Sunday, October 18, 2009

Memo to kj babe

Lighten up!
So you got hoodwinked.
So you made a mistake.
So you're still an aspiring babe.
So what?
Go for it anyway, kj.
Start now.
Just dive right in.


  1. I agree. :)
    you wont even remember this when you are 90, it is just a moment out of a long, fulfilling, happy life. Just a moment, lets not give moments more attention than they deserve LOL

  2. Jump in KJ...Live, Laugh, Love...

    Life is too short...Love the mermaid pic..Ha Ha Looks so cool...

    Im here sweetie..Thank you for being a tride and true friend my dear


  3. 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again' can do it kj.

  4. Did I miss something??? YOur last post was about Baino's b-day so what is the picking yourself/hoodwinked about??? Love your memo to yourself though. I could memo myself in the same way.

  5. That really did come out good! At least you were tall enough to stick your face there (unlike a short person you know who will remain faceless!)

    Wow, what a week we had ;)

    The words are so perfect for the photo.


  6. "Roll up, roll up, come and see the mermaid,
    See the lovely lady, half a woman, half a fish."
    In went the lads, to show it wasn't swank,
    When little Tommy Higgins put some whisky in the tank.
    Well, she got frisky, swimmin' in the whisky,
    And when she came up for air,
    She bowed to the audience, gave her tail a swish,
    Her tail it came off and she really looked delish.
    She said "What do you want boys, a bit o' meat or fish",
    At the Rawtenstall Annual Fair.

    (local folk song)

    If we both lighten up enough I'll sing the other four verses - together with KJ Babes and Melissa in January. ;)

  7. Is everything ok my mermaid friend? I like your post, as long as your ok.

  8. Oh did you write this for me???
    Don't you just hate it when life screws up!
    Hope all is well

  9. It happens to all of us...we all get hoodwinked, and have to dust off our knees when we fall down...if we're lucky we have a friend to help dust them off and I know you have that!

    i'm dusting...

  10. Ha! I agree, and I also posted on a similar thing today. Well, not outwardly similar, but you'll see what I mean.

  11. Beautiful I completly agree.

    Go for it sweet kj. Just dive in.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. sweetsweetmango, you are so right. god knows why it takes me so long to learn and live the obvious! xoxo

    sonia, hi honey! glad to be your friend any old time!

    ah soulbrush, wise words for us both, right? i've been thinking of you and sending you secret kisses.

    suki, in a nutshell: i loved and trusted a woman like family and she's vilified me on her way out the door. (i am getting used to just stating the sad facts). so i've been hurting over it, and now it's time i let healing do its work.

    dear shorty, watching you stretch to fit was almost as funny as watching you during the lesbian porno reading. what kind of friend would have dragged you to such an event, anyway? HAHAHAHA!

    chewy, that's what lolo said too! great minds....

    milady, you can now be damn sure i await hearing you sing this to me. i think of you coming and every time i find myself smiling. i wish baino would come too....

    lori, see my response to suki. i got hurt. it seems i chose the wrong person. i'm holding on to love anyway, but it's been a rough ride.

    firebyrd, well, i am glad to see you here because, dammit!, i'm starting to know and enjoy you and then you poof! away. so please stop by from time to time?
    ps i wrote this for us! :)

    stacey, i'm thinking you are a bit of a gem...

    cs, you and i are coming up for air. none to soon, and still breathing. yipee finally i think...

    renee, do you think i'm a hopeless romantic? i wouldn't be surprised. i probably am... xoxo

  13. kj I couldn't comment this morning, the connection kept timing out. Keep the faith bewfuls. Dive in indeed!

    Miladysa sent me a mermaid for my birthday . . loved it. I didn't realise it was quite that saucy! Damn Lancastrians.

  14. This is great KJ!
    Indeed did I miss something?
    According to the comments I think I did......


  15. KJ-you know me-I gots a thing for mermaids. It's not just a water thing-it's also a sore feet thing -I just realized that sitting here waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in so I can walk.

    I daresay that KJ Babe helped Lolo Babe and Deb Babe to touch base with THEIR inner Babes. The world may not be ready for us, but here we come.

  16. INNER BABE-what a great focus day for our next weekend.

    Our next weekend needs to be at least 4 days though.

    I did spend a long time working out how I could spend the entire next winter season on Cape Coddy-I think the sea and the isolation would just be magical and I could learn to deal with snow.

    But I couldn't afford a place that would allow me to have Oliver and the dogs....And the only way I could afford to bring Casper is to work out a board/work agreement with the stable, and if I mucked stalls all day I wouldn't have energy for much else.

    It's OK, when I made the decision to have a horse for real, I realized it would confine me geographically in some ways.

  17. Where did you get a picture of my curvaceous body????

    (smile you!)

  18. This explains why you are in the ocean up to your waist in the other photos...hiding your mermaid tail! Thank you for stopping by my party. **head spins and pops off**