Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Novel in a Paragraph

No Emily Rabbit today. She is busy writing her guest column for Marion's blog. Meanwhile, book # 2 continues with fervent joy. Hopefully, these mini 'novels' are short and to the point. Or as you may know by now, you can also follow along to see how they fit together, more or less.
After twenty plus years and three near severings, they slept together like kittens.
Moleskines and Paintings
Which came first, the moleskines or the paintings? Casey couldn’t exactly remember, but she took that first moleskine everywhere, showed it to anyone with the faintest interest, all those Bic pen drawings scattered on random pages, especially The Best Friend Tree, Catherine and Casey standing there in their celestial pajamas, arms outstretched, looking pleasantly surprised that best friends could indeed grow on trees.
“My best friend is an artist,” Casey would say. And she would beam.
In her honor Catherine planned a series of five paintings and completed four. The first was of Casey and Maggie, early on, Catherine’s bold colors punctuated by the characteristic sharp angles of her faces and shoulders and hands.. The second was of Casey alone, ‘Casey The Writer,’ Catherine called it, Casey with pen in hand, surrounded by characters rising from the canvas, including Catherine herself, huddled in black, curled tight within the protective space of Casey’s arm.
The third painting even afterwards would remain one of Catherine’s favorites. It was an exquisite rendering, a purple nude sitting on an orange velvet love seat, book in hand, perfect breasts, salacious smile. Even afterwards the painting still hung in Casey’s bedroom and sometimes she would stare at it, hoping for answers that could not be there. Catherine finished the fourth painting but only barely. Neither she nor Casey particularly liked it: a panicked woman buried in rubble, another woman extending a hand, ready to rescue.
“My hand just flows when I have you in my mind,” Catherine would tell her. Casey would beam at that too.
Catherine did not finish the fifth painting and later destroyed it, a colorful hopeful scene of Casey’s dog Stella Dora, her tail in midair, standing over and kissing a small content Asian woman lying in grass. Even afterwards, when Catherine went public with words like ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘the biggest mistake of my life,’ it was her objectified reference to “someone’s dog” that packed the worse sting.
In the subsequent gallery of her paintings, Catherine would include only the Purple Nude. The others, she omitted and deleted with a firm finality consistent with her erasure of everything else, even the truth.


  1. You are indeed gifted my friend! I am so glad I ran in to you in this blog world, I am forever better for meeting you!!

    As long as I can dance with you kj. I will then dance, please don't be mad if I step on your toes.
    Love and hugs my friend.
    I joined the caravan, all my favorite people are there!

  2. Good to see you busy with your new book!
    I miss Emily though..........
    Guess I have to visit Marion.
    Oh how I wish I could read better......
    But I guess I understand and love you without words too......


  3. marie, of course you can dance with me. and who knows, it may be me stepping on your toes!

    the caravan is going to have some pretty special campfires, don't you think? xoxo

  4. oh marianne, i wish i could read this to you outloud. i love you too, marianne. you are super special to me, and not because you are emily's best friend. not even because lolo adores you. just because of who you are.♥

  5. I am going to take refuge in the Appalachian fallback response: "Well!"

    (and giggle quietly to myself)

  6. Really tantalizing vignettes. You are on a roll and I'm rolling along happily toward the next interesting stop!

  7. Oh kj! you have given Howard apoplexy!! I had to pick him up off the floor and he is still wheezing.
    He is the one I save most ferocious for.
    I think the term he uses is "raging bitch"!!
    Thank you so much for the annivesary wishes.

  8. I'm with SAW - 'well...goodness"

  9. Oh, this is wonderful!! I'll have to read it again slowly... I loved your comments on my blog today - you made me laugh out loud!! How much better the mug would be your way... Hugs, Silke

  10. Oh my!!!!

    You are healing girlfriend.



    Holy shit.

  11. love this...

    The others, she omitted and deleted with a firm finality consistent with her erasure of everything else, even the truth.

    much love

  12. Flows easily like a creeks current, not to harsh in the telling but brutal in the reality once the understanding comes through.

  13. these mini-novels are unique. (do you ever look for critique type ideas?)

  14. Wow. Just wow.
    Love you my heart friend.
    xoxo ♥
    P.S. I am going on the caravan and Renee said I could make plates for everyone to smash :-).

  15. Thanks dear!
    soon we will hug each other for real.
    Love your new banner!!!!!

    HUGS from Suriname!

  16. KJ...I love you...your talent...and your spirit. You have inspired me and will catch up with you on that later....

    Runs-----trips(emily your foot is not suppse to be there)----up and runs again---jumps over emily's foot---HUGS KJ


  17. I love reading these short scenes that just make me want to read more and more....

    This gypsy caravan has taken off I'm like oh no how do I ever keep everyone happy!!! All my gypsy sister's of the soul...

    Love you Kj

  18. This is seriously good writing! What a great read. You get the Arizona "Hot Stuff" award.

  19. Yeah, I'm back. :)
    I didn't have the computer eat the service man - but only because he determined the wireless was defective.
    It wasn't me.

  20. Tsup??????????????

    Where have you been at?

    Oh, never end a sentence with a preposition.

    Where have you been at, Bitch?

    ;D :P :)

  21. cs, i don't mind your giggles one bit! :)

    lydia, thank you so much. i am honored you are following this. xo

    marie, howard, get up off the floor! marie is going to be serene and silly this year. i can tell from her art :)

    mim, ♥

    silke, that mug fascinated me! i saw it a magical and different way at first. too too funny. i am enjoying your blog and your art very much. so nice to make your acquaintance xoxo

  22. lo, this is a first: two swears from you on my blog HAHAHAHA! thanks for your support every step in every thing tsup!

    thank you stacey. i need to get back to your great post yesterday. i read it, loved it, made me sad, will soon leave a comment. xoxo

    holy ___, mark! this comment hit me like a ton of bricks. i would have this on the back of my book cover, thank you so much. you are my best critic. i love your feedback. xoxo

    suki, yes, are you volunteering? :)

    annie, plates to smash?! that is THE most fun. please save me at least two dozen. love you too, girlfriend. thanks for the wow-wow.

    marianne, i just have this feeling you are planning a trip...♥

    sonia, what are you up to???? i am dying to know...!

  23. pattee, your opinion means alot. don't worry about the caravan. it's a great idea and who ever joins will have a blast with us. ♥

    linda! yay! so it wasn't your fault. i know you are giggly happy with that news. i missed you. welcome back! xo

    lo, hahaha, i just got this joke. before that i thought, that doesn't even sound like lo! HEEHEE.
    i was in a blizzard and i cried driving home. now i am fine again.

  24. Wow jk. I think I'll take the fallback position too! Or comment under the safe canopy of email. Beautifully written though but between those lines!

  25. Hells, the sad part of this story it seems is that there is an absence of between the lines...

  26. What a beautifully descriptive passage kj! Love how you paint with words.x

  27. I want MORE. Just as I get into one of these vignettes of yours, I am at the end of it. Emily would probably throw a fit, if she were me. haha

    "it was her objectified reference to “someone’s dog” that packed the worse sting"...No wonder...just the sentence alone really hurt me, down deep inside, bringing tears to my eyes. Well done, kj!

    Love and big hugs and many blessings, my friend!

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