Friday, September 11, 2009


Here’s the thing that I would say
If I were invisible today:

I would smile first and then begin
Starting with my oldest sin.

I’d tell you why I never learned
Protection first before I burned.

I’d willingly admit my part
In following this touchy heart.

I’d take my time and spill it out--
Every vision, every doubt.

You’d hear my voice and wonder why
I showed up here to even try.

I’d hide of course but even then
I’d have an eye out for a friend.

In moments when I take up space
I’d like to trust this just in case.

I’d like to stretch and drop my clothes,
See who misses and who really knows.

And when I finished I would grin
Wondering if let you in.

Wondering if you see the whole
Where wisdom meets the tale untold.

I’m quite invisible, but not unseen--
I’m just here hiding between.

Funny to be visiting poems I've written a while back. Someday I will tell you about my decision to Love Deeply and how it changed everything. But for now here are some words along the way.


  1. I do like this poem! But I'm even more intrigued by your comments following..... hmmm.

  2. I learned the truth of the last couplet as I thumbed my way around North America.

  3. This is what I'd hope )for the both of us) - that some day the decision to love deeply will remembered without regret. That ultimately, it's better to have an open heart than a closed one.

  4. Sweet but kj, alas I do not appreciate poetry. Seriously, It's all Mr Aboud's fault in 7th grade and his Gerard Manly Hopkins and Robert Frost obsession. . put me off for life! I do like Dr Seuss????? OK I'm going now. And 'tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all' remember that because I won't quote Shakespeare again.

  5. ah lydia, some tales can never be told and others only in softer times. does this make sense? NO! but what's important is that i can finally begin to look back and hope i'm a good learner... :)

    kay, thank you as always, my dear fellow poet. have a great trip in japan!!

    walking man, me too, mark, except i was thumbing around Open Heart.

    cs, aaaah, you and me. bless us both. how about who ever gets there first has to buy the other either a book or a hot fudge sundae?! :)

    suki, thank you so much. xo

    baino, OKAY!! THAT'S IT! if you like dr. seuss, i am now going to inundate you with poems. they will sneak up on you when you get out of the shower, when you're relaxing on the couch, when you think all is quiet for the night. i am making it my personal cause for you to like at least SOME poetry. if you like dr. seuss there is hope. SO THERE! xo

  6. This is my favorite of yours (so far) Loving deeply is the only way to live, even if it hurts.
    (family is still here and it is super busy, but checking in with a few and you were top of my list :-).

  7. Love it!
    Peeking out from one of your 'others'.
    Invisable, but not.
    Great mind candy, kj

  8. PS:
    And what a fabulous visual in the photo! Says so little, and so much,,,

  9. thank you, annie. i'm glad this is your favorite. i hope you are enjoying yourself.

    babs, thanks alot. your comments mean alot to me. xo

  10. I like this poem too KJ and you know I don't care much for rhyming. (Nor can I spell it!)

    I do like the observations here, and I know you're beginning to heal.

    Their loss. Big time.


    P.S. Do you think Baino likes limericks? You could slay her with a few from nantucket ;)

  11. Excellent kj. A writer and a poet....

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. there are lessons
    we learn slowly
    never at all

    not because we're not
    talented enough
    or the teacher is
    strict or rough

    there are lessons
    we learn slowly
    never at all

    just because there are
    some beautiful lonely souls
    on the path of life
    who just need one like us
    to learn their own lesson

    they soon realize that
    they should

    Karen... thanks for remembering me and for your nice words... i'll never leave you!
    dead people come and haunt you sometimes...

  13. beautiful :)
    p.s ive requested #7 blogland lane, one house down from you! hopefully the sale will go thru LOL and ill throw a house warming party.

  14. Ah, so beautiful. Wish I could write poetry... I love your choice of photos to illustrate the invisible mood.

    You have so many talents kj.

    p.s. don't give away my house spot please.

  15. You certainly have a way with words kj - loved reading this and love the photo you've teamed it with too!

  16. I wish I could be invisible from time to time.

  17. uh-oh..another number 7 dilemma!


  18. This poem is awesome, you're a very talented lady and so impressive!

  19. lolo, you are the best friend. thank you for everything you give me, least of all your fierce protection. xoxxo

    renee, are you a speed reader, my dear friend? :)

    OH! OH! HB, IT'S YOU! how i've missed you, worried for you, how great to see you near. please come alive! no dying! xoxo

    sweetsweetmango, the time has come: # 7 is now yours. i can't wait for your arrival. i will gladly cook you dinner while you're unpacking. xoxo

    lori ann, no worries. thank you. i have to tell you i just love seeing your comments here. we're a mutual admiration society and i smile thinking about keeping it that way!

  20. caroline, thank you. you are a treat for me. i am so glad to have found you!! i love your watercolor rooster!

    pieterbie, ha! i have the opposite problem sometimes. i wish i could be seen. xoxo

    lolo, yes, you noticed. all is well. time has made its own decision. and the thought of my sweetsweetmango next door is just awesome--mango, you, renee all within a quiet yoohoo. life is good.

    julie ann, it's you! how kind of you to compliment me. thank you. my words and your art.... xo

  21. You live a good life kj.

    Love Renee xoxo

  22. Excelent poem, I loved it, the ending if fantastic, wondering if to let you in (something like it), didn't we all have that doubt in our life with somebody?
    Thanks, you made me happy with your writting!