Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

I'm not officially linked yet, but here's my first Sky Watch.
(Compliments of the Provincetown Monument and
complete with a gorgeous evening breeze)


  1. HEY HEY!! Welcome to Skywatch KJ!! What a spectacular entrance with your tower :)

  2. This is a perfect first entry to Skywatch friday. Welcome. I'd be satisfied with just seeing your skywatch and Anon's although I must say that these are spectacular views on Skywatch Friday.

  3. Beautiful!! I might join in the Friday sky fun when we get a new camera ....

  4. Excellent night sky photo !! good work ! And I see an update of Mr.Ryan :-)

  5. beautiful tower...
    a very impressive shot.

  6. anon, why thank you!

    ces, you talked me into it! xo!

    melissa, why wait for the new camera? the sky awaits your keen eye...

    hildegarde, how nice to hear from you! perhaps you might like to participate in sky watch friday also?

    human being, always nice to hear from you.

  7. Wow being back in Provincetown must be like a dream come true for you. Thanks for all the photos and descriptions, I thoroughly enjoyed looking around with your eyes. I am so happy for you to be back in a place you love so much. It looks perfect; idyllic.

  8. Gotta get into this Skywatch thingy. I'm loving the variety of photos that are posted. Impressive tower . .where's Rapunzel?

  9. chief, it is wonderful to be back here. and carrying my camera around makes it all the more fun.

    baino, definitely get into skywatch. it is very fun and in some ways, humbling--our part in the vast beauty of it all...