Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit & Camp Hop-A-Long


Hello! It's me Emily. Here I am in the Clothesline race, which is where you try to be the first one to get from one end of the clothesline to the other. You have to wiggle and kick your feet and hope that the wind will help you but you can't count on that because everyone else gets the wind too.
I think I am at an advantage because I can also wiggle my tail and maybe that will give me some extra speed.
Anyway, if you are wondering what I am doing and why, it seems I ate too many jellybeans, chocolate pretzels, marshmallows, Hersey's kisses, Reeses' peanut butter cups and Christmas cookies over the holidays and I am not jumping through life in my regular jumpy fun way. I am not about to be one of those rabbits who has to waddle along in life.
So when I saw that several of kj's friends are active and do physical things without complaining all the time about it, like Secret Aent Woman (who gave me this picture), and Lori and Mim, I signed up for Camp Hop-A-Long to get back in shape and have fun without it being too hard, and doesn't the Clothesline Race look okay for that? You can see that the bear is front of me obviously has had some gymnastics training and that is not fair but I think my kicking experience from temper tantrums and my tail may be a secret advantage.
If I win, I get to tell everyone at Camp what to do for a whole day. Who wouldn't be motivated to win that?
Next week I am going to try to write my guest column for Marion's blog, but not until I get back from Camp. Oh by the way, I am also practicing for skeet shooting, and don't you think I will win that FOR SURE? Nobody knows I have a Marshmallow Gun and I'm not telling.
I asked if there was any competition at Camp Hop-A-Long for who could cry the longest or loudest but there isn't. That is not really right, since that is a good skill too, but sometimes you just have to make the best of things and then put your own unique footprint where ever and how ever you decide to.
Have fun, I'm sending kj a postcard telling her not to touch my jellybeans until I get back.
Emily Rabbit


  1. Goos luck Emily! I hope you win!
    Have a fun trip and I will keep an eye on your jelly beans and keep them safe. xoxo

  2. I'm rooting for you! (But watch that tiny bear on the right - sometimes those little ones can be sneaky!)

  3. I'm reporting this person to the SPCS!! (Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Stuffies!!)


    Emily, this is NOT okay to do. What about your ears?

    I just can't bear to look. Sorry ;P


  4. annie, do you think i can trust kj with my jellybeans?

    secret agent, yes, that tiny bear of the right is definitely sneaky! but i have leg strength. :)

    lololo, of course i would be complaining about my ears if i needed to! don't worry. i'm in shape to do this! HAHAHAHAHA!

    hello from camp,

    emily r.

  5. Oh Emily you are such a good rabbit.


  6. hahahha, that is the cutest picture! hi kj, just came by to say you are swell! huggles, valgal

  7. Hi dearest friend!
    Let me give you one advice ......only exercise when it brings you pleasure!
    For me that is only tennis and.....(can't mention that here, but I will tell you when I talk to you in private)
    Wishing you a HAW without st.... exercises.
    Eat more jellybeans!

  8. Well, goodness Emily, ears always help with exercise. Up and down ear exercises are GOOD for the brain and then you can eat more jellybeans.

  9. You never know whats going to happen when you're hanging around to dry. Maybe kj is going to have a soft butter lettuce salad waiting for you with little carrots.

    You need your vitamins too to keep that white fur soft.

    And I like pudgy rabbits!

  10. Ouch Emily! Being pegged up by the ears is only good for elongating them - you'll look ok, but those bears are going to look pretty silly!!x

  11. I can see that it is definitely raining out there on that clothesline. You will get rain in your ears and it will lead to an earache, you mark my words!

    So when you go away, keep warm and dry, Emily, or at least take a warm, fuzzy towel with you, so you can dry yourself! Have fun and I'll look forward to your post on my blog...

  12. I predict you'll win by an ear! Or by excessive cuteness, Emily! ((Hugs))

  13. hehehe.


    i'm showing this to my puppy.

    he looks like a stuffed animal. he'll love it too.


    go em. go get um.

    (can't stop giggling. when is your book coming emily? beg kj.of course as soon as camp is through)