Monday, March 17, 2008

This Desk

This is where I sit to:
write stories
& poems
pay bills
plan vacations
sing songs
imagine my most successful self
lament a few regrets
have the best late night talks with my best friend
do some volunteer work
organize my too-many papers
watch the sky
plan my schedule
arrange appointments
google anything and everything
clear my head at midnight
hide when I need to
be thankful
think big


  1. I see you hiding in front of and behind the camera KJ! :)

  2. i really like that bookcase!!

  3. It's a bright and beautiful room, like all the other rooms in your house!

  4. I love that office. I sat on that desk and begged to sleep in that room.

  5. anon, you have as always a keen eye, but how do you see me behind the camera?

    ruby, i love the bookcase too. i had the enthusiasm of a five year old when i got to buy it.

    rm, thank you--your house is bright and beautiful too.

    melissa, (blush)

    sidney, totally important: commerce of the mind and heart

    ces, you can sit on the desk anytime and the room is yours to sleep in forever more. :)

  6. What songs do you sing at that beautiful desk in that cosy room? ;-)

  7. I LOVE these glimpses into other worlds.

    Have you had a party in that room KJ? Everyone seems to know it well :-D

  8. I had to keep on asking...

    You should post a view from the door looking into the room...

  9. now ces, ok--i repeatedly ignored your desire to sleep in my office. i have apologized a hundred times and the room is now forever open to you. sometimes even best friends miss important cues and make unthinkable mistakes. i hope you have finally forgiven me....

    xo plus :)

  10. I had to sleep in that massive room, all by myself...

  11. I had to sleep in that massive room, all by myself...

  12. a very inspiring room! nice colour too!

  13. Looks very cozy, and that's a wonderful glassed-in bookcase there in the back.