Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seeing is Believing

I took a simple walk today
along a path, with a friend.
Somewhere along the way
I remembered
It's up to me.
It's up to me.
It was a perfect day
on my walk, with my friend
To look around
And see.
To look around.
And see.


  1. oh yes,
    i see i see
    for me it is all about
    seeing not only the bad
    but the good underneath!

  2. It certainly is up to us to see. To open our eyes and heart and mind. To remember the good and look forward to better.

    (I'm so poetic - I think I'd better have some more coffee)

  3. you've been tagged, see my blog.

  4. The third verse says it all totally and completely KJ.

  5. Beautiful! And thanks for the reminder - it IS up to ME!


  6. Sometimes we forget about the Me...

    I know I have and my friends, hubby have been trying to tell me...I have lost ME in past few months....That poem is symbolic to say Me.


  7. Yes it is all about seeing! Beautiful photos and sentiment :) Happy day!

  8. Lovely photos. My new koi, Spike and Bobo, are rapidly growing and I may need to send them to your pond!

  9. a lovely mantra. I like the two people shadows

  10. soulbrush, yes, seeing through the seaweed to the starfish!

    mim, look forward to the better? that's it!! :)

    mark, yup. but dammit sometimes...

    angela, so sometimes that makes me feel light and sometimes heavy!

    sonia, we'd do well with a cup of coffee together. DON"T give up on yourself or be hard on yourself. that is an ORDER!!!

    val, oh, what you see. your world is magical and i love being part of it.

    deb, spike and bobo may not want to leave you. i had a fish pond in my yard once and had a fish named tillie who honest to god came when i called her. her demise is a sad story... :)

    carla, hello!!

    suki, that shadow shot is my favorite too. i'm happy you noticed it. xo

  11. Lucky you Kj, I just had one of those walks myself last week.
    Aren't they magical?

    What's important is that you remembered it's up to you. It didn't take a brick upside the head even though I've tossed a few your way ;)

    We all need to chant that mantra. Aren't we all workinh through something?

    I'm glad you had such a great day!


  12. Its been raining here the past few days, my 12 year old and I love going for a walk in the rain and trying to see who can find the biggest puddle to jump in and make the biggest splash! Loved this post very much.

  13. I've just spent an enjoyable bit of time catching up on the last few posts that I missed.


    There is so much, your poems and favorites, your loving tribute, the children, all the photos. You are an amazing person kj. So full of generosity and kindness. It truly is my pleasure to know you.
    your friend,

  14. What a lovely post.
    Thank you for visiting me so I could come here.
    I loved the post below as well, and I will give thought to taking up one of your suggestions when I'm more rested.

  15. A walk is a simple thing and sometimes it's better sharing a walk with a friend.

    It's up to me to see... I like that thought.

  16. lo, i am so happy for you for these last few days. WELCOME BACK GIRL!

    sag, you are my kind of friend. i'm jumping in those puddles right along side you guys!

    aww, lori ann, your comments make me blush alittle and smile alot. i owe you an email. i'm glad you're back. your friend, kj xoxox

    hello fire byrd, how are you doing today? i have to come visit. thank you for the compliment.

    chewy, i like walks with people and dogs i like and love. and i take my camera, which i also like and love. :)

  17. Seeing is so important. Isn't it strange we often get perspective on the world around us by stepping away for awhile?