Friday, July 25, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Many people say the light at the tip of Cape Cod and the islands is magical . Every artist who paints there would tell you that is absolutely true. And I, well, I will tell you I've never seen light more vibrant or beautiful than it is in this part of the world.


  1. I see the light KJ!

    KJ KJ KJ I see a BIG BIRD!!! Is it a pelican or a gull? Not able to enlarge the spectacular image...

  2. There is nothing like that color blue and the sound of the ocean in the background ... we're considering Cape Cod for next summer ... we'll see ... :)

  3. You sure right by your photos great post. thanks for posting to SW.

  4. Welome to Sky Watch... these are perfect sky watching shots..

    Please forgive this 'copy & paste part of my comment but I am on my rounds checking all the links but wanted you to know I have seen your post and will try to get back again.
    On behalf of all other Sky Watchers the team thank you for taking part this week.


  5. KJ: What cool Sky captures today.

  6. Hi there... I love the great colorful photos in your post for the Sky Watch Friday..the sky is so blue....

  7. Greetings from Dumfries, Virginia. I love the sun through the clouds...very nice. And the blues in that one with the tower! Thanks for sharing with SkyWatch. Have a great weekend!
    --Lynellen, #241 on this week's SkyWatch
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  8. I think beach light in general is magical. Sunsets and sunrises, especially.

  9. Those skies are really amazing.

    My Sky Watch Friday post is here. Hope you enjoy it.

  10. It's contageous that skywatch, so I participated too. Btw I thought it had to be a picture of the sky on friday (or thursday night) itself, but that is only the time of posting ? Like the top one too, with the roofs of the houses.

  11. It is a very unique place, I have heard. Never been there.

  12. Are you still clucking KJ? BWARK!!

  13. anon, it's a gull.

    ces, love the blue of the cape sky.

    melissa, yup. come!

    imac, thank you for visiting.

    tom, thanks for the sky!

    fishing, thank you. welcome.

    island rambles, thank you too. the blue is spiritual, kind of...

    lynellen, welcome to you too. i'll be stopping by.

    cs, and don't forget that feeling when you bravely walk into that cold refreshing ocean!

    chanpheng, i'll be stopping by your place too. thank you.

    hildegarde, contagious, yes. please participate!

    peter, it's a unique place: a melting pot filled with creativity and tolerance and always, this incredible light...

    king jack, how nice to hear you. BWARK and TSUP to you always!

  14. Wonderful pictures! I can't believe you were able to catch the bird in the one photo!

    Your a great photographer! Hope you'll stop by mine too...