Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ms Manners' and Ms. kj's Blog Etiquette

This is my own version of blog etiquette. Please keep in mind it's my uncensored wish list, which is not to say I think I'm right and someone else is wrong. But if I were Queen of the Blogs, I'd be ruling the following with a guiding hand:
1. If I visit you, I like hearing back from you, either through you acknowledging my comment on your blog or leaving a comment on mine. The blogs work best with equal visitation when possible. I don't mean in equal measure every time. But even if I love your blog, don't expect me to keep showing up if you don't reciprocate.
2. Please let's not act like we are still in high school. Cliques bothered me then and they bother me now. If you want to have personal conversations or establish a special little group that one way or another has everyone else passively on the sidelines, how about taking your comments off the blogs and into email? Or at least understand that the exchange might not be too compelling for others, like me. Okay, occasionally the back and forth banter might be fun, but the key word here is occasionally. I'm not coming by to feel left out or restless, y'know.
3. If you allow me to get to know you and care about you, please don't just disappear. No one should feel an apology or explanation is needed for time away from blogging but, jeez louise, I'd like to know you'll be gone so I don't worry what's happened to you.
4. I have a site meter. Not always but often I can tell if some one's come by for 15 seconds, just long enough to leave a comment but not long enough to barely glance at my post. It's okay if you don't read what I've posted and it's more than okay if you just stop by to say hello, but if you don't know or care for what I've offered up on a given day, there's no need to pretend you like it.
3. It's fairly well established (I think) that I am not a prude and I am not afraid to say 'fuck' for good cause or effect. But please spare me from the language of graphic bodily functions and especially spare me from the reference to and use of offensive (to me) female body parts. The "C" word and the "P" word turn me off totally. Just so you know...
4. Does anyone really need to include ads on her/his blog? If you are making good money from them, well then, okay, I'm glad for you and because I like your blog, I can handle it. But if you're raking in a mere $ 3.23 a month, please consider uncluttering your blog with this stuff. Just asking....
5. I'm not perfect. Who is? Please don't feel like you have to be up and interesting all the time in order for me to enjoy, like or adore you. The blogs I cherish most often have a mix of emotions and challenges. They might be personal, or artistic, or spiritual, but the common thread is they are real. I like real. And I'm happy to say I love all the blogs I love for that reason alone.
6. I know this is asking too much, but if it's midnight and my household is quietly asleep, I wish I knew I would be hearing sounds and/or music just as I click on your blog. This is one area where I just have to learn the hard way. When in doubt, I'll make time during normal waking hours to click in. Otherwise I'm risking an uprising at home.
So! That's my list.
I would be interested in hearing yours. Please, somebody complain about something: otherwise if it's just me spouting off, it could reflect unfavorably on me. :)
And by the way--if it's not obvious by now--if I visit you and I've taken the time to add you to my sidebar, you and your blog are special to me. Please don't let that fact get lost in my gripes and grumbles, which by the way, have been rather fun to share. Care to join me?
P.S. I have to add a caveat: the whole purpose of blogging is to be, do and say whatever is right for you on your own blog. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and do what ever you want on your blog and in life for that matter. (Just be kind...I've found that takes care of everything else.) I have not written this for the purpose of changing anyone and I hope nothing I've said is hurtful or disrespectful. It's just me, one person, who feels safe enough among friends to let it hang out abit.



  1. I'm beginning to notice myself getting annoyed at a few bloggers whom I visit fairly regularly, and leaves comments often, and they are not acknowledging me in any way. In the beginning it didn't bother me, but you'd think people would feel compelled to do so... I know I am. Oh well, I'll probably keep visiting them. I have enough friendly visitors to not let it bother me too much.
    I like your rules. :)

  2. barbara, i'd say one way visits borders on, if not crosses into, either self absorption or rudeness. i'm not very interested in either. i LOVE my blog buddies and friends, and i want to keep it that way. i tend to let natural selection do its work. xoxo

  3. My Biggest Pet Peeve: I used to visit an artist blogger and she did not sensor her comments or have that approval option...they were all allowed and posted, but later she would delete my comments!!! And I was NICE. I no longer visit her. Can we all say RUDE. **happy smiles** (I can change moods quickly) Deb

  4. P.S. I am quite nervous to know that you are TIMING US!!! I never tested well. Teehee...

  5. A little rant is good for us all. I have often wondered about blogging etiquette. I have kind of had to make the rules as I go.

    Here is my list:
    1. Post your blogging schedule somewhere on your sidebar if you do not post everyday.

    2. I will have to mimick responding to friends that comment on your blog. If you see me visiting I would like if your would at least visit me once.

    Thanks for letting me get it all out.

  6. dear kj,

    you can be queen of blogs, i vote for you!

    i think etiquette is always called for. maybe because blogging is still relatively new or maybe because its growing by leaps and bounds, we either can't keep up or forget our manners!

    i get bothered mostly by myself. i am guilty of breaking some of these rules, but it's never my intention. i did hear somewhere that the site meter isn't a good indicator of how long someone is on the blog. i wish i would've paid more attention to the conversation so i could tell you. maybe contact site meter and they can explain it.

    i think maybe there could be catagories of blogs, those that really are online journals (like mine),and those that instruct or entertain, you know?

    i'm glad you like me, because i like you.

  7. deborah, that artist blogger treated you badly. shame on her--no excuse for deleting you. i know you well enough to know that would never be justified. i have the opposite reaction when i see your avatar, "oh deborah's come to visit me--yay." as for site meter, you can relax. it is wrong or doesn't count right at all at least half the time. but there are a few people i DO know who come and go as i've described. not you, deb. you are always welcome and always appreciated. xo

    oh god tamika, i could never post a blogging schedule. it's all too spontaneous for me to do that. i agree with you about returning the favor of a visit, if only to thank someone for taking the time to stop by, p.s. i'll be over :)

    my friend lori, as if i'm keeping track of anybody's time anyway--haha. i don't see you being anyone but a wonderful blogger. i don't know what you mean because i love your blog and i love you. why have catagories, lori? did i imply that because i didn't mean to. jeez, i hope i didn't offend anyone. did i?

  8. Dear Ms. Manners:
    I am totally in agreement with your bloggers' etiquette rules, especially 1, 2, and 3. I like to be acknowledged--whether it's my comments to your blog, my comments to your comments, or my blog itself! I like the idea of mutual visitation. I don't like the cliques that are exclusive. And if someone is leaving their blog for a length of time, I would like to know, too. All this being said, I think the bloggers are a pretty well-mannered lot! I'm taking into consideration something you said that could help me in the real world, too: Let natural selection do its work. Thanks for getting this out there! xxox

  9. dear margaret, wise words. i totally agree that we bloggers do a pretty fine job of being kind and courteous. we cut through to something deep within ourselves and each other. that's a topic for another day. xoxox


    Since I'm still kind of new to the community, I find this post of yours extremely interesting.

    The clicks, the music, the ads, I didn't even think to see how long people are on my blog for...that one was GREAT!

    I do my best to keep up with all my blog friends and I care about all their blogs. I'm not so good at posting awards that I get because my sidebar is a pain and always puts the awards first and I don't want them first.

    I did get into an argument with a blogger (very strange) after she sent personal emails that were just to make her right and me wrong...that was a rude awakening...

    anyway...i digress...I love you KJ and I'm glad we met. Thanks for putting me on your sidebar, I do appreciate.


  11. Oh no! no offence, it's fun to see what others think. which is why i came back.

    for 4 minutes. heehee.

    Did you know i have a site meter too, but i can hardly figure the thing out. I like the map, that's about it.

    i love you too kj.

  12. Very interesting post, kj!
    "natural selection",,,I like that.
    And it makes so much sense.
    You know, if after a time or two of no response, you have to figure there's no interest.And that's okay,,,though that takes some getting used to when you thought you'd been'friends'with someone.It hurt my feelings at first, but as you say, it's just the natural progression sometimes, and I got over it. But like you, I won't go beating someone's door down who isn't glad to see me,,,and doesn't come to my house occasionally.
    I also agree that I'd worry, if you just up and disappeared without a word.
    I appreciate and adore the friendships I've made blogging.
    For a short time I had Feedjit on my blog,as I'm fascinated by the 'all over the world' aspect. I removed it after realizing that it made me a little uncomfortable on other's blogs, for whatever reason, and I thought maybe others felt the same way.
    My comments are often too lengthy,,I know I run off at the fingers too much, but I can't help it.
    I love hanging out on your sidebar, by the way!

  13. This is great KJ - oh "QoB" (your new title).
    I don't like the back and forth comments about things that are private conversations. Makes me feel like I missed something, then makes me feel like I am in junior high school.
    I'm a little bit prudy on my blog cause my nephews read it and I don't want them to think that I have a potty-mouth, and I got the "c" word hint...but what's the "p" word? (tell me privately so I don't embarrass you for having such a dumb friend)

    Visits. it's tough. Sometimes I wonder how people can keep up with having so many blog friends. I have always had a small circle of friends - keeping up with 50 new friends is overwhelming! Sometimes I find that interesting people visit my blog, and I visit theirs but we don't click in my mind. Then they visit me again. Then again. but I don't go to visit them, because to me we didn't click. or maybe we could click but there just isn't the time in the day to keep up. I think you know what I mean, I guess it's frustrating on all sides. Sometimes people are such good writers and have so much to say that I read their words...and simply have nothing to say. They've said it all.

    So..I have been here for AT LEAST 2 minutes, and I have read and understood most everything (except the P word) and you know what I come away with? You are special to me also!! so there.

  14. "I have not written this for the purpose of changing anyone"

    Is this true? I don't follow this as I took it that you were putting out what you like (or not) in the hope of influencing blog behavior in others.

    I wondered as I went down the list if you would include music because, god do I ever loathe it. Some bloggers provide ways to turn it off but then it comes right back at you every time you change pages--as to comment or to look at an older post.

    Another gripe of mine is that people call themselves one thing and their blog another, and this makes it harder to have a sense of who anyone is, esp when I'm trying to follow 100 blogs. My name is Snowbrush, and my blog is Snowbrush. I've make it easy for my readers. Now, dear readers, maybe you could make it easy for me.

    Yeah, ads. If I thought I would be making money hand over fist, adds would be nice, but I can't really imagine such a thing possible, so I think instead of running a classy looking blog, and that isn't consistent with ads.

    A few thoughts. I am up hours too early in fear of my coming surgery on the other shoulder. Yep, I'm going for it soon as I can get it scheduled. It will be the same surgery that left me in misery for the last seven months, but it will be on the other shoulder. It's reasonable to do it, but it would be reasonable to not do it too. I see it as my best shot at being normal again, of being able to work hard, to have big muscles again; and that is why I want to do it. Strength means much, almost everything, to me.

  15. I agree with some of your rules KJ and some others not so. I have no rules or etiquette in my world that requires any one to know them other than kindness wins favor and rudeness wins like.

  16. Hello, dear KJ,

    I love your list - it could be mine.
    I think if we would just treat others as we would like to be treated, we'd all be happier.

    Nobody likes to be ignored or excluded.

    Love you, my wise friend and long-lost twin!


  17. kj I am laughing my head off. har har

    Love the list.

    I rarely, if ever, read anyones comments on someone elses blog so if they have private conversation I don't care. I just go put my comment and then continue on my journey to my other friends. That has no effect on me at all. Also it wouldn't change for me if people make comments on my blog. I assume others can skip right over them like I do.

    Now th music, well, that I love listening to the music when I want to, but when it automatically comes on it scares the shit out of me half the time and then I can't concentrate on what I'm reading.

    Thanks kj.

    Love Renee xoxo

  18. i am not too good at coming back to an old post of mine and replying to people who have commented there. no time, can't be fussed to 'chat', i would rather go over to their blog and leave my own comment, often relating something to the comment they left on mine. complcated? yup, that's me. i was rolling on the floor with laughter that you don't mind 'fuck' but are adverse to 'p' and 'c' words, that is hilarious, so YOU. i also hate music on blogs, i hate any form of falseness or hypocrisy, i hate bragging/boasting and total selfcenteredness, i hate feeling i 'owe' someone all has to be free flowing and come straight from the heart. i love you kj and your blog is very very important to me, and that's a fucking fact!!

  19. KJ thank you for your comment on my blog thanking me for commenting on your writing and your novel posted on your blog. I appreciate your appreciation. Thanks.

    I have lots of thoughts on yr post but no time at the mo. :) but for myself i am open to everyone's style (except don't really like the 4 letter wds) and I "blog without obligation." Otherwise i feel too much pressure to perform and do and be a good girl etc. And i think it should be fun...blogging. Without pressure to be one way or the other. Hopefully whatever I do or don't do I am kind. But who knows.I am open to hearing about it if I am not kind and/or inadvertantly offend.

  20. Yep, kj - I'm in agreement with you - music, private conversations, post and run - all very irritating. I'm also not so sure about awards - if an award is made especially for someone or some people, all well and good - that's meaningful, however I'm not sure that tagging each other and passing on awards to 7 people each time is really what it should all be about. I don't post my awards on my side bar either. I am a fan of tidy sites - don't like background wallpaper, ads or too many gadgets - all far too distracting in my opinion and probably stems from the days when did a couple of website design courses. Less is more!! On which note I've had my say and I should practice what I preach and sign off now!

  21. Oh, and I love that photo shown here,,,too funny!
    As for the 'colorful' descriptive words on blogs: I don't use them, don't feel a need for them,,,but it's not my business how others speak. If a blog is too 'colorful' for my taste, I just don't go back.
    Now is when you say: "Alright, already,,,you can shut up now Babs!"

  22. LOL....Love the list...I took my ads be honest I had never checked till ya said something..They been on there forever...I took my music off because I got annoyed at my own page to load and wouldnt shut up...LOL...

    I have been a bad number 1 or 2 about posting replys to and on others...well shit I just have not felt good....But alas..I am trying to catch up...

    I knew there was a reason I loved ya...cuz u speak what Im thinking ...Like Snow I need a kick in the ass every so often...I started blogging for a means to meet and get to know others of like interest or thoughts....Ive lost sight of that lately...Like my journal....Trying to get back on my love of blogging and creating again....

    Love ya KJ

  23. Fanbloodytastic post!
    Couldn't agree more.
    I don't bother checking my stats anymore they used to infuriate me so much.
    I get annoyed when someone moans about not getting any comments and I make the effort to visit and comment and they never bother to come back my way again..... URRRGGGHH!

  24. Well, I added your blog to my blog list yesterday - I don't always read entire posts if they are very long, but I am quite good at speed reading. I would hope to respond if someone leaves a comment on my blog - it's much easier if there is an email address.

    I have decided that to thank all who visit me - and leave a comment - I will add a comment to my last post as I write a new post. Don't now if that will work, but I do try to reciprocate. No sure if all that makes sense but I agree that we should all show courtesy to each other.

  25. Yikes! Now I'm too scared to visit! :) (I promise I will visit more often than I have, though. I always seem to visit when I have very little time to spare. Must stop doing that.)

  26. It's a great list, kj! I've learned to turn the sound off when I visit other blogs...have had too many frights when the music, nice as it is, blares out. I haven't placed any awards on my blog, because of the cluttering effect and because...who really cares, other than me.

    I write on my blog usually weekly; sometimes every two weeks. It depends on how many hours my life demands.

    My blog's for fun, for me and my thoughts. I am continually surprised at the number of friends I've made through the blog, and I cherish all of them.I don't always visit other blogs as quickly as I could, but I do visit and comment and answer their comment on my blog.

    Your rant was super...and so are all the comments!

  27. Mr. Ryan I will do all the things you suggest.

    Love Renee xoxo

  28. love it-I really do. To me, a blog is more of a public place-although it's a public place where I share private thoughts. I try to keep each entry as a stand alone entry-someone coming in on whatever day would understand what I'm saying just from that one entry. I know I don't always make it.

    It helps if people keep comments on topic, even if my topic is rambling.

    Very few people have been cruel, and I appreciate that very much. Even though some of my posts are very personal to me, I am always aware they are going out into the world at large, and sometimes I send a deliberate revelation about a sensitive (to me) topic to see just what the world sends back. That said, no need to be cruel.

    Sometimes I will "save" a post or post one ahead if it's really close to me to give myself time to brace myself for the world view. So, I may post a sad post on a day when in reality, I'm feeling pretty good. I should probably indicate that in the post-just a brief-I wrote this the other day-so people aren't confused. Blog reading is in "real time" for the reader. Wow, I just learned something right here.

    I've been lucky with the e-mail thing. No one has stalked or carried over into e-mail in a rude way, just a natural progression of friendship-but I generally ask before I e-mail someone directly, or if I take a blog topic "off line". If you go off into e-mail, you are cheating the other readers of your blog with your insight. It hasn't happened to me on blogs, but on forums people will want to PM me to reveal xxxxxxx. The thing is, if you are not comfortable revealing it to the group, I MAY not be comfortable hearing it-people tell you some pretty personal things-and I need to establish a personal relationship before I hear them. Does that make sense?

    I will not allow the N word to be published on my blog and I generally don't care for any person who is a real, named person to be referred to by any derogatory terms. If you aren't literate enough to come up with a fitting insult, you should not be blogging, at least on my blog.

    KMAT is usually a little racier in language and if I feel like cussing I do anytime on my blog, but I do watch it other people's. I look at a blog is an extended living room.

    I enjoy getting awards (I really do) but I stopped posting them or passing them on because I have limited time. It's a good way to build community, but I think it became overdone and it's also a good way to make someone feel left out. Every blog I visit is important to me, or I wouldn't visit. Someday I am going to drop my sidebar of blogs and just use the "follow feature" to indicate what I go to regularly. And, rather than getting a group award, I'd really just like my reader to indicate when a post touches them. Not very post is going to touch everyone. But I love that kind of feedback-that's like saying "Deb, you hit the mark" and that's really what I like to hear. But only when it's true.

    I like links, with a little explanation so if you don't follow the link you can still get the gist. I really don't care for cut an paste blogs. I have a reading list I can't keep up with now.

    Double double ditto on leaving without notice. You don't even have to say why-it's none of my business. But when I've visited with someone daily for months and months, I feel empty when they just leave.

  29. stacey, are you feeling better? i love your blog also! i think my rant has given you some ideas-hee hee. don't go timing everyone, now, although i'm not worried because i take my time on your blog. :) xoxo

    lori ann, tsup! your wedding pictures are incredible. your skip on the beach was endearingly dear.

    babs, i don't think your comments are lengthy at all. i like everything you say. but what exactly makes you hang out at my sidebar??! x0x0x

    mim, i think you and i are a mutual admiration society and i love that! i like your honesty about drawing a line for the number of blogs you can rightfully handle. i do the same. i am not interested in numbers. i treasure the blogs i visit. and the junior high stuff: drives me crazy. what i see is that it's trying to posture and position and it's about "better than." fortunately, it only happens with a few bloggers. most are thoughtful and inclusive. xoxox

    snowbrush, forget your comments on my post, although i enjoy them immensely, the important thing is your shoulder. i am glad you are having it done. i think in time you will recover and be able to do the things that are important to you. i hope you have/know a great physical therapist, because post-op rehab, that's the key to the city of function. i'll be following and rooting for you, snowbrush. mwah!

    mark, play that last line again for me, please. i didn't get it. my rules are not really rules. and the truth is if i don't appreciate or agree with a person or content, i don't have to pretend i do. by the way, i know i don't visit you often enough, and not as much as i'd like to. you are prolific. but when ever i come, i am rewarded.

  30. angela, leave it to you, my dearest twin sister, to say what needs to be said in one sentence.

    renee, that is so funny because i often read most of the comments! i love seeing the relationships and perspectives formed one-on-one. you made me laugh about the music startle. that's it exactly. you are such a good sport, moon sister.

    soulbrush, hahaha! you are very special to me too! xoxo

    suki,blogging should absolutely be fun. that, and sharing, is the purpose as i see it. and fyi, you are always kind. xoxo

    caroline, gee, you're right about the awards. i hadn't thought of them that way but i quite agree with you. i am going to save them for special circumstances to just a few special people. i love your blog. i'm delighted we've met. xoxo

  31. I also value reciprocity in blogging, and visit anyone who leaves a comment for me. My way of dealing with it is to visit a couple of times and then move on if they don't visit back. I mean, not every blog is to very person's liking and that's completely okay, but I won't keep showing up if it is clearly one-way.

    About the site meter - I have all the blogs I read on my google reader, and it shows the entire post, text and photos. I generally read it in the reader and then click over to comment, so it would look like a very brief visit indeed. I suspect that's true for many people.

    Don't like ads, although I generally just ignore them, and I don't go back to a blog that does pay per posts. It's like watching an informercial.

    The music - yeah, I have to agree. I prefer a click-on option.

    And, oh my God, I am in 100% agreement about the P- and C-words, which I just detest. I'm quite fond of the fuck-word, though. And while I'm at it, I don't need to see semi-porn pictures for any reason. You don't need to illustrate a post about beer, say, with a gratuitous photo you've lifted off the web of a busty woman holding a beer. I not only won't comment on that post or the one that follows, but if it keeps happening, you lose me as a reader. I get assaulted enough in every day life with images of women as objects, that I don't need it in my blog life as well.

  32. Oh also, I'd add a rule about civility in comments. I don't mind someone respectfully disagreeing with me, but I won't tolerate nastiness. I've banned one foul blogger from my blog and I have occassionally deleted comments that I consider obscene or rude. I'm not going to accept on my blog what I wouldn't accept in my own home.

  33. I don't have a list and I don't believe in rules :-). I do however, get bored with bloggers that I visit often who hardly visit mine, or not at all. Having said that I get many lovely comments from people who I don't visit often if at all. Lack of time is a big thing for some of us and I hope that they understand that I visit when I can and if for some reason I don't make it to their blog, it is not because of lack of interest.xoxo

  34. Oh and I should also have said thankyou to you for your comment on my reopening of my Etsy shop! I am delighted that you like my pictures!!x

  35. babs, keep talking, girl. i never tire of listening to you.,..

    oh holey moley, sonia! you took off your ads because of my flapping two cents? awww, my sweet friend, you KNOW i'm coming to your blog no matter what you have there (okay, i would prefer not to see a picture of dick cheney... :)
    about visiting and not visiting, we do the best we can. i would never worry about not hearing from you when you can. xoxo

    fire byrd, are you a sensitive soul? i often am so i tend to know one when i see one. i know and understand what you mean, but i'm also want to understand that my self worth is not wrapped up in my blog visits (even tho my ego is!)

    welcome again, somerset, i appreciate your visit and comment. so you're a speed reader. does that help with speed memory? because i have none! :)

    ANDREA!!! what a treat! now you know i am not timing your visit. and you'll be happy to know the person who turned you off on my blog no longer comes by. sad but true... xoxo

    hello marion, it's nice to read what you said here. i agree with all of it. don't forget we have a talk ahead on blogland lane... :)

    renee, i want a report back on when you do all these things mr. ryan suggests. and i want pictures of the mud pies! xoxoxo

    debra kay, we lost anon and haven't gotten over it yet. i so hope she is okay, but i don't think she would have just stopped blogging unless something happened to her. you are your own person, dk, and i like that. it is such a treat to have spent time with you too. it just makes it all the more fun!

    cs, so i don't even know how to use goggle reader. i am so challenged.... i love that you always reciprocate. i always look for your comments, and i love your blog. i agree with you about civility. don't start battling with me or i'm out of there! (not you, i;m just being expressive)

  36. annie, ditto. thanks for the sweet little gifts at your place. have a fun weekend. i hope you have all the time you want. xo

    caroline, best of luck with your etsy shop. what fun. xoxoxo

  37. Interesting post and comments too!
    But lists with rules...I am not good at that.
    Maybe I am not a good blogger, but I am just me.
    I admire people giving comments on their comments answering everything but I don't have time for that, I type slowly and have only 24 hours in a day.

    I only have few irritations and yes one of them is music on blogs, with a hard to find off button.
    And I don't like people who are not tolerant.
    I like honest people, being just themselves.
    I think it is just with friendship in real life, things will filter themselves. If all comes from one side it will eventually bleed to death.
    For my blog there are no rules. I would not appreciate rude people , but they haven't found my blog yet.
    I appreciate all my blogfriends, just a small group who comment frequently. I have no rules for them.
    But I liked reading yours something to ponder upon. Like you often provide ;)
    I liked the PS a lot, totally agree with that.
    And please just always say what you what KJ, that's one of the reason I like you so much!

    have a nice weekend!

  38. ha ha, great list of gripes! Feel better now?

    I started blogging only to be a part of Illustration Friday and get back to my longing to illustrate again. The response to my work was amazingly gratifying, especially when I started writing a story or snippet of a thought with every picture. The encouragement I received helped me grow as an artist and I met some wonderful folks along the way.

    Recently I've let myself get distracted by too many 'side blogs' and I feel my own blog has changed from what I want it to be. I also find myself getting overwhelmed by arbitrary obligations that I impose on myself because I don't want to disappoint anyone. I now have 8 blogs!! That's just too many. So from now on I'll post on the others when I can without pressure, but I'll still visit the wonderful people who started them and who participate regularly. I just don't have that much free time to post every day of the week. I don't think many of us do!

    For a while I had music on my blog. I'd spend as much time choosing the perfect song to compliment the art and most people loved it. I had two complaints so I took the music off. I don't miss it. I'd rather have people come for my art and words and feel like lingering.

    I try to visit folks who stop by, especially those of you have become true friends. There's an artist I used to visit frequently and for at least a year I'd leave positive, heartfelt comments. Not once has he ever stopped by to comment on anything I've ever done. I'm not sure if he popped in and didn't like what he saw, but I know what you mean. It somehow doesn't feel right. I don't visit him anymore and my life hasn't changed because of it.

    I want my blog to be a welcome respite for visitors who need a soft place to fall. I hope it's inspiring in some ways and uplifting in other ways. I don't have a sitemeter, I didn't like it or feel I needed it. If you want to linger, wonderful. If you're just passing by that's okay too. I shake my head though when some of the comments make no sense, clear that the reader/visitor didn't really 'read' my words.

    Okay, now I'm on my way to see what the word is for Illustration Friday. I hope it inspires me to dig through these boxes to find my art supplies and to release my creative spirit that has been trapped for too long now.

    See you around the blogs my friend!


  39. Ah one of my pet hates is people who treat the comments as a 'thread' and have a conversation that others can't follow . . get a room! And you know how I feel about unexplained absences. Just let me know you're OK and I'll leave you be. Haha you might have noticed me hanging around for hours!

    The other day I looked in on you, got distracted and your post was still up about 10 hours later! I am true to myself on the blog but some things I just can't post . . man do I have some things to get off my chest but that's where they'll have to stay for now.

    And Renee doesn't read the comments! Haha . . no wonder she gets around so quickly! Nice rules kj! *clap of approval*

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