Monday, July 21, 2008

Provincetown--Part 4

He's 13 and we're both snapping photos at every chance. So we decide he and I will wake up in time for the "magic hour", as he calls it. We are out the door at 7 am,
first through the West End heading to the Dunes.

We drive up to Race Point through the Beech Forest and to the top of the Ranger Station.

Then we drive back to Commercial Street , to the town Pier.

I take this shot and I think of Anon.

The fishermen struggle, but they persevere. No doubt they have the best view of town.

We're back by 9.

We will return to water by mid-afternoon, beaching and bobbing into the waves of the Atlantic.


  1. I adore being on the beach (or even by the lake) at that hour. It really is magical.

  2. I am NOT a common pigeon KJ! Hhehee :) 13 year olds are great to grab and run with at that time of day. I force mine all the time and we're back by the time everyone else are almost awake. It's a great way to start the day! My favourite photo is the top one but all are good :))

  3. Who is this kid and what have you done to him?

  4. You just pick up some people's kids and pretend they are with you.

  5. What?! no story about saving the kid?

  6. I love the photos. I would like to take everything in the photos and bring them down here. Our beaches are filled with mansions, million dollar homes that encroach on the sand dunes and water and then get damaged by hurricanes and then get bailed out by the liberals in government.

  7. I was hoping you had posted more Ptown photos! I've never been that far on the West End - I will be sure to go next time.

    Also, thank you so much for the comment. It made my are certainly one of my inspirations in beginning to blog!

  8. cs, oh the beach. the distant sound of festive voices. a cold dip in the warm sun. i could go on. magical yes.

    anon, i've been thinking of you often. the pigeons were the best i could do. but i now have a few gulls up my sleeve, and one unknown mysterious bird. :)

    ces, friends as family. i charmed him.

    ces, shhhhh.

    ces, my irreverent dearest friend...

    ces, *sigh*...

    lauren, i'll have a few more ptown posts yet. take a walk to the west end--to the provincetown inn and back. it's quite quaint and beautiful.

  9. wow these shots are so magical...
    the top one is celestial...