Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tools for LIFE

OK, then, I have more to add to the previous post:

It's been fun reading about individual vacation tools. Now how about identifying the tools that you use in your day-to-day life?

What do you carry with you in your daily toolbox?

Are they the tools you want and need to live the life you want and need?

Do they help and support you?

Are you carrying some that are no longer needed?

Is there a light weight alternative?

Are they sufficiently versatile to handle most situations?

Is your tool box sufficiently equipped so you have what you need for fun, work, spiritual growth, hard times, special moments, family, friendships?

So what ARE your life tools? (I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...)


  1. for starts, i have to have a pen and paper. a calculator. breath mints. lipstick, even when i don't use it. kleenex. appointment book and/or moleskine. cellphone. $ 5 in cash. debit card. sunglasses. roadmap. cd's. camera. laptop. internet access. italian roast coffee. shovel. and good shoes.


  2. "Is your tool box sufficiently equipped so you have what you need for fun, ..."

    Oh that sounds pervy! HAHAHAHA!

  3. Hmn, never mind the inside of my TOOLbox. The question is, does it match with my shoes or blazer?

    I think my chronic backpain is caused by my heavy bags and purses.

  4. ces, when you're a hammer, everything's a nail.

    i just felt like saying that.

  5. Patience, consideration, fairness, and self love are a few tools I'm gripping on right now ...

  6. anon, aha! i have been wanting another glimpse of you and here it is. just as i thought. you rock. and don't cut corners with the self-love chisel.


  7. This is an interesting one, KJ, and I feel compelled to respond. :) The material things I carry in my toolbox are:

    pen and notebook or pen and day planner, wallet, cell phone, blood sugar checker, bottle of water, chapstick (has to be Lush's Honey Trap), ipod, knitting project, computer/laptop and internet.

  8. nichole, i can hear those knitting needles clicking!

  9. what else do i carry with me?

    integrity, a mantra when i'm in a jam (om nama shiva), bread and fruit,a favorite joke.....

  10. note to ces for future planning: include pervy fun tools, temporarily forego designer matches, remove power tools, use your sense of humor drill for multi-tasking, store favorite dish(es) in side pouch, keep best friend's number close at hand.

  11. whipes with lemon perfume to clean my spectacles.
    kleenex, of course, I need to blow my nose twice on the way to work.
    My PDA/mobile phone, cannot live without that.
    Portable computer.
    50cl bottle of still mineral water.
    credit card/bankcard
    a ballpoint and fountain pen.
    That is just about it.
    Apart from.
    The memory of my friends.
    Even if they are virtual, internet, my friends are important to me. My loved ones too, of course.
    Not a day passes that I do not think of my loved ones and dear friends.
    I guess the thought of them keeps me going.

  12. Am I a softie?
    Maybe I am.
    Do a give a shit?
    Not really, I am who I am.
    Take it or leave it :-)