Sunday, September 20, 2009

Amazing Grace

It's fall in New England. There is just a touch of the changing of the leaves, but the spectacular fall foliage is coming.

And the crisp as the autumn air.
These are fresh flowers FROM MY YARD! Unbelievable.

HAHAHA. This picture of Donald Duck is how I look when I am indignant--honest to God. And this wirery woman: I made her from electrical wire and wrapped an old shoulder pad around her for her dress.

The little bathroom off the kitchen. Please don't ask about my vantage point

Did I mention the hydrangeas I planted last year have been a wild success?

It's a daycare center. My little four year old client is learning to use my camera. This shot might be worth enlarging if you have any interest in seeing how truly immature I am.

I think of my friend Renee, her nephew Sheldon, and her sister Jacquie when I see a sky like this.
And I think of my sweet friend Lolo when I fall over laughing from this scene in a store window.

"We're in the arms of the angels. May we find some comfort there."
Have a great day. It's really all we have.


  1. aaaah, my first Autumn back home in 16 years. What a show I'm gonna see!
    Those hydrangeas, God I love them. The colors are so varied and magical.Tell JB I'll be looking for them on my future watering can ;)
    You're such a goofball KJ!! Look at you! And I have 2 of those very same TJ bags ;)
    That sky sure is for Renee and her family. And yes, all we have is today, this moment.
    What a nice post to read before bed.
    Nighty-night sweet friend.


  2. Beautiful post KJ!
    Thank God to be immature! If you loose the child innnside yourself how can you help others!?
    Love those hydrangeas!
    And those little doggies!!! Just super.


  3. Karen,

    My comment is not related to your post at all. I finished reading "The Light Stays On" last night. I had to contact you to tell you what a moving book it was, and how I was completely immersed in Alex and Lily's lives, and love. I shed tear, had hope, laughed with your characters. Please write another book - write many more. The book is now being read by my partner. We were lent your book by Soulbrush, when we went to visit her in May in London. I will be purchasing it for all my firneds for Christmas, as it is truly a storey about living and loving authentically, and honestly, and our great capasity for forgiveness and healing. THANK YOU!!!

  4. You have a tongue to rival Jean Simmons! Can you touch your nose with it, that'll give the kids a laugh! Have you met up with Lolo yet? I still have a blogger literally round the corner who is too scared to meet me in case we 'spoil the magic' I talk to her all the time on Skype but she doesn't want to meet me *sob*. And there isn't a day goes by I don't think about Renee but shit happens . .sadly to nice people. You're so right, I'm learning to live in the moment. It's hard but it has to be done. And that little wire person. . .looks like a Voodoo doll . .got your pins handy? (Just say it isn't me!)

  5. lo, sometimes i think the reason for this incredible autumn is that the universe is welcoming you home.
    i admit i much enjoy my goofball status with you. it's wicked (boston accent included) fun to make you laugh

    marianne, i am becoming less mature by the day. and i don't give a F---!

    cathleen, YOU are the reason i wrote this book and YOU are the reason i am proud of it. thank you very much. your comment was unexpected and totally appreciated.

    baino, no 'spoil the magic' with me, hells! you'll be meeting me and we won't miss a beat! as for my tongue, is gene simmons the guy with the curly weird hair? couldn't i look like some sultry woman instead?

    melissa, just got your email. things are settling down. write write write. i will too. how great it all is, huh? (love you!)

  6. Happy fall to you dear KJ.
    I hope you are welcoming fall with even more joy.
    Happy to see you enjoy your fun photo shot.
    By the way, I haven't hear from you. Did you get my message?
    Take care and bye!

  7. I'll soon be feeling a need to make applesauce.

    I have the same thought about the tree/sky photo and that's the pne I chose when I posted about Sheldon.

  8. My dear kj, you are so lovely.

    You are so lovely and kind and thoughtful to think of us out here. I received a beautiful arrangement of flowers today in the best shades of yellow ever. They are stunning.

    kj you are an amazing woman and I am so happy to have you as my moon-sister.

    Love you and thank you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Beautiful photos. We know it is fall in the desert because the high today was only 103!!! LoVe the little chihuahuas!!! **blows kisses** Deb

  10. Great picture - what a babe!!!

    Glad Renee got our flowers, hope they helped a tiny tiny bit

  11. yoon see, i did not get your message. please try again. it is nice to see you here. thank you.

    cs, apple favorite is apple crisp, for me a sure sign of fall.

    my dearest moon sister, i am so glad the flowers were good and right. we only wish they had not been because of sheldon. i am so sorry for you and your family it hurts. xoxoxo

    deborah, 103?!! wow. but that is a dry heat, right? i imagine your house and wonderful yard and i know you are enjoying that desert of yours. i'm blowing kisses back at you. do you see them? they are currently hovering over the catina.

    ms. mim, i think the flowers were the perfect colors--i'm so glad. thank you so much for arranging them. love, kjbabe

  12. Blast! That's me again - blogger keeps being a pratt & defaulting to Friends of Swifty!!!

  13. Great pics - all!! Enjoyed this kj!