Monday, December 26, 2011


It's over. It's quiet. It's anticlimatic. It was good. It was fun.

My absolute favorite part was seeing my daughter and my Mother together.

My next favorite part was seeing two little guys enjoying every moment.

My favorite part after that was JB's shock when she opened an IPad (hello large screen Angry Birds)

My favorite part after that was hanging out with friends and family I love.

And my last favorite part was my own giving. I cared and I tried. I am happy about that.

Thanks to so many of you for your condolences about my dog Stella. How easy and common it is to know how it feels to lose a beloved loyal pet. I wish I knew she was okay without us. That's the hardest part about death, isn't it?--not knowing for SURE. I can only lean on FAITH. Sometimes that doesn't come easy. Please universe: take good care of Stella.

I haven't forgotten that I've promised to write a poem using favorite words. Meanwhile, I'd like to hear how you treated others during the last few days. Please take a look and if you don't mind, I'd like to know.

Happy almost new year. Fresh start, you kj


  1. You bet Stella is absolutely fine, I know she is. She is lying at Renee's feet staring out at a beautifully blue ocean surrounded by serenity and blissful contenment. I know she is.
    I actually prefer the 'afterwards' at this time of the year when everything can return to normal- particularly our stomachs! LOL.

  2. I've been trying! So good. A few tears for people not with us this year but pretty good generally. Yesterday we kayaked in the mangroves - well...he paddled and I did the queen of Sheba thing in a tandem boat. Today - a day with mom and I pray that I keep my patience and simply enjoy. The weather is gorgeous.

    I miss the boys but have spoken to them a few times so that's ok for now.

    I guess in general its been fairly normal. Which is good!

  3. I'm so sorry Karen. I still miss my dogs, both the ones that have died and the ones I had to give up due to circumstances.

    Sending hugs.

  4. Truthfully, I never got out of my sweats, the dogs and I watched non Christmas movies and waited for the old lady to come home from work. Then we ate our usual fare and in short all was good.

  5. My favourite part was arriving at my sisters place and knowing that I would be spending the day with the people I love most in the world. During the day I tried to anticpate what needed to be done so as to make myself useful without taking over or getting in the way ... a fine balance indeed. I htink I may have succeeded ... mostly.

    I treated people in much the same way as usual except I tried harder to stay in the moment. I am glad about that.

    My next favourite bit was seeing that the boys hadn't opened everything and had waited for us to arrive so we could open most of our presents together. I remembered to thank them and I think they were pleased that their remarkable restraint had been duly noted.

    My next favourite bit was playing games with everyone joining in and trying to make allowances for a whole host of foibles.

    All in all. Good. Not great but good enough. I'm kind of glad it's over to be honest.

    Oh and I got a Dar Williams CD with that lovely track Iowa on it. You remember posting it a while ago? I had to have it :).

    If Stella has already found Renee then you can be sure all is well. xx Jos

  6. My day was quiet - but good....
    I opened wonderful gifts from friends *all round the World*....then had a few calls from friends *all round the World*..(even my Ex rang up and put Bofie on the phone).

    I spent time reflecting on life...having lost so many friends (two and four-legged)...and prayers for those we know who are battling to regain health.

    I believe Stella is close to Renee and Vicki (and my friends Peggy and Susan)...and has already met many of our loved ones. She is adored in Heaven - as she was adored here.

    You have been strong and brave to handle this loss as well as you did. Remember those words from Zelda F about *love*. They are so true. I smiled to think about your Mum and Daughter together.... this is a gift in itself!

    Love to you and JB... her Ipod - a perfect gift! (Oh those *Angry Birds*!!!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I tried my best to give them what I could...having so little to offer. But I sure tried. Trying is something isn't it? Ha! I wrote a poem about that once. Trying really doesn't count for much. Don't try...DO! Soon I will have energy to do.

  8. "I'd like to hear how you treated others during the last few days."

    Apart from cussing a few store clerks and a couple of road rage incidents, I behaved very well indeed. Three or four people got presents for me, and I got presents for three or four people, although I clearly spent more on them than they did on me, so I won't be getting them a damn thing next year. It darn near makes me murderous when people short-change me on gift-giving.

  9. I had low expectations this year - was even braced for unhappiness. And yet, it was a lovely Christmas after all.

    I absolutely love Soulbrush's image of Stella lying at Renee's feet. Who better to take care of her?

    As for the last few days of the holiday, I tried. I worked right through the week, and did my best to be present and patient.

  10. So glad you had such a lovely holiday at a time of sadness. Your card arrived today, thank you so much. I didn't send any this year but you were in my thoughts as you always are. I'll get a post up soon enough but our shenanigins are on Facebook, embarrassing as they are.

  11. ♥ ♥ ♥

    I am here to offer you great big hugs as you mourn the loss of sweet sweet Stella and celebrate the joys of your beautiful family.

    Much love to you...


  12. I hope I treated everyone with kindness but if not, I hope they will forgive me.
    Do you remember what was framed on the wall in the Bailey Savings & Loan from the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life"? It said, "The only thing you can take with you is what you've given away."
    I'm sure someone will say if I have misquoted it!

  13. nice list of fav was a good holiday overall...being around fam for a week is sisters 10 year old lost their ipod and it was the spanish inquisition on who took it only to find out he had hid it and forgot...that was a bit of a a sticky point...seeing my boys on christmas all wide eyed that was def a gifts were a hit with the wife as well so that is a plus...smiles...