Tuesday, October 31, 2017


  • It's been so long since I've posted here I had to create a new password. I still can't figure out how to post photos and I'm sorry about that because I have a lot to catch up on.

  • Thank you so much for the comments looking for me.  I'm well, except for a back problem I can't yet shake. It affects my walking and that's a huge loss for me. I'm still hoping it's a temporary problem.

  • These days I've almost wrapped up my paid work and am settling into Provincetown by the sea after almost a year of renovation and reconstruction of our house. It looks absolutely beautiful, but a week after we paid the final check, problems became apparent. No heating duct to the new addition master bedroom, exterior water damage to our new kitchen wood floor. A few other biggies as well. We've tried to get the problems resolved with the contractor but haven't. This means arbitration and legal action. No fun. It's a first world problem and nothing that extra money won't fix, but it's also a violation of trust. I'm trying to stay calm about it, successful about 65% of the time so far.

  • Most recently my heart has followed a six year little boy named Devin Suau who out-of-the blue got this horrible and cruel brain stem cancer called DIPG, and died two weeks ago after nine months of the doctors telling his family there is absolutely no treatment and no survivors in the last 40 years. It's been tragic and I'm proud to say my daughter Jess has helped Devin's family--her friends--in irreplaceable ways. You can read about Devin on Facebook at #whynotdevin. It will make you sad, but it will also do your heart good. 

  • I am finally knee deep in completing my second book. It's been a long haul. I'm not a great writer but I'm a great quality controller, meaning the book won't find its way into the world until I'm satisfied it's as good as I can make it. I struggle especially with the order of my chapters. I just can't seem to tell the story in the zig zag way I want to.  This is a book about a family, about devotion, and about forty years in the life of a gutsy woman I admire named Christine Macabee. 

  • I wish I could show your pictures of my four grand kids; I will once I know how to post photos again. They are a joy to me, ages 10, 8, 6, and 4. Spunky, poor listeners, always interesting. 

  • I'm writing on a new laptop, sitting on a new couch, looking at a new living room where tomorrow a new propane stove will be installed. I'm beyond excited thinking about the warmth of a stove all winter. 

  • What else? I'm overweight and wish I were motivated. I keep hoping I'll wake up one morning and be ready to take care of this. I'm thoroughly disgusted with Donald Trump and thoroughly depressed to think that almost 40% of Americans like him. He's a dangerous man. Praying for the Congress to grow some you-know-whats.

  • I'll end now with the hope my future posts are more interesting. I'm glad to be here. Finally. And I hope all is well with each of you. Barbara and Friko, I especially think of you. 
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  • kj


  1. I've missed you and I'm glad you're back.

  2. You’re so funny - I love this post. It’s so you. I hope your back get’s Better soon, I’m having knee issues and was thinking of you and your solution to that problem. Being a chubster does not help AT ALL. But am not good dealing with that either. Sending love. Xoxo

  3. Happy to see you posting again.

    Sorry your reno is causing so much stress. Our camp work, done with just a handshake, went far better than our expectations.

    And in case you didn't see my reply to you - that stump/chair is in the Middlesex Fells reservation. Take your grandkids when you're back is better. Hopefully soon.

  4. Oh, thank you so much, kj.
    I finally decided to do the rounds again, as far as I am able, and came here as my no.3 comments this evening to find your good wishes. That’s so kind of you.

    Lots of things happening in your life, I hope most of them turn out well; once your house is finished and you can sit by your new stove you’ll feel like a new woman!
    I wish I could reclaim my mojo, how did you find the internal button to set you off and get on with things? There’s so much to do and so little inclination to start doing it. I have had a water stain on my ceiling for six months now, do you think I could find the energy to do something about it? Not even calling a painter to come.

    Ah well.

  5. Welcome back kj. Glad things are moving along but that reno contractor oh hell no! I know that you paid well. fight to get it all back and hire someone else to do what was left undone.

    The back problem sounds like sciatica--need an MRI to know for sure but the options for treatment are much different than when that crap changed my life 20 years ago--you do not need be in pain.

    See ya next time.

  6. Hmmm.. think I must have pressed a wrong key. Oh well, so what I was saying was I hope your back is on the mend. Being in pain is the pits, and makes hard things harder still. And I hope you get your house stuff sorted so you can focus on that book which I for one cannot wait to read. Big gentle hug xx Jos

  7. I can't figure out how to reply to these comments. GRRRR. Until I do, I want each of you to know how great it is to hear from you. It's like coming home again.
    xoxo kj

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