Thursday, July 05, 2007


Time to lighten up, lessen words, and fall into what's shaping up to be a fine summer. In no order what-so-ever, here are some shots and images I like for known or unknown reasons:

This is JB's grass garden. It's only in its first year, situated in a back corner of the back yard. It slows me down when I look at it, which is always a good thing.

Gee, I hope this works. This sign is in my mother's bedroom. You will either see one thing or another. It's kind of a trick. I'll be interested in how it looks to you.

Dear God, may I return to Maori Italy one of these days. This shot is nothing fancy--just across the street in a little village where people take lunch from 1 pm to 5 pm, work again until 7 or 8, and spend a lot of their time eating and hanging out.

These are the footsteps of my best friend-come-a-visiting. She hopped out of the car and out of a snowless state and made her mark in the front yard and in our company over a fine few days.

I posted this tarot reading a couple of months ago. The important point is the 3rd card/final result: the "World" card is all good. It seems to be shaping up this way, to which i say "thank you".

He looks quite different every week and his eyes are blue, but this boy Mr. Ryan is unbelievable!!!!!

The photo on the left is my both-deceased grandparents. I never met my grandmother. She died when my dad was quite young. My grandfather lived next door and brought me the tail of a pig once when I was sick on the couch. Don't ask me why, but I thought it was pretty cool at the time.

The photo on the right is from my mother's refrigerator: she and I on another couch one summer's day awhile back.

I love this little house I live in. I think this shot of the world's smallest dining room explains why.

Here's a before and after of the livingroom. JB and I ragged the walls ourselves and lived to tell about it. And Ces' painting--well, pretty cool, huh?

I know it's blurry, but this is further proof of what an angel Mr. Ryan is.

These two Ces paintings have new wall-homes in the house, but this is one of my favorite shots. kj the poet-novelist is on the left. The Blue Nude is on the right. The originals are unbelievably awesome, as you might guess.

What an ending to this post. Here is a young mumified slave from Pompeii. Whatever your lot and circumstance, how about just being thankful you didn't have her/his miserable job. And then, while you are thankful, maybe you could decide to be one of those Mystery Angels I've been nagging about.....


  1. Hmmm. I see words in an unknown foreign language.

  2. I can see JESUS in the sign - what else does it say?

    Lovely pictures

  3. Beautiful. Footprints of a friend in the snow - aw, girl - you rock!!

  4. Loved the peek into your environment...lovely! Your friend is a gem. :)


  5. Jesus, this is fun : a series in no order, that you like for known or unknown reasons : i like that very very much and I don't know why :-)))

  6. greta jane and ziggi: you see different things! ha! so can you also see what you do not but the other does?

    shrink, ah yes, the footprints of a friend in the snow. they took several weeks to melt--long after my friend was gone--and that kept her nearby in a funny sort of way.

    tammy, i share too much. right? i want to learn how not to! i don't have a clue... :)

    hildegarde, might i influence you to do the same known and unknown set of photos? :)

  7. Hi KJ - came over for a visit as promised.

    The way grasses move - in the slightest puff of breeze - is very relaxing. I also love the sound they make. That planting of yours is going to be magnificent! Zebrina is one of my absolute faves. Is that a larch in the 'borrowed landscape'? Im quite partial to them too.

    I too saw a word in an unknown language, but after staring at it for a few moments, I saw jesus too - pretty cool trick!

    Ces's paintings are gorgeous, she has a flair for powerful colour and I really like the mood she gives her subjects.

    Loving your blog too, Im into seeing people 'work the solution' instead of the problem.

  8. Saw JESUS in the sign too. And some gibberish word.

    Loved the footprint picture.

  9. Thank you KJ. I always feel so humble when you talk about me and my work. You rock girl!

    And yes, it's true, it's nice to go back into the snowy states for only a few days and no, it is not rue that we are snowless. We had a blanket of snow two years ago that lasted for two hours. The gulf cities had much more rain they were able to make snowmen. So there!

    Oooh! the word verification is FATGQ - hahahaha!

  10. Oh gosh my brain is waterlogged. I meant the gultf cities had more snow and were able to make snowmen not more rain. More rain was last night and this morning and then in the afternoon but it stopped.

  11. I saw another language in my feed reader but straight away read "Jesus" on your blog. I'm not sure why you would be leaving swear words in your Mother's bedroom! OH, and I'm already a Mummy Slave, so don't need to prove my wings!

  12. Ooooh, KJ, I just love, LOVE, LOVE that table cloth!!!! I'm now inspired to find something similar for my kitchen. It would look great with the Fiesta.

  13. I love the Ces paintings!

    I see JESUS in the sign, too. I thought I saw something else at first, but then JESUS popped up and that's all I can see.

    Does this mean I should start going to church?

  14. lavender, the rhythm of the grass is like the rhythm of the ocean. nice to know you are a 'work the solution' girl. me too. i would be pleased if you would visit again.

    mench, thanks. always nice to hear from you.

    ces, how many snowmen have you built?

    anon, my mother supplied her own 'jesus' sign. i don't see you as a mummy slave, anon--it's just not so, so fess up. do your good deed and don't get caught!!

    val, the tablecloth has matching napkins. i hope you find it!

    liz, you will hear trumpets in your sleep if you are supposed to go to church.... haha

  15. Yes, now I can see that it says Jesus.

    I have a friend with a painting that is either Abe Lincoln or a nude looking out the window. I had to literally have the nude and the window traced out for me before I saw them.

  16. I'll have to think up a post like this one of these days.
    Italy caught my eye.
    I'd have loved to visit Italy againt this year. But as my eldest boy doesn't want to join us anymore for travel, my wife won't leave for more than a couple of days. Maybe I'll decide to fly to Milan or Pisa for a couple of days.

  17. None KJ. I did not build snowmen. I made snow angels instead. Don't ask me how old I was either. My first snowfall was a blizzard in 1982 and my friends and I were out scaling the floes to be photographed! What a memory. It still makes me laugh.

  18. Jesus! Girl, you have a beautiful home... world....

  19. Hi KJ, just swung by - Hi! - see you again soon, Cheers!

  20. Ces did not paint those paintings, I did.

  21. Yes, she did. I was either sitting on her lap or licking her toes while she was painting them.

  22. Gee, golly. You sure have a perty life. Down here the grass is as tall as yous.

  23. I can only see Jesus.

    I never expected to be typing those words here. xxx

  24. gj, the eye plays tricks. so does the mind. and the heart. sometimes.

    pieterbie, i LOVE italy. i can't wait to go back. i know how you feel about certain family members limiting your travel. there comes a point like clockwork when kids do not want to leave their friends and hang out with their families!

    ces, snow angels are very fun. when i was little i loved dressing up our snowmen. now i would call them snowpeople. what?! i never made a snowgirl. that is not good!

    singleton, why, thank you, maam. :)

    lavender, nice to see you.

    isabella, what paintings are you talking about? i happen to know my friend ces is a first-class painter.

    snowflake, you lick toes? would you like a little vacation in new england?

    boboregard: ok, deargod, welcome to my blog. i wish the rest of blogland could hear your animated accent.

    cp, "jesus", noone makes me laugh as quickly as you do. i just love hearing from you, cp. you are precious!

  25. I had to stare for a while before I saw Jesus.

    I love that special building in your side bar, btw, tell & show us more?

  26. bronywn, thank you for your visit. the building you speak of is the magic cottage. it is a "shed" in our yard used as an art studio--very fun.

    i visited your blog this morning and will be back. i was very interested in the wealth of information on gallery representation.

  27. At first I just saw symbols, then the JESUS popped out at me.