Friday, October 09, 2009

Emily Leaves for Cape Coddy

Ride-don't-roll down-a-hill picture supplied by Ms. Lololo
Hello! It's me, Emily! Did anybody miss me? I was in Cleveland with my mother and Uncle Bunny. Uncle Bunny is thinking about investing in a rabbit pellet company there that makes cheap heat. He told this man named Latimer O'Neil that he (Uncle Bunny) could supply all the rabbit pellets he would need and in exchange Uncle Bunny wants help in getting my father out of the NIH for good. The NIH stands for the National Institute of Health and my father works there, but he didn't start off working there and he can't decide to leave on his own, so that is not really working there, right?
The story of how my father got involved doing research for the NIH is not very nice but since I am going to Cape Coddy with kj and Lololo I am not going to talk about that now but instead I am going to talk about my trip to Cape Coddy. Okay?.
kj and I are going to leave around lunchtime. kj will drive her silver Toyota Rav that has all these loose lollipops on the back seat floor. She took out the bag of toys and goodies she lets her clients play with, but her car is still a mess. When kj was in college her father called her car Crap House Deluxe. If he was alive now, he would still say that and he would laugh when he said it.
We are going to pick up Lololo and drive to Cape Coddy. I will sneak out as soon as we get settled so I can meet my friend Gregory and maybe he will give me more lessons on climbing trees, although really I don't care about climbing trees but I don't want to hurt his feelings so I pretend I care sometimes, but not all the time. kj and Lolo are going to meet their friend Debra Kay so no one will miss me, but I will tell kj I was at the library if she asks me questions. Saying you are at the library is always a good idea..
I will also meet up with Muck, Ruck, and Fuck Duck and we will bob in the ocean. I don't know if I will be able to wear my favorite bikini because kj says it's cold but I hope I can. Here is a picture of me wearing it and smiling because I am holding money. Money may be the radish root of all evil, but it also makes the rabbit hole go round. (I made that up.)

So maybe I will tell you more later. Cape Coddy is a very very fun place. You know it is fun and safe because skunks walk right down the main street, and people have to move out of the way but they laugh in surprise when they do. I think that is a good thing.

Sincerely Yours for Now,

Emily Rabbit


  1. lovely narrative here... hope you're going to get to tell it to a young friend soon... but make sure you take out one of the duck names... don't think that would go over too well with the moms!


    thanks for sharing your words with us as always...

  2. hello jon, hmmmm, i think emily goes for the too-serious-want-to-play grownups. she would tell you it's not her fault her friend is named fuck duck. i kind of have to agree with her. most times you just have to take friends as you find them. :)

  3. Dear Miss Rabbit,
    I sincerely hope you have a lovely trip. You look very fetching in your bikini, but I think kj is right it may be too cold!
    But you could zip up your fur coat, put on some big waders and go paddling instead.

  4. dear em
    you are so fucky lucky ducky shmucky wucky to be witnessing this jolly time with the goils, behave yourself and they will spoil you rotten.

  5. hey Em, me and you can eat lollipops off the floor while KJ does the long drive!
    If I get carsick as I often do, I'll be sure to tell you to turn away :)

    Sorry KJ...bodily function!!

    Wooooo-hoooooo, we're really going!!


  6. Hope you have a totally fun time on Cape Coddy.

  7. dear miss fyre bird (hahaha-do you think i don't know how to spell?) that is a good suggestion. have you been to the beach with rabbits before?

    soulbrush, i cannot behave myself. really, i can't. it's not my fault...

    lololo, if you get carsick, kj will get carsick too. bring baggies. i will be hiding on the floor with the lollipops. kj said she will be a good driver even if she has to use the baggie. (yuk)

    suki, do you think all those blogger girls will have fun? well, i can tell you sometimes kj is very fun. and i think lolo is too. and debra kay has to be fun because she is on a fun vacation. myself, i am the most fun. because i don't care who thinks what. that is a good way to be most of the time, don't you think?

    yours truely,
    e. rabbit

  8. Young Miss Emily,

    I've got my eye on you. Library, indeed!

  9. Love you, Emily! And Lolo did a fine job painting your portrait. It's lovely!

    So, am I to be your long-lost sister, or KJ's? Either way I'd be honored and thrilled.

    I have to hop along now, myself.

    Happy travels to you and KJ!

  10. You lucky ducks. Two of my favourite women in the same place.

    Love the picture.

    Renee xoxo

  11. Oh Emily....I will meet you soon someday. I am SO sad that I am not there with you!!!

  12. Of course I did miss you!
    I left a comment yesterday but something must have gone wrong.
    I am so sorry that I won't be there .......but I must fly tomorrooow early.
    Hope you will keep me posted and show lots of pictures.
    Hope you have lots of fun!
    Big hug

  13. WoW! a rabbit,girlfriend, ducky get~a~way?!? Now i am completely and entirely envious.
    Well, not completely actually, more like totally happy for you and emily and lolo (is that right?)and no matter if it's not bikini wearing weather, i can't imagine you all having anything less than a fabulous time!
    I've never been to Cape Coddy, take a lot of pictures please?!

  14. Hmmm, Cape Coddy sounds like my kinda place. Even if you can't wear your favourite bikini, you're still in for a most splendid time, methinks!

  15. Love to see your posts, Em! Have fun in that Rav on the way to Cape Coddy! My car is full of goldfish crackers and broken crayons -- I love being in the back of KJ's car with all those lollipops. ;) Did you hear that Milady is coming???? We are SO excited!!

  16. How exciting! I hope you all have a wonderful time together and I know you will :)

  17. Good morning :)

    I've had a lovely read here today during my morning coffee :)

    Keep on having fun...

    best wishes

  18. I hope you all have a grand time!
    Cap Coddy sounds like a wonderful place to go to me.xoxo

  19. emily...

    Im sorry been out of sorts..then sick with working from home very I will be able to keep up and running..Have fun in Cape Coddy


  20. That crazy rabbit, you gotta love her.

    OT: thanks for you visit to my little blog. I'm currently very much swamped with work and stuff, I find it hard to get round, so blogging has to take a smaller part in my little life.
    I'm sure things will stabilize.

  21. Fantastic name for a duck. I am impressed.

  22. And I hope you had the most fantastic time with the most fantastic people.

    I talked to your friend Debra Kay today, what a nice person.

    Love Renee xoxo

  23. I must remember that-"say you are at the library"...oh, Emily, that is GOOD.