Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday 13: Farewell to Christmas!

Twenty four hours later, three friends, four family members, one cheese fondue, one pot of chili and one bowl of guacamole, twenty four slices of chili cheese cornbread, twelve chocolate mini-holiday cakes, four cappuccinos, one homemade coffee cake, one honey dew melon, a pound of bacon, one six pound prime rib, five pounds of mashed potatoes, three bowls of fresh vegetables, and what seemed like two hundred and seventy seven presents later, it's officially over. Christmas at # 9 has peacefully ended.
Here's a glimpse of the comings and goings. I am happy to say I got a new camera this Christmas, and I plan to read the manual. In the interim, I can't say why some of these shots are blurry. Please forgive me when necessary:
1. I love coffee. Good coffee. My favorite is Peet's Major Dickinson. I treat myself to a strong wonderful cup of coffee first thing every morning.
2. And I love when I have the time to leisurely read the morning paper. Though there was plenty to do over the last two days, there was also some quiet time to catch up and wind down.

3. The Christmas tree is topped not with a star or an angel, but in tribute of Rosie, our English Springer Spaniel who will never be forgotten.
4. This year my friend Clara gave me this wacky little bird ornament from a local Craft cooperative.

5. Who cut down on shopping and spending money this year? From the look of the presents piled in front of the tree, it wasn't my family. Or was it? Actually, I think we all did cut back, and we all felt good about it.

6. Guess who slept over Christmas Eve along with his parents and was the most fun from beginning to end?

7. JB is the easiest person to buy gifts for. She loves everything, the more unique, the better. These "slippers" were in her stocking this year, compliments of Jess. Of course they were right at home with her polka dot socks.
8. We picked my Mom up for Christmas dinner. Mr. Ryan calls her Gum-ma for no reason except that's what he started calling her. She will be 93 years old on January 5th, and JB and I have told her we will take her to the Mohegan Sun Casino for the day, so she can play the quarter slot machines. She does not travel well and her memory does not work, but the Casino it will be.

9. The porch isn't finished and I'm not sure when it may be, but when we put the futon down as a spare bed,
I love the ambiance of the room.

10. Mr. Ryan's grandparents (JB & me) got him a Jack-in-the-Box. I wish the photo were clearer, but no doubt he loved loved loved it. Beside him, of course, is Esther the resident Witch, who only leaves the couch when she has been drinking too much and tries to fly, with mixed results.

11. If for no other reason, I am eternally grateful that I am a mother, because I love this kid of mine so much I would have otherwise never known how much love I have in me. This is Jessica, accompanied by Sadie, who I also love.
12. Nobody wraps presents like JB. She is a first class present wrapper artist.

13. I don't know why I like this shot of the dining room table, but I do. Even though the dining room is the size of a postage stamp, it's one of my favorite places in the house.

It's quiet here now. The dishes are (mostly) done, the presents are still all over the living room, and I am pensively glad the holiday is over and tomorrow is an open day few chores and fewer demands.
I hope the season treated you well, maybe you're glad it's over too, and I look forward to blogging away in 2009.


  1. Lucky Ryan - I always longed for a jack-in-a-box when I was little but never got one! Thanks for your lovely description of your Christmas Day.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas. It sounds lovely. Now you can kick back with the coffee and just be.

  3. it looks like you had a wonderful christmas… so deserving… and it looks like you have some great family traditions going… starting…

    a blated happy christmas to you…

  4. chief, maybe you should buy yourself a jack-in-the-box now.

    suki, kick back? just be? suki, wish me luck. i'd like that.

    mike, always nice to see you here. i like that you are back in the blogs. :)

  5. Awww glad you had a lovely Christmas. Ours was a blast and again, all over too quickly. I love the quirky slippers! I received a pair of slipper boots from Barcelona! Ha, won't be needing them for a few months. Cheers :)

  6. Beware reading manuals-I said I would not open up my new camera until I read the manual-and I still haven't opened it yet and I've had it for weeks. Maybe I'll get that manual out tonight.

    I'm a Peet's person too. Lapsong Souchang is my favorite tea-it's a smoke flavored tea from China....mmmmmmmmmmm.

  7. What fun to pop in and share a bit of your Christmas with you!
    Your mother and daughter are beautiful ladies. What a treat to see them.
    Those are some funky, sexy slippers JB has on! You're right, the socks add to the look :)
    It sounds like a good time was had by all. I can just hear Ryan giggle and squeal every time Jack came out of his box!
    (I used to jump every time.)
    What a wonderful day. You must be exhausted!

  8. Oh I love that tree topper KJ, so sweet! A new camera, Hooray! But then, Im partial to cameras, teeheehee
    Cheese fondue - drool - that sounds like a great idea!!!!
    Happy quiet days while they last KJ!

  9. thanks for sharing your happiness with us... really loved watching the photos... me too don't know why i loved the dining room photo very much...
    so cosy and warm...

    you are a fabulous mother, grandmother, daughter... woman... human...


  10. Let it be known that I am mortified by the picture you posted of me. It is awful on so many levels. I mourn for myself...


  11. It sure sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas to me!
    All those presents.
    And all that food.
    You'd long for Christmas again.