Sunday, December 18, 2011


First of all, please be aware I have a special edition of my side bar until further notice. I am going to thank everyone I love and care about. As much as I can.

Secondly, I hereby announce I have maintained my record for the 25th consectutive year of having the Christmas tree lights fail within 12 hours of getting them on the tree. They are now fixed, thanks to JB, and this year at least I didn't come close(r) to throwing the whole tree out on the lawn. But jeez louise...

I traveled this weekend. First, with not enough time, I packed up a few boxes of these cookies I've been making, I wrapped ribbons around some plants and pots I put together. I wrapped a couple of gifts. I drove myself 100 miles on the Massachusetts Turnpike and I took my 95 year old Godmother to her choice of a Mexican lunch, delivering to her an Amaryllis and our homemade glazed sugar cookies; I in return being given her homemade date and nut bread. I then visited Joe at the community residence where he lives. We sat in his bedroom and he showed me some papers and some possessions he was proud of. I am his unofficial case manager and he rewards me with a $ 100 gift certificate every Christmas and we had a cup of coffee at a local diner. And then JB and I went to a holiday party. That is where the pictures above were taken, a house so beautifully decorated for Christmas.

And then, late Saturday night into Sunday, at Jess's, with my family. Today JB and I and Mr. Ryan and Drew went to the Muppets movie. This was Ryan's second movie and we were not sure Drew, who is only two, could sit still for two hours. We had a BLAST. It was great. I love these kids. Love love love love them.

This is where they live:


& Logan, welcome Mr. 4 month old ♥

I am not sitting still in my desire to have a GOOD holiday season. In the last few days I have had some pangs of longing, of missing, of piercing sadness. But that is the past and I cannot change the past or will it forward. I am more and more aware of how precious time is, my one precious life, so I am taking the very hopeful tact of appreciating. participating. accepting. noticing.

and, I remind myself:...being Astonished.

Love kj


  1. Merry Christmas. I walked down by the river this morning and was astonished at the beauty all around me.

  2. sounds and looks like an astonishing life dear kj. love all the warm photos and good happenings in your weekend. and omg, i'm so sorry about the tree lights. good grief!
    hi baby darling!

  3. sorry i laughed a bit on the lights, but only because i feel your pain...not quite that many years in a row but...and we even bought new ones this year...sheeshh...

    glad you had a good weekend...hope you and your fam have a great christmas...thanks for popping in today.

  4. Tree lights do it again!! Yep, mine went up and died too - and they were a new set! I love your lovely Christmassy/family post. Seasons Greetings - hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. Tree light controlled by evil forces so I'm glad ms superhero fixed them. Lovely pics and glad you are determined to have a good holiday season. Keep it up!,

  6. Love your Christmassy photos, so warm and inviting, I'm going to sit in that kitchen one of these days and finger every nick knack in your lovely house. Love the side bar and understand the pangs of for the lights, that's just because you're electric sweetness, and light...zap 'em before they have a chance to shine. Get JB to do the light thing.

  7. Enjoy all that you do and may it accomplish some peace and joy in someones, at least one, heart that it will make it a better time of season for them.

    25 years? Might be time to rethink the whole imported light thing about now.

  8. Christmas tree lights were invented by a sadist....
    I won't go into my *non-lighting* stories as they would fill a page and be filled with expletives too.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrr...........Glad JB was handy with them and got them LIT!
    Have a wonderful holiday~~life is GOOD!


  9. Lovley post. Have a very merry and wonderful Christmas, you are off to a good start! xoxo

  10. Ahhhhhh YES! Good girl, ASTONISHED. Your grands can help you with that whenever enthusiasm flags. They are so amazing and now I guess that the Muppet Movie is in our future too if it worked for you.

    I was visiting a dear, treasured almost 90 year old friend at a "Home" when you were doing your run around. Marge has been a friend for 30 years and it is so hard to see what is happening. The falls, the failings. But she still laughs when I joke with her, smiles when I tuck a piece of chocolate under her tongue.

    We picked up the mail late Saturday what did I do until midnight last night? You guessed it. Gobbled your book, cried and cried, enjoyed every page. Very heartfelt and recognizable. Bridge from human to human. Loved it all.

    Loved the Airstream card. Jeff and I are wild for them (the little Bambi one). I always dreamed of living in one, collecting herbs to hang on lines inside, copper pots on the walls, clank, clank, clank as we bumped down the back roads.

    Love, love and love that house you visited.


  11. Merry Christmas a nd good New year .lovely post!

  12. Fabulous post, I always think that this year will be the year that the house is decorated 'just so' and that all the stuff will be ready etc and every year without fail I am wrong. This year I have an excuse (what with not having a home and all...) but we're going to visit my 78 year old Mum and celebrate my nieces 18th birthday (born on Christmas day!) - and I'm going to be thankful for everything. Merry Christmas to you from waaaay down here! xx

  13. I know this feeling - the pangs of sadness interspersed with astonishment at my own good fortune. Balance.

    And awwww about the sidebar. I'm thankful for your friendship, too. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to you!

  14. Lovely post. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.