love you.

    13. Where was Emily V.V. Rabbit during all of the time when her best friend was visiting?

    Hooray - I DID get to 13!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Sorry....blogger just went totally insane...... aaaarrrgh...

    ♥ R ♥

  11. marianne! everything is now the same and different. isn't that its own miracle? ♥ to me, when i'm smart enough to know and remember, life is all about rhythm; keeping things steady but being willing to jump off a cliff now and then too. big big big big hug back to you, and felix too. i'd have to say you two and of course lo have been the highlight of my summer! (maybe even my year!)

    suki! (a private yay! you know why!) that woman's painting and costumes must have been something! charles hawthorne is revered here in town as the founder of art, of the fine arts work center. it was just as much fun to witness the aftermath of the parade on commercial street last night. life is good here. i am relieved to be told that once again. ♥

    mark, two minutes from the hustle bussle of commercial street and you are watching the horizon of land and sea or walking in the dunes and the provincelands. the sea is everywhere here. nature prevails more than anything else. so i think you would find your place here. and the poets, mark, oh the poets... xoxo

    lo, that was the busiest day: when it hints of rain families from the mid cape on come to ptown for their day of festivity and unusual sightings :). i don't like the crowds either.

    lo, magical comes close. it was surreal!! how could i meet someone i already love and end up loving her more? i didn't think there could be a more!!! unbelievable, really. and the fact that i am blessed with such wonderful friendships was not lost on me. thank you, lo. xoxox

  12. annie, i've done south beach. i lost weight fast, which is what i wanted. but it's not a long term way to handle my weight for me. too much meat, not enough fruit, not the healthiest, i think. i'm a fan of weight watchers. it works. not always easily, but it works :)

    i like what you said about balance, annie. if it's going to work for the long haul, it's got to be 'enough'. i want to believe in abundance, and that includes food. and i want to like who i am in every way. so i'm going to do this, i want to see who i've become. double :)

    robin, oh you"ve said so many interesting things i don't know if i can remember them all!

    1am not a fan of salads but i am trying trying to change my attitude about lettuce! yes, it was a riot to miss the parade. we had planned to go for weeks! hahaha! stella loved the beach with us. she just stayed under her umbrella in the shade. adorable.
    i love italy. love it there! will go back when all else settles! and ms emily v. v. rabbit. well, that is a mystery indeed!!!!!!!!!!

    i love you too too too, wrobin.

  13. Oh this was fun, I like that you are doing them again too! YAY!
    What fun place you visit too!
    Birthday cake yum!
    Stell looks good!
    Marianne who?
    Happy Birthday again.
    Oh, I can just paint a coat of paint over my whole Body???
    I personally would like to get my body back and not to have my cleavage go up to my chin!
    This was fun, please do it again!
    Have a great weekend.
    Love and hugs.

  14. Honestly, I figure anyone who appreciates Lori Ann AND Mary Oliver (a living legend who I was privileged to hear read and speak) MUST be a good person. So here I am perusing your wonderful and quirky blog.

    Have a great weekend. Don't worry about cheating once in awhile, but it is GOOD to be healthy and we have to keep moving and feeding ourselves (both inside and out) with good things. Soul Food!

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  15. You've never shared your birthday with friends? Good grief woman. Ah I share your battles with weight. Lack of exercise I fear but the days are getting longer and Lilly's looking forward to evening walks as much as I am once daylight savings kicks in. I don't for the life of me know why larger sized clothes seem to come in psychodellic colours. Aww, you look just fine to me. A face full of friendship and character and thats more beautiful than any plasticised youth. So happy you're having a wonderful time. And happy happy birthday for the other day. I wonder why Facebook didn't notify me? I'm tragic at remembering birthdays.

  16. Weight Watchers was too slow for me, too much work and if I don't see results soon, I won't stay on the diet :-). S.B. is only no fruit the first two weeks, I don't eat meat, so it was very hard for me, I lost the weight so fast I stayed on it 6 months, but you are right, it is not a way to eat all the time. If WW works for you great, but I am also with Robin about the exersise, it is a must and it is how I can eat yummy stuff and not gain the weight back!
    Find a form of exersise that you love and do it 5 days a week. Good luck! You can do it! xoxo

  17. Food and Love, always good to have plenty of both.

    Rooting for you!

  18. blogger ate all my (very witty) comments. just like that! so i am now forced to abbreviate:

    marie, will you do a thurs 13 with me? i'm recruiting. :)

    sharon, what a treat to find you here. thank you. it's true i love lori and mary oliver in equal parts :) your comment about health is a snippet book all by itself :)

    hells, no silly, i have friends who celebrate my birthday but never until now friends who celebrate THEIR birthdays while celebrating my birthday!

  19. annie, i would do south beach again only in a rush. slow and steady is the way for me. exercise? what? what? that too? :)

    cs, root toot tooting for you too xo

  20. My computer seems to be behaving, maybe it's happy its the weekend? ☺

    your thirteen is fun to read, i like all the things you've shown us. i'm like you and would have missed the parade for sure. but your right, seeing the after photos was fun.

    i am rooting for you kj. but i don't think you need me to. i know now that you want these things for yourself (weightloss = exercise, portion control & nice legs = hills or treadmill incline) you will give them to yourself. I think it's the most sincere form of self love, to be in the best shape (and i mean this health wise) we can be.

    You'll find the balance, i'm sure.

    lots of love,

    p.s. quirky is a delightful thing to be, i hope i am that too!

  21. lori, i was thrilled sharon said my blog is quirky!! i was trying to respond nonchallantly. but i was jumping up and down. and yes, you are as quirky as i am!!! (except i am more likely to swear than you are, and i afterall am still saying the second annual sex survey is still coming. that's quirky, right?) as for the shape i'm in, yup, it's up to me. it's time. (behave knee) (love you)

  22. You have your health and your friends...the rest will come when you are ready for it. Me, I leave the house at 6am, get home at 7pm at the earliest and can't seem to work in exercise, so I get stuck at losing 12# and no more. I tell everyone that if it wasn't for the fact I live in a 3 level townhouse, I wouldn't get any exercise! I'll start when I retire, lol